Despite anti-iPad campaign, Microsoft forced to lower Surface price

By , Jul 12, 2013

Surface (table, left angled, red cover)

In an effort to spur struggling slate sales, Microsoft launched a TV ad campaign aimed squarely at the iPad. The strategy, which has spawned four commercials since May, focuses on highlighting the flaws in Apple’s popular tablet in comparison with the Surface.

But despite the agressive campaign, Microsoft still seems to be having trouble selling tablets. According to a new report, the Redmond company is planning to drop the price of all Surface RT models by $150 later this month—a move in response to lackluster sales…

The Verge has the scoop:

“Microsoft is planning to cut the price of its Surface RT tablets. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s Surface plans have revealed to The Verge that the price cut could occur as early as next week, with each model being cut by $150. Microsoft’s move to cut prices on its Surface RT tablets follow slow sales, and efforts to sell the devices elsewhere at lower rates.”

The Surface RT, which was the first and lower-end version of the tablet, has seen little success since it launched last fall. During the 2012 holiday quarter—a 3 month period where most products peak in terms of sales—Microsoft only sold about 700,000 units.

Here’s the latest Surface spot:

But don’t count Microsoft out of the tablet race just yet. Just yesterday the company announced a major restructuring in hopes to better the collaboration between its divisions. And it continues to hint that new Surface tablets are on the way with Haswell processors.

Anyway, if for some reason you’ve been dying to get a current-gen Surface RT, it looks like you’ll be able to score a 32GB model for $349.99, a 64GB model for $449.99, a 32GB with Touch Cover accessory for $449.99, or a 64GB with Touch Cover for $549.

What do you think, deal or no deal?

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  • omrishtam

    it is so funny how microsoft is trying to show how bad is ipad and shit like that when their windows 8 is about 5% of all OSs and their surface is even less succesful….

    • Kurt

      It’s less succesful because of apps. The surface is nicer and having win OS is better than iOS but if your OS doesn’t have apps then it’s going nowhere. webOS was/is amazing! but no apps, hence DOA

      • Dan

        I agree, I have windows 8 on my PC, the apps are a joke.

      • Kurt

        So many of mine don’t even work. And I can’t have VPN on and use any apps. I have to use VPN in the normal windows mode. So the netflix app is useless for me. But at least I can go to the website

      • Dan

        haha oh yeah? I use a VPN regularly but thankfully I don’t use any of the apps, so I never noticed.

      • Kurt

        I read that the VPN issue is a problem with windows 8. I never head of a case of someone being able to use it.

        I just checked, and it now works better. Apps don’t tell me there is no connection to the internet and transmit data. but no video apps work. Hmm. At least there is progress! I updated windows today hopefully soon videos will work.

      • Joseph

        The apps, I can agree on, mostly. The OS itself doesn’t suck, but you never stated that, so.

      • Dan

        I agree the OS is very good. I have a SD drive coupled with Windows 8, extremely fast, I love it.

      • Chindavon

        It’s less successful because it sucks.

      • Joseph

        Windows 8 is actually a good OS if you they it without being biased. I’d imagine that if you even did try it, you had it in your head the entire time that you would never like it and intentionally ruined your own experience.

      • Taf Khan

        I agree. I personally would buy a surface pro or windows 8 tablet to replace my laptop, however they are still abit pricey. Microsoft need to drop the price on the surface pro device.

        I guess the only thing which does make the RT look a little more attractive is the use of remote applications. Still not enough though.

      • Kurt

        +1, I agree. Drop the price and people will buy it, and then later when there are apps start to raise the price. Apple and Android already dominate because of their app selection.

        I like the Ativ Q…runs android and win 8 and has such an awesome screen! Samsung makes some nice products (i know thats not allowed to be said on this site but wow thats a nice device!)

      • ModernSpartan

        Still hating on apple, aren’t you? I’ve been seeing your negative replies towards apple all over/

      • Chindavon

        The whole time he says he’s rocking the iPhone. With this much hate, a normal person would find a way to get rid of it.

    • Joseph

      Windows 8 is actually a great OS on desktop once you give it a solid chance and without bias. I can’t imagine going back to the start menu.

      • felixtaf

        I have windows 8 in my pc.. Although confusing sometimes, its better. And 8.1 features looks promising. But Windows RT tablets lacks many things except a solid hardware…

      • I have Windows 8 on my Surface Pro and only reason I like it is due to it’s touch friendliness and the fact that my device has a touch screen. I also use it on my ancient gateway desktop (along with Start8) simply ’cause it drastically improved the performance on such ancient hardware when compared to Vista, which it was running b4.

