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We’ve already heard from multiple sources that Apple is still ‘adjusting’  new iPad mini, with alleged panel shortages pushing a Retina iPad mini 2 into 2014 and prompting Apple to ready a minor update this year until the Retina version with a faster chip is ready next year. A new report out this morning from Taiwan adds more color to these rumors.

For starters, the Retina iPad mini is said to be “almost bezel-free,” which will allow for a bigger viewing area.

A slightly updated model should be expected in the fourth quarter of this year and is said to be “lighter, thinner and equipped with improved specifications,” which probably includes a faster chip than the A5 package found inside the current iPad mini model…

Quoting industry supply chain sources, DigiTimes reported:

Apple is reportedly aiming to use Retina panel technology equipped with 2,048 by 1,536 resolution in the next generation 7.9-inch iPad mini. Apple is also said to be revising the design of the chassis to give the next-generation iPad mini an almost bezel-free look.

The publication states a fifth-generation 9.7-inch iPad is stating production in small amounts this month, with volume shipments (2-3 million units) expected in August and September.

“As of October, shipments of the device are expected to increase another 25-30 percent,” sources told DigiTimes.

Like the iPad mini 2, the iPad 5 is said to also feature an almost bezel-free look, in addition to the thin-film touch screen technology “which will be able to reduce the weight of the device by 20-30 percent”.

DigiTimes is infamous for its mixed track report so apply some skepticism here. In a previous report, it claimed the iPad 5 will sport an optimized battery, potentially allowing for more than ten hours of runtime on a single charge.

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  • Guest

    Lol no retina ipad mini? BS they offer retina full size ipad but they cant supply ipad mini with retina which smaller compared to the full size ipad? Why? Is apple running out of features to add thats why they’re saving the retina for ipad mini 3? Smh i hope this is not true.

    • Farbod

      no, they arent running out of features, its also not because they dont have the technology to implement a retina display.
      the ipad mini is supposed to be light, thin, portable Etc, if they added a retina display the power consumption of the device would increase and therefore they would have to add a larger battery which would make the device bulky and heavy, and thats why they are waiting until they can figure out a way to implement the large battery without increasing bulk and weight. at least not much

  • Taf Khan

    I will not be purchasing an iPad mini until the release of a retina version.

    I learnt my lesson when I purchased an iPad 3 which was refreshed after only 6 months. This won’t be happening again.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      And you need 2 up to date iPads, why?

      • Taf Khan

        I don’t.

        But when the ipad 3 was released to be followed very shortly after by the 4, i did feel a little cheated. At the time the ipad mini did not exist. I won’t be purchasing a larger ipad again, I prefer the size of the mini, just waiting for it to go Retina. My 5 year old already has her eyes on my ipad 3.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      You really don’t need the iPad 4 if you have the iPad 3. They are almost the same thing

  • Nour Khaled

    waiting for the ipad 5

  • Vitaliy Anonymous

    Bezel free sounds pretty slick, but that extra bezel gave it a bit more protection when it comes to drops. After all, the screen doesn’t crack because of pressure, but of shock. That extra bezel would have taken in more shock from the drop.