5 Years of App Store (eBay teaser 001)

Mobile apps have in no time become a true addiction in our smartphone-obssesed society. We use them day in and day out – to the point where we can’t imagine our lives without those lickable Home screen icons. As Apple gave each user five premium apps and games for free as part of the App Store’s fifth anniversary, eBay too celebrated the occasion by conducting an informal survey that challenged 200 iPhone owners with surviving four days without their favorite apps…

Believe it or not, over one-third of the participants weren’t able to make it through four days without using an app, with some feeling “naked, powerless and lost”.

When given back their apps, more than half (55 percent) felt happier and 40 percent felt more productive.

Some of the quotes from the participants:

• There were times that I needed to use my camera. I have a little baby.
• Honestly, I felt naked and unprotected.
• I felt so lost for those four days of disconnect, that once using them again I was truly at peace.

While it’s virtually impossible to imagine living without mobile apps, keep in mind that just five years ago the word ‘app’ didn’t exist and we were strangers to the concept of running custom apps on our cell phones.

Here’s a cool infographic by eBay that sums up survey highlights.


eBay’s free iPhone app was among the 500 pieces of software available since day one of the App Store’s debut on June 10, 2008. You may also want to check out the excellent PayPal/PayPal Here iOS client and other eBay apps on the App Store.

Since 2008, eBay’s suite of iOS apps have collectively been downloaded an incredible 162 million times.

“We at eBay owe a lot to Apple’s success with the App Store and iOS operating system,” eBay wrote in a blog post.

And how’s this for a testimonial?

Not only did our apps generate $13 billion in GMV last year (more than double what we generated in 2011), but they’ve also allowed us to experiment, expand, and establish ourselves as the mobile commerce leader and change the way people are shopping and paying.

So, could you live without apps for a few days?

  • Dan

    …without those lickable Home screen icons…

    Don’t know about you, but I don’t lick my icons…

    Although staying true to the article, I admit that I’d be lost without my apps. My most used are weather/maps/alarm/news 🙂

    • Dan you are missing out

    • Der Faust

      they taste like snauz-berries 🙂

    • David Villamizar

      Maaan, I did it once, that phone app looked so yummy!

  • MarcPhilippeB

    Those findings are pretty obvious, you don’t need to start a survey for that. It seems that they just wanted to serve the cliché

  • Colditz

    I use them only when I’m shitting so I could do this shit

    • Tony G

      I’m not sure how people find time to use apps, play games on their phone while pooping. I go to the bathroom, take care of business and get out. I’ve tried to figure out how I’d have time or the chance to pull out my phone and use it, but I don’t. The one time I forced myself to sit there with my recently defecated un-wiped butt hanging in the bowl and use my phone, I felt my hands were dirty and hesitated to touch the screen. I had to disinfect my phone afterwards, just felt dirty. I just don’t understand how people can do it.