        Other than that, I don’t see the point of installing it on my old 2008 Laptop nor recommending it to anyone. It’s a touch oriented OS that happens to boost performance on ancient hardware, but after boot, it’s less efficient in comparison to Windows 7 on a non-touch-enabled PC. On top of that, it has disposed of handy features (like network/hot-spot management, Windows XP mode license, etc) and looks less appealing to the eye; thanks to the replacement of Aero with the metro/crayon/lego-pile UI.

        With 8.1 (from rumors regarding the preview), Microsoft is now disposing of another advanced feature, Windows Image Backup, and adding a dumbed-down tablet-oriented feature, Skydrive Backup. Probably just for backing up your files (like on a dumb-down tablet, even though you’re using a full fledged PC), ’cause it takes no less than 10 minuts to upload 1 GB of data to SkyDrive, imagine uploading 21 GB (the image backup size of my out-of-the-box Surface Pro, now it takes over 75 GB). Sure there are third party alternatives (not true replacements), but I (nor the 45% of other computer users sticking with Windows 7) just don’t consider something that requires additional funding to achieve what I had before, as an upgrade…sounds more like downgrade.

  • IEmmanuel Appleholic

    Looks like someone forgot about multitaskin gestures on the iPad……..
    The guy holding the iPad is certainly an amateur.

    • Yeah he’s just moving his finger around the screen doing nothing

    • Dominik Odobašić

      That isn’t multitasking. That is task switching.
      Not the same. 😉

      • Kurt

        The guy got 15 up votes for saying something wrong but it protected dear apple

      • felixtaf

        What MS showed in the ad is exactly the same task switching coupled with multitasking. If the app is not open before, you cant open that from the side of the screen (Am I right?). Infact they showed their tablet with task switching and then multiwindow (multitasking) and showed an iPad user – a fool. You wont realize it if u dont like iPad/Apple.

      • Dominik Odobašić

        “You wont realize it if u dont like iPad/Apple.” I don’t give a damn if the app had to be opened prior to multitasking. If two apps are running side by side, it’s multitasking. If the device isn’t capable of doing that, than the device isn’t capable of multitasking. End of the fing story. And I can’t even fathom how dumb that statement of yours is. So if I love Apple, that makes me come up with ridiculous excuses for a piece of hardware? In that case, I don’t like a single company, because I like to be OBJECTIVE about things, such as multitasking!

      • felixtaf

        You kno what… You are too narrow minded… Am not here to argue with you. You dont give a damn about the ad, but u shud give a damn and tell me how will u multitask as shown in the above ad without opening the app b4… And reply after reading the full comment. I do said that its task switching plus multitasking. You dont like a single company and you are objective about things such as multitasking, where many others have the same objective opinion about apps and reliability… End of f*ing story here too…

      • Dominik Odobašić

        You just admitted that Surface tablet CAN indeed multitask, but then added how you actually can’t multitask without opening the app first. So fing what? That is what I’m trying to say. And yet, I’m narrow minded, but you make up such a pointless excuse to protect the iPad, because you love Apple. And that is why I said that if loving a company means you have to make up excuses for their products, then no, I don’t like a single company, and I’d prefer to stay objective.

        Learn to freaking read.

      • felixtaf

        You made it clear that u never understood my comment. READ AGAIN! I was talking about the ad, and you jumping from hill for Windows 8/RT. Try to read and comment. Read my first comment, read the second one – clearly about the ad. But you are narrow minded and against Apple. So you took it in your way and trying to prove some point… Excuses for product and liking a single company??? How can you justify that??? FYI, I own a Windows PC, an Apple iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Yeah clearly shows that am loving a single company right???

      • Dominik Odobašić

        When proven wrong simply claim the person misread your comment. Typical. I see it often around here. I didn’t misread anything. What was shown in the ad is not different to how Windows actually works.

        I pointed out the difference between task switching and multitasking. You then replied to me saying that in order to multitask on the Surface, you had to first open the app, and then do the task switching gesture.
        And to top it all off, you said how this would be obvious to me, but it isn’t because I apparently dislike Apple.

