PredictiveKeyboard is a recently released jailbreak tweak that allows you to use a SwiftKey inspired 5th row for predictive key entry. The tweak, which is available right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $2.39, is capable of speeding up typing by remembering words and phrases. Want to see how PredictiveKeyboard works in action? Then check out our full video walkthrough after the break…

Once installed, you’ll immediately notice a 5th row of keys above the stock keyboard’s QWERTY row. The predictive keys, which appear as a set of three different keys with full words, can be inserted with a single tap just like with a regular keyboard key. For often typed phrases, you’ll notice that PredictiveKeyboard will suggest words that come next in the phrase. As mentioned, PredictiveKeyboard will also remember new words.

The preference panel for PredictiveKeyboard contains a kill switch, a dictionary selection, and the ability to clear out learned words. Extra dictionaries language packs can be downloaded free of charge from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

One downside to PredictiveKeyboard has to do with the tweak’s purchasing requirements. Instead of going the normal Cydia purchase route, the tweak is downloadable for free, but you must purchase a license separately from PayPal. While this works, it breaks up the smooth transaction process normally present with most jailbreak tweaks.

I don’t type enough on my iPhone to warrant using PredictiveKeyboard on a regular basis, but if you use your iPhone to type more than short emails or text messages, then PredictiveKeyboard can be of assistance. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • This looks remarkably accurate. Might try it out. I wish the 5th row wasn’t so large however. Looks to take up a lot of real estate. Other than that this could be really useful.

  • lemonhead

    Two things ability to clear out specific words and change the layout awfully big keys at the top.
    But besides that great idea ! 🙂

  • iosPixel

    I remember when iOS 5 had a feature like this enabled via backup editing. Cool stuff.

  • Oh noes. I really want that tweak…. But I can only pay using my Amazon account using the official cydia payment option 🙁

  • Mr. E

    I wonder if that purchase method is to prevent the use of cracked tweaks

    • Damian W

      Of course. Plus it is possible he does not need to give 30 percent of each purchase to cydia creators.

      • Kurt

        30% normally goes to cydia?? I thought it was a lot lower. wow

      • Damian W

        I think they have same policy as AppStore

      • John Sklikas

        Yep they do and that’s 30% of the 90% percent. The other 10% goes to PayPal. The other 90% is 70% for the dev and 30 % of the 90% goes to the Cydia creator (Saurik)

      • Kurt

        Poor devs…I had no idea. Sad their work gets pirated.

  • Gorgonphone

    ioh well

  • TheDras

    This crashes and totally lags my iPhone 4S :(.. I hope I can get refund somehow..? Could you tell me who should I contact?

    • Check the about or page on the settings. There’s a refund option.

    • ak2r

      weird. it works flawlessly on my ipod 4G

      • TheDras

        You’re lucky then.. I would really like to use this tweak but when I switch from app to app where I have to type it almost always crash or I have to wait like 5 sec to start typing..:( Also it doesn’t learn new words in another languages at least not in czech so its actually useless for me. 🙁

      • Did you download the language package?

  • Kurt

    I’d prefer a 5 row of digits as in webOS and I think Android? It’s so useful on the touchpad. I had a predictive keyboard on a phone I had back in 2001. It helped speed up typing on a number pad but never tried it with a virtual keyboard that we have in iOS.

    • J. Rockwell

      “5-Row QWERTY Keyboard” (Cydia) adds a 5th row of numerics. “iKeywi” (cydia) adds a fully customizable 5th top row to your keyboard.

      • Kurt

        You are awesome…thanks!

  • Matthias


    I’m the dev. I just wanted to inform you that the next release (expected in 2-3 weeks) will provide an option to configure the key heights as well as the auto-spacing behavior.

    • Hello Matthias. What about payment using Amazon?


      • Matthias

        Sounds great, I’ll think about supporting it (but not using the Cydia checkout for the reason Mr E pointed out).

    • Adam Bowman

      Hello Dev.

      I have an extra row of digits (provided by a Cydia tweak), but I want your predictive feature. Will your tweak conflict with my extra row of digits?

      I’d like to know before I make the purchase.


      • Matthias

        iKeywi and other 5-row keyboards are not compatible. The keys would also appear very tiny then…

      • Oh, really? Right now I’m a active iKeywi user.

        This will be very hard for me, to choose what tweak to use 🙁

      • Malan Raja

        i used to use iKeyWi but now ive shifted to the other tweak that lets you slide up and hit numbers. check it out. AltKeyboard

      • This is a nice tweak, too bad we can’t edit the alternate keys.

  • kokeropie

    Predictive keyboard + swipeselection > Octopus keyboard + swipeshiftcaret 🙂
    I think I would be great if we could manually select and delete the learned words one by one in addition to delete all words.

  • Unfortunately I had to remove the tweak, my iPhone 4S started to become slow, very slow to do usual stuff.

    The strangest thing is that I didn’t enable the tweak, just installed it. I was about to buy the license ….

    Very strange, then I uninstalled and my iPhone is fine.