It seems like it’s ‘pick on AT&T week,’ because shortly after a report surfaced that Verizon was running an ad in The Wall Street Journal calling the carrier out for its ‘most reliable network’ claims, comes word that T-Mobile is going to run a similar print spot.

In a new print ad, set to run in today’s issue of USA Today, T-Mobile bashes AT&T’s Next program, calling it ‘sneaky and ‘underhanded.’ The copy also quotes a Verge article, saying “AT&T’s reaction to T-Mobile’s transparency is to be more deceptive than ever.”

Here’s the ad posted by AllThingsD:


To be fair, T-Mobile’s argument that customers aren’t benefitting from AT&T Next isn’t unfounded. In our comparison of the three upgrade programs, we found that the Next plan would likely end up being a bad deal for most customers. And Consumer Reports agrees.

The problem is that while T-Mobile lowered its rate plan fees by separating equipment costs and service charges, AT&T is simply tacking on a monthly equipment fee to its rate plans which already include subsidy charges. So essentially users pay for their devices twice.

Here’s T-Mobile USA’s CEO John Legere voicing his disdain for AT&T (which he often does on Twitter):

And again:

I love the fact that T-Mobile is calling AT&T out for trying to pull one over on its customers. And AllThingsD says that follow-up ads are set to run on Wednesday in other major papers, which also take aim at Verizon. It’ll be interesting to see how they both respond.

  • Ian Jackson

    “Hah! Better have BURN HEAL!”- Blaine the Gym Leader

    • Mike

      Hah, Classic!

  • Matthew Cleveland

    It goes to show you what AT&T thinks of it’s customers. Why would anyone want to give a company that thinks you’re THAT dumb.

  • Craig Keller

    I love the direction that T-Mobile is heading

  • Anthony Lara

    T-mobile isn’t clear here. All three of them are giving us bullshit upgrade plans.

    • Raul Henriquez

      You are full of shit!
      T-mobile has been quite transparent.

      • Anthony Lara

        You must not be very bright. I meant that all three upgrade plans are pretty horrible.

      • Raul Henriquez

        No you see you must not be, since you’re including T-Mobile in there. T-Mobile is completely transparent while the other two are sticking it to you.

      • quitcherbichinn

        just like how honest and transparent TMO was when they were claiming the biggest and best 4G network when they didn’t even have a single tower for a 4G network? not saying AT&T and VZW aren’t slime, because they are, but TMO isn’t doing anything to be nice…they are still making money and a lot of it. they may not be raping and pillaging like AT&T or VZW but they are still robbing your wallet.

      • Raul Henriquez

        Did you forget t-mobile was under different management at the time. The point is with current-mobile plans they are doing everything to win the confidence of customers by not screwing them over like the other two.

  • JulianZHuang

    yea saving that $10 is important.

  • chumawumba


  • Jacob S

    hey T-Mobile, I agree that AT&T is sneaky here copying your plan. But instead of pushing more crapy commercials put that money to improve your freaking network. You have the worst network after Sprint in this country!

    • JL


  • Gorgonphone

    charcoal calling the chalk board black..

  • Raul Henriquez

    Then it’s not for you, it’s no secret that T-Mobile needs more coverage but that’s not the point. Anyways if you live where it’s great then those customers benifit point blanck. Have you not paid attention to how fast they are deploying LTE?

    They are the Apple of 1999 right now and they will rise again, they are making sure of that.

    • quitcherbichinn

      it’s more than clear you have a boner for TMO, and that’s fine, but it clearly clouds your opinion and judgement. whatever works for you.

      • Raul Henriquez

        Clearly you don’t understand analyst but I use verizon LTE and pay a huge premium and I proably won’t ever switch because of my unlimited data plan. My point is being missed here so I’ll move on I don’t have time for bias and ignorance.

      • quitcherbichinn

        i get your point i simply don’t agree with it. i clearly understand analysts and what has been reported. like i said…i concede that of the 3, (VZW, AT&T, TMO), TMO is the least evil but that doesn’t make them good or a good deal or that they are doing this for the customer. If TMO were in my area i would have switched to them years ago because they are cheaper so i don’t speak out of a hatred for them. My eyes are simply open.

  • PJ

    Bait and switch

    T-Mobile $0 down is not $0 down for everyone

    Went in last week looking at the galaxy s4 and Experia Z they were going to be $149 down plus tax or $99 for the experia z. I was undecided between the two phones so waited to read some more reviews. By the time I made up my mind they changed to this special $0 down promotion and now for me it is $300 down plus tax.

    The sales person confirmed that last week it would have been only the $149 + tax but this promotion changed it. When I said I wasn’t paying $300 down they suggested I wait until this back to school promotion it’s over and it will probably go back to the way it was. But they didn’t know when the promotion would end.

    Been a customer for years, I don’t have the best credit but wasn’t a problem until now. The credit is from past, I have always paid T-mobile on time but apparently being a good and loyal customer doesn’t mean anything.