T-Mobile Jump plan (The Verge 001)

T-Mobile is holding a media event later today at 2:30PM Eastern / 11:30AM Pacific to announce “our boldest moves yet.” A leaked memo suggests the Deutsche Telekom-owned telco is readying a new unlimited upgrade plan for smartphones. “We’ve upgraded upgrades,” