Deus Ex The Fall jailbreak limitation

Publisher Square Enix yesterday released its hotly anticipated Deus Ex: The Fall onto the App Store. Soon after, it was discovered the premium game unfortunately employs a little unusual Easter egg of sorts: if you’re jailbroken, The Fall won’t let you fire guns.

Developer Eidos Montreal is obviously a little concerned about piracy because last time I checked jailbreaking was still legal, even if it voids your warranty.

The Fall isn’t the first app to hobble gameplay on jailbroken devices. Just two quick examples: DirectTV and Game Dev Tycoon. If you’re jailbroken and bought the game, don’t despair as there’s a jailbreak tweak to remove the pesky limitation…

Seen top of post: the warning The Fall puts up on jailbroken devices after a player has completed a movement tutorial. Even though the game can be played through entirely in stealth mode, completing the tutorial cunningly requires tranquilizing the guards before continuing.

Although blogs credit Redditor KipEnyan for discovering the issue and the gaming blog Kotaku for reporting it, we actually had several reports of that on Twitter – that’s why we updated our original post yesterday.

Anyway, the solution is the xCon tweak by @n00neimp0rtant, available from the ModMyI repo in Cydia.

Just respring your device and you’re ready to roll.

Designed to bypass jailbreak detection in iOS apps and games, this tweak supports a number of popular applications, such as Amazon’s Instant Video streaming app and many other applications.

deus ex the fall

I believe Square and Eidos shot themselves in the foot.

Jailbroken users who paid seven bucks for the game took to iTunes, posting a number of negative reviews that criticize Square’s move.

“I understand protecting the app against cracking/pirating, but preventing paying customers from playing on a device they own and legally modified is ridiculous,” one reviewer wrote.

It would have been much nicer if Square and Eidos at least had the decency to mention the restriction in iTunes release notes. This way, they’re alienating jailbreakers who want to do the right thing and pay for the game.

Deus Ex: The Fall weighs in at a massive 1.6 gigabytes and is available now from the App Store for your iPad 3 or above, iPad mini, iPhone 4S or above, or fifth-generation iPod touch. Support for the  iPad 2 and iPhone 4 is coming soon via a future update.

  • Cameron Nelms

    Can’t beat the jailbreak 😀

  • seyss

    im pirating this just because of their arrogance

    • Alex Marwaha

      Just wondering, if you pirate this app on a jailbroken device, will the app give the same message (no firing ), or will it crash, or will it work fine?

      • Gerry

        Read the article first

      • Alex Marwaha

        yes I understand, but if you pirate the app, wouldn’t there be a different effect? like the entire game itself would crash? my original question was, if you pirate the app, will you get the same pop up message as if you bought the app? if yes, then I would need to download xCon.

      • whywhywhy

        No it will act exactly the same, it won’t no its pirated (probably).

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Because of this ill be pirating it on my non jailbroken iphone!!

    • StarViruZ

      The main reason of pirating may be because you or your parents dont have debit or credit card or even dont have access to buy itunes gift cards… Im on this situation but l can bave itunes gift cards from a friend and I only buy apps with .99 offers or those that worth them like this game

  • Markus Hudobnik

    That is annoying. It keeps a ton of people from buying apps.

  • David Gitman

    Jail breakers will always be one step ahead 🙂

    • Joseph

      Except when it comes to making jailbreaks, but I know what you mean. 🙂

  • Joseph

    Square Enid does this all the time. For example, their Chaos Rings games originally crashed on Android if the device was rooted, but revoked that once enough people complained.

  • wonderboydave

    right… they paid for the app. lol.

    • Joe Thomas

      You can’t review an app without buying it.

      • wonderboydave

        I was referring to this statement in the article “Jailbroken users who paid seven bucks for the game took to iTunes”

      • Tom

        What are you going on about? The whole point is that you can’t write a review without buying it. Thus, all the jailbroken users who “took to iTunes” and wrote bad reviews actually did buy it. Unless we’re either missing or detecting sarcasm that does or doesn’t exist. I’m confused.

    • XboxOne

      stupid comment of the day goes to this guy…

  • n0ahcruz3

    Dont pirate guys.. But NO to in app purchase lol

  • Rowan09

    This is dumb. I do not pirate games or apps. I purchase every jailbroken apps as well. Why a company would even try to do this after purchasing a game is just stupid.

  • marco1993

    The dev have now added the following line to the Description “** Please be aware, the Deus Ex: The Fall play experience is currently restricted on jail broken devices. Do not purchase if you have voided your warranty and have have Jail broken your device.”

  • Ernie Marin

    they got out of screwing console owners, to screw mobile owners.

  • Ernie Marin

    does it also happen if you put the device in safe mode.

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Even i was thinking the same.

    • Devam

      If you put it on safe mode it works. I tired it!!

  • zac bishop


  • Mads Teland

    I think people have to use xCon Beta instead xCon offical because it will fix it 🙂

  • Brett Taylor

    I’d have been happy to give them my money, but I always pirate games that don’t have demos, because I’ve been burned before. I was just about to go and buy it, when that screen popped up. Now I’m perfectly content to not support this great game.