        Then I replied that your point is irrelevant because IN THE END, iPad is only capable of task switching, while the Surface can run multiple applications simultaneously, side by side.
        I also pointed out how loving a certain company does not mean I have to make excuses for their shortcomings. I said it in a different way… “If loving a company means making excuses, then I don’t like a single company.” Meaning… I will not make excuses for products. Quite simple.

        And now you reply how I misread your comments, how I’m apparently NOT talking about the ad, how I’m narrow minded, that I hate Apple, and how I somehow, somewhere said that you only love a single company. And where. The hell. Did I say THAT? Where???
        Go twist someone else’s words, and while you’re at it, work on your English.

        Sent from my fing Mac.

      • felixtaf

        Still you are sticking to your view. Read my comments and tell me. I was talking about the ad! I never claimed that inorder to multitask, you need to open the app b4. I said, in this ad inorder to open the app from side, you need to open it before. I dono which part u cant understand.
        And I never said that Win 8 tablets are shit and iPad is the best. You are claiming that you are unbiased and you are ignoring my questions and comments.
        And then, dont sh*t on others with English and Grammar. Am not from a English speaking country and English is not my mother-tongue!

      • Dominik Odobašić

        “And I never said that Win 8 tablets are shit and iPad is the best.” Neither did I, so why are you now bringing this up?

        “You are claiming that you are unbiased” I’m biased towards a superior product? You don’t say?

        “you are narrow minded and against Apple” Oh, really? So I bought a rMBP and an iPhone because I hate Apple? Thanks for proving your own lack of intelligence.

        “Am not from a English speaking country” I realized that, obviously, and I pointed out how that is the reason why you keep twisting my words and claiming I said something I did not actually say.

        “I never claimed that inorder to multitask, you need to open the app before. I said, in this ad inorder to open the app from side, you need to open it before.” You cannot multitask if you don’t open the app from the side, hence, your point is moot and again, thanks for proving you don’t have a single idea what you’re talking about.

      • felixtaf

        Am jus saying this and done responding to a dumb twister like you. “Inorder to open the app from side, you need to open it before.” Means, when u open an app from app-draw/tiles and close it, it wont quit and will be in task switcher tray (on the side). To open the app from side (task switcher tray), you need to have it open before (from app-draw/tiles). So I said that the ad shows MS tablets with task switcher and multitasking while showing iPad user – a fool. This is what I meant. Seriously you dont know how Windows tablets operate!!!

      • Dominik Odobašić

        I don’t know how they work??? How the hell did you reach that conclusion? They only thing I’ve been doing since the start is pointing out how task switching isn’t the same as multitasking, no matter what you have to do in order to achieve it. It doesn’t matter that the app has to be running… None of it fing matters! Multitasking isn’t the same as task switching!

        “when u open an app from app-draw/tiles and close it, it wont quit and will be in task switcher tray (on the side). To open the app from side (task switcher tray), you need to have it open before (from app-draw/tiles).” You just said “i painted my room blue. my room is blue because i painted it.” You said the same thing, just in reverse order. Are you brain dead?

        And how is the iPad guy a fool, if the iPad isn’t capable of running two applications side by side?

  • MHCsk

    I love how their sales aren’t even close to iPad, but they keep making fun of it. Well done.

    • @sexyhamthing

      its called marketing?

      • omrishtam

        it is called boolshiting

      • Chindavon

        No, it’s really called Desperation.

    • Dominik Odobašić

      If I’m not mistaken, McDonalds is the most profitable fast food chain. Does it mean they’re the best? Windows is the most selling desktop OS. Does it mean it’s the best? Need I go on?

      • Nipasaurus

        You shouldn’t compare dildos to kitchen utensils. They have their uses and can be comparable, but ultimately they have completely different backgrounds and prequisets for their use.

      • Dominik Odobašić

        Yes. And what do dildos, kitchen utensils, tablets, computers, laptops have in common is that the best selling one doesn’t mean it’s the best.

      • Nipasaurus

        They all have a tendency to be battery operated.

      • Dominik Odobašić

        And need constant recharging. They aren’t so different after all.

      • Nipasaurus

        I’m glad that we see this eye to eye; or, should I say, hole to hole.

      • @sexyhamthing

        Guess ive been using my ipod wrong…… rectum.

      • bw00ds

        Depends on how you define “the best.” The best for what? The best for whom? The best on what budget?

