Ruby for Reddit

For the Reddit fans out there looking for a slick way to interact with your feeds and threads, a new app will solve your woes. Until now, there were limited options in the App Store for easy Reddit enjoyment. Today Ruby hits the market, granting easy access to your favorite threads in a crisp package. Having been a beta tester for the app over previous weeks, I really like the UI and functionality.

This is not HalfPeeled‘s first time around the app development block. When it comes to apps, their innovation is starting to show. Published by Nate Chiger, a 2012 and 2013 WWDC Scholarship Recipient, Ruby is his newest offering and follows several other quality apps. Take a step inside for a quick run down of the nice features…

The best part about Ruby is the navigation controls and full screen capabilities. Up top, the navigation bar shows subscribed subreddits. Tapping them will, naturally, produce the feed for that tag. Swiping across the bar will reveal a search box, allowing search for subreddits, users, or your current feed. The sidebar, a contextual menu of sorts, appears to the left when swiping appropriately, revealing settings, subreddit controls, and a sort feature for the nav bar.

Ruby app dark

The use of swiping continues to the feed. Swiping a feed story to the left reveals the full article, complete with inline images. Once viewing a specific thread, tapping the subreddit will populate a feed with those tags. Additionally, tapping the username will display previous comments by that individual user. To get social, viewing comments or adding them is made simple with small buttons below the article.

My favorite feature is full screen mode, which will hide the header bar and navigation, providing the most real-estate for your screen.

Ruby for Reddit is available today for free as a universal app. If you want to add a dark mode theme, select between 12 fonts, or hide the status bar, an IAP of $.99 will get you the extra features.

Who is excited for this Reddit app?

  • Amad

    Just downloaded alien blue. I think i’ll give that a try first.

    • smtp25

      Yep just from the screenshots above I’ll stick with Alien Blue

  • Emm Bee

    “Who is excited for a quality Reddit app to finally hit the App Store?”

    Are you just trolling?

    Alien Blue is the best reddit app out there. It’s an excellent app. Not saying this one is bad, but you shouldn’t make blanket statements like that.

    • Tardroid


  • OhSixTJ

    I don’t understand the hype with reddit. I just looked at the homepage and all I see are ridiculous posts about Chinese misspellings and cats. Where’s the beneficial/educational stuff?

    • first rule of reddit: ignore the design. second rule of reddit: ditch the defaults. then start searching for stuff you’re interested in. Seriously, there’re so many amazing & specific subreddits, you will definitely find stuff to love.

      • Pawan

        Can confirm. I’ve forgotten how ugly the design looked when I first happened to visit the site. Remember that it is a HUGE community, which means there will be a wide variety of things posted. It’s up to you to find what interests you. Oh and there will be lots of it!

  • Chris

    Props to the developer for the disclaimer urging iOS 7 users to contact them on twitter instead of leaving bad reviews in the App Store.