Brilliant Flat by AR7

Third in the still new series on iDownloadBlog, many of our readers were asking for a section including wallpapers. It is sometimes difficult to find quality wallpapers on a regular basis and to assist you with fresh options, the “Wallpapers of the Week” section is now a running series on the site.

With three section posts behind us, I will take this last opportunity to give a brief explanation of the section and help set expectations for future posts. This weekly wallpaper section aims to provide two excellent options for your iOS device each week. I found, trying to locate 5 to 10 excellent wallpapers is difficult. We only want to provide you with quality selections, over quantity. Sometimes the wallpapers posted will come in various versions, but often artists only produce their design for one device. However, whenever possible, all versions will be linked. For example, today we are featuring artist AR7, a talented graphic artist hailing from Italy…

Keep them coming

Since we started the post, readers have been submitting their designs. I am archiving all of these communications and sorting through them each week for the best submissions. To help crowdsource this section, please send your work, or someone else’s, to me via twitter, @jim_gresham, or email If you send files via email, embed them in the body and always give credit to the artists, if known.


Getting down to it, the wallpapers this week are by graphic artist AR7, who designs app mock ups, Winterboard themes, and, most frequently, wallpapers for iOS devices. Often his work is minimalist, simple, and amazing. I typically find myself saving his wallpapers for use on my devices and I’m sure you will quickly become a fan too.

Today we are highlighting two of his newest designs, Brilliant Flat (left) and Summer Flat (right).

Brilliant Flat by AR7 thumbnail  Summer Flat by AR7 thumbnail

Brilliant Flat: iPhone 5, iPad mini or iPad 2

Summer Flat: iPhone 5, iPad mini or iPad 2

If you want to see all of AR7’s work, check out his tumblr and Deviant Art galleries and follow him on Twitter @AR72014.


If you want the images directly saved to your device’s Camera Roll, click on the images individually from the list above. When the image loads, tap and hold until a save option appears on your device. Save the image and then access them from Settings > Wallpapers > Camera Roll. Select the image and set as wallpaper. On desktops, right click and save the image to your iTunes image sync folder.

With week three now completed, thank you for all the feedback and submissions! For direct feedback feel free to follow and tweet @jim_gresham. Also, let us know what you are thinking about the new section in the comments below by starting conversation.

  • Cameron Nelms

    Nice! Great for iOS 7

  • Prasoon Singh

    They look nice. I keep seeing them on Twitter all the time. I like the blurred wallpapers more than the circle one.

  • vishavdubb

    these will look really cool on ios 7

  • Omar Ayman

    where’s the link for the iphone 4 /4s ? :@

    • mynamesuxlol

      Just download the iPhone 5 version, and when setting as a wallpaper, double tap and it will scale it appropriately, and apply.

      • JimGresham

        Thanks for explaining

  • abdullah575

    iPhone 4S links ???

    • JimGresham

      Download the iPhone 5 and scale it for the iPhone 4.

  • BearManPig

    Dude whats so hard in adding 4/4S variations every week?
    Not everyone has a 5 just fyi

    • iPhone 4S all the way…!!! xD

    • JimGresham

      Download the iPhone 5 version and double tap the image to scale it for iPhone 4/s.

  • When you can include both iPad and iPad Mini, then why not both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S ?? :/ Great wallpapers btw 😀

    • JimGresham

      We include the images the artist has made. If you would like to create a wallpaper for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4/s, iPhone 3GS, iPad retina, and iPad mini/2, then send it to my email address which is listed in the article.

  • JimGresham

    If you want to know why we didn’t include an iPad retina version, it is because the artist didn’t create one.

    Like I said in the article: Sometimes the wallpapers posted will come in various versions, but often artists only produce their design for one device. However, whenever possible, all versions will be linked.

  • Gus Me

    Thanks for these, and unbelievable the whiners/complainers…

    • JimGresham

      You are welcome!

  • Nice 🙂