budget iphone white

Continuing the recent flurry of alleged ‘budget iPhone‘ shell leaks, a new set of high resolution photos of the purported part have surfaced online this morning. There’s several photos actually, showing various different plastic iPhone casings in newer iPod-like colors.

For those who haven’t been following the storyline, there have been a number of reports over the past several months that Apple’s long-rumored, low-end iPhone is finally going to materialize this year. And the theory seems to be corroborated by several recent part leaks…

The latest set of photos comes from frequent part-spotter Sonny Dickson (he’s posted several more to his Twitter page):

plastic iphone shells

This is like the fourth or fifth batch of photos we’ve seen of these alleged plastic iPhone shells, adding weight to recent reports that the handset is now in mass production. Of course, there’s always the possibility that these parts belong to a Chinese knockoff handset.

But that theory grows less likely by the day. It would seem that with component leaks coming from various sources—some third party vendors are already offering replacement plastic shells—around the globe, and other evidence, the plastic iPhone is real and on its way.

For those still having trouble picturing such a device, veteran mockup artist Martin Hajek (via Gizmodo) has posted some new concept renderings based on the leaked shells. As usual, they look great and do a good job of visually representing the rumored handset.


And here’s a group of them:


There’s a few things I’ve been thinking over the past few weeks about these purported iPhone shell casings. The first is that despite looking ‘cheap,’ they still look good—especially against the brighter iOS 7. And the second thing is, why haven’t we seen black shells yet?

I kind of like this theory that popped up in my Twitter stream last night by Ryan Jones: “black could be the new ‘pro’ color.” Apple’s new Mac Pro is black, and I’ve long thought the MacBook Pro would look great in anodized slate. So I could get onboard with such a strategy.

At any rate, the so-called budget iPhone is expected to launch alongside the iPhone 5S sometime this fall—likely September. It’s said to be made up of both polycarbonate and metal, with a design akin to an iPhone 5 crossed with an iPod touch and a price tag around $300.


  • nexus modus

    Apple should do a Google and sell the budget for very little profit and good specs and build quality, as Google did with the nexus 4, this would promote adoption of iOS in 3rd world countries and they could make money back from app profits and such

    • Melvco

      Would love to see a budget iPhone along the lines of the nexus 4.

      • even though the current iPhone 5 doesn’t match the Nexus 4?

      • Kurt

        I think that’s exactly why Cody, wrote he would like to see a budget iphone along the lines of nexus 4 since it would be a powerful beast for a very low price.

        Edit: I just looked up the price of the Nexus 4. I have no idea what he is talking about. Great phone for so cheap awesome!

    • therealjjohnson

      Right. Because the major problem in 3 world countries right now is not enough iphones.

  • Filip Juncu

    Looks cheap and awkward, but people are gonna love it.

    • Kurt

      Looks just like any other iphone I have had since 2007 just different material. Even though I know it will happen, I don’t understand why people will get excited about this

  • Even though I have a 5, I’d love a green one of these, depending on the specs.

    One thing I can say, is your estimate of $300 is very likely to be way off

  • blastingbigairs

    People are assuming there’s going to be a budget iPhone and a premium version (which I hope there is), but what if this plastic version IS the next iPhone period? I wonder if everyone will still buy it just because it’s new and comes in different colorways? Could Apple actually manage to downgrade build quality and still keep the masses frothing for it? That would be an amazing sales feat indeed. Who would still just buy it regardless? Anyone?

    • We’re not assuming.. the 5s parts/case have been leaked already, in fact, there are more 5s leaks than budget iPhone leaks, so if we assumed anything, it would be that the 5s is real rather than the budget one replacing it

  • Terence Ho

    Budget iPhone=iPod touch killer! At least the high end version of it!

  • Ricardo Martinez

    My take on this is that Apple would be trying to enter that spot where they have been missing between the iPod touch users and the Google nexus 4 customers. The new iPod is around $300 and the nexus 4 16g version is $350. If the budget iPhone is close to does prices than they would be reaching to does customers and I think their wouldn’t be any reason to continue to build the iPod touch.

    • blastingbigairs

      Because the iPod touch is an MP3 player and the iPhone is a phone. Apples and oranges my friend (no pun intended). The iPod will will always be part of the Apple product lineup.

      • Ricardo Martinez

        So let’s say you had the need for an mp3 player and you decide going for the iPod touch and you had the choice to get a phone in that same device for close to the same cost, you wouldn’t buy the the budget iPhone just because your need is an mp3 player? My friend I think most buyers would go for the budget iPhone. And as for apples and oranges their are not so far. Is not like the mp3 player in the iPhone is bad. I might even dare to say that IF they make a budget iPhone they will discontinue the iPod touch and stay with their other line of mp3’s like iPod nano and the shuffle for customers that don’t want to pay as much.

    • ☞Dylan James Kroger

      Just think of the parents wanting to buy their children iPods..most parents wouldn’t want their kids having phones. That would never happen.

      • pawfyd

        You’re so wrong. Every parent wants their kids to have a phone, it’s easier to contact them… Why wouldn’t they?!

      • Ricardo Martinez

        It’s not like you would be obligated to active them. Besides that’s why they have their iPod nano and shuffle. And what teen doesn’t have a phone these days. I think, as a father myself, I would rather pay for one device and not for two.

      • blastingbigairs

        Dude they are not going to discontinue the iPod because of a cheaper priced phone, that’s just ridiculous to even consider. The iPod was what put Apple on the map

      • Ricardo Martinez

        Dude is no big deal. I was just saying what I think would be the logical thing to do as an business point of view. It’s not about dreaming or anything, why would I dream of apple discontinuing the iPod touch. That’s just stupid. But at the same time they would be competing against them self by leaving the iPod touch in the market. And their is no such thing as a 160g iPod touch, you might be referring to iPod classic and if that’s the case then we are talking of two different animals. I never said that they would stop making the classic. I meant the iPod touch. A company so powerful as apple doesn’t really care about iconic things they care about money and making more money (take for example the iPad 3 and the new iPad only 8 month apart) and if they can make people change from android or windows phones with a budget iPhone they would do it in a heart beat.

  • Boss

    Why they use all of the colours from the Microsoft logo?

  • Jeremy

    If it truly is cheaper and it fits my budget then I will for sure be buying one for my younger sister so her first phone could be an iPhone. And plus if she breaks the phone I wouldn’t feel too bad cause it’s just a plastic one and not an aluminum/glass one.

  • Bradley Wyatt

    I dont quite understand how replacing the back with plastic makes it so much more cheaper. the front is the most expensive piece and these pictures show the front similar to every other iphone. im pretty skeptical

    • Kurt

      Apple won’t rip people off AS MUCH. That’s how. They will take less profits.

  • Aric Bolf

    I like the dark pink color.