        And let’s not overlook the fact that Windows is actually really good for what it is–an OS that has to operate on thousands of combinations of hardware and manufacturer combinations. So yeah, it will have a few bugs. Apple only has to produce an OS that works on proprietary hardware and it still has bugs. So again, what is the best?

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    M$ needs to build two separate OS for Tablet and PC’s… When you try to satisfy everyone, you end up satisfying no one…. Refrigerator and toaster doesn’t mix well together…

    • Dominik Odobašić

      Neither do apples and oranges, yet you just compared computers and tablets to refrigerators and toasters.

    • Markus Hudobnik

      No they don’t. I love windows 8 on my non-touchscreen PC.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Market share shows most people don’t..

      • Dominik Odobašić

        This may be shocking to you, but most people don’t buy a new PC or touchscreen when a new OS comes out.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        And Yet Windows 8 struggling to get 6% of PC’s .. It’s even behind Mac’s…. But I’m sure people are loving Windows 8..

        goo .gl/cI7ne

      • Dominik Odobašić

        Well, that’s a shame, because those 6% accounts for more than 100 million units, which is more than the total number of Macs in existence.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        No it’s Not… Like I said… It’s lower than Mac’s…. And don’t take my word for it… Look it up yourself……

        Just search “Usage share of operating systems” in Wikipedia… And see it for yourself….

        So, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never get away from the truth… so sad…

      • Dominik Odobašić

        Then give me the damn numbers already and stop running away from facts: 6% is equal to approximately 100 million machines, and Apple sold less than 70 million Mac computers in total.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Are you seriously too dumb to understand that

        out of 100% (Which represents All desktop OS like Windows, Macs. Linux and others)

        7.18% (Which represents Macs) is bigger than 5.10% (Which represents Windows 8)

        God, people are arrogant !!!!!!!!!!

      • Kurt

        Jesus is God. Btw, @Tr1pTr0p:disqus is far from stupid or arrogant.

      • Dominik Odobašić

        “Which represents All desktop OS like Windows, Macs. Linux and others.” Well, lets see. Apple estimated there were around 75 million Mac computers in 2009, and they sell around 10 million a year. By now, the number increased to around 100 million. There are around 2.8 billion computers in existence today, minus 100 million Macs, 2.7 billion computers, including corporate and office computers. Windows 8 marketshare is 5%, which equals to…? 135 million machines running Windows 8.

      • Sounding like a Microfanboy from that comment. Get your facts straight:

        http://bit ly/13gyXyh

        According to netmarketshare, Windows 8 is installed on around 5% of computers on earth. On the contrary, Mac OS X combined is installed on around 7% of computers on earth.

    • mehrab

      I want aero on my desktop and touch on my mobile devices. Not all of them comPlied together

  • Kurt

    “Here’s the latest Surface spot:”

    The video is not of the Surface. That’s a dell. haha

  • Martynet

    what’s surface?

  • AndyDontCare

    It sucks. and M$ doesn’t care what their users actually want now. I’m a Windows user (tho not for much longer if they keep up this windows 8 crap) yet I own an iPhone and iPad mini. My iPhone keeps me in touch on the go, iPad keeps me from getting bored, and my PC is where I get work done. If I wanted the ooh and ahh of Mac on the PC, I’d go buy an Mac. Other than that, I’m the happy PC owner who is a hobbiest at heart who loves the wide array of software and hardware available and I love to experiment with all of it to upgrade/make the best PC for me and only me. That said, Windows 8+ is so damn horrible, I’m considering my next machine a few years down the road will be one with a fruit on it.

  • Jurassic

    “Just yesterday the company announced a major restructuring in hopes to better the collaboration between its divisions.”

    Microsoft’s reorganization is like shuffling the deck chairs around on the Titanic, while Captain Ballmer is steering straight ahead to an iceberg.

    • “Microsoft’s reorganization is like shuffling the deck chairs around on the Titanic, while Captain Ballmer is steering straight ahead to an iceberg.”

      Lol, well put.

  • ModernSpartan

    does the right nerd look like bill gates or is it just me?

  • Guest
  • His Shadow

    I find it wildly ironic, the fact that you a blatent Fanbois are trying to act as if you’re writing an intelligent and coherent argument about why the Surface sucks.

    What I actually think of the deal is that it’s a steal, a real steal. You get a fully productive tablet that you can use for actually, you know, producing stuff, which has better hardware than any of your beloved iFads.

    Jesus, how you people get away with running sites like this is beyond me.