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Last Friday, Apple confirmed it had snapped up HopStop, the brains behind a transit-navigation app which provides detailed subway, bus, train, taxi, walking and biking directions. The move should complement Apple’s troubled mapping solution as the company works toward folding HopStop’s high-quality public transit data into its in-house Maps app.

Though an important capability, Apple initially felt content with third-parties tackling the transit navigation puzzle. Be that as it may, it’s now come to our attention that the Windows Phone app has rather unceremoniously been pulled following the HopStop acquisition.

File this one under the ‘business as usual’ drawer: Apple similarly pulled Chomp for Android after acquiring the app discovery engine back in February 2012

As first noted by WindowsObserver and re-posted by AllThingsD, the app is nowhere to be found on the Windows Phone Marketplace and is no longer being supported.

“HopStop no longer supports the Windows platform,” reads the app store prompt. 

The link may still appear active for some international readers until the changes propagate. It wasn’t clear at press time why the app had gotten pulled and AllThingsD couldn’t extract an iota of information from an Apple spokesperson.

Though two months passed between the Chomp acquisition and the app’s disappearance from Google’s Play store, HopStop for Windows Phone was killed in a matter of three days.

This doesn’t surprise me – HopStop is tremendously important to Apple. For starters, the app lets Apple build transit information straight into its Maps app.


And not just any data: HopStop  features real-time transit information via the HopStop Live service, has transit maps and does nearby station search and station-to-station schedules in over 600 cities throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, including 140 major metropolitan areas.

At post time, the free HopStop app was available for both Android and iOS devices.

What do you think how long before the Android build gets pulled?

And who made the call to discontinue HopStop for Windows Phone, Apple or Microsoft?

  • abdullah575

    Where is iOS 7 beta 4 ?????

    • felixtaf

      Why u r spamming every post asking for iOS 7 beta 4? And u never knew that Apple’s dev portal got hacked and they are fixing it??? If u r a developer or not, jus wait for it…. There is no fixed dates for beta releases. We can only predict it. Prediction may go wrong If Apple got hacked!!!

      • Yunsar

        If it was hacked then there still would be an OTA update and Mavericks DP 4 was also released today

    • Yunsar

      It might come next week it was predicted three weeks

  • TesticularFortitude

    I’m just glad that Apple is improving its mapping software. All the small details are irrelevant.

  • Guest

    Most people will still use Google Maps instead of Crapple Maps

    • Gorgonphone

      i will use google to search and tomtom to get there

    • Anthony Ondre

      I have a nice GPS in my car, very nice one. Short of the screen size of my iPhone 5, my Apple GPS smokes the native GPS in my car. It is not about points of interest but rather usability. Apple Maps using TomTom data is the most usable turn by turn GPS I have ever had (and I have a drawer full of Magellen, Nuvi, TomTom, etc). My car GPS has great features and a host of secondary information but it requires so many menus it is a royal pain to use. I will typically pop my iPhone 5 up balanced on the car’s GPS display on the center console and roll with the Apple Map GPS.

      Google Maps has always been lame for GPS and Google tried to make Android superior by crippling their mapping system on the iPhone. The end result was that they became just another mapping app on the most popular mobile platform in the US. (suck it!)

      But for those of you traveling in the Australian outback and too stupid to look at the distance to your destination or look at the hybrid view of the map for a reality check, then the Google Maps are for you!

  • Diego Morales Servìn

    Apple obviously, it is technology their are going to use in their own devices on their own app, they don’t want anybody else using it.

  • Falk M.

    That means that a significant percentage of the Windows Store just got pulled! :O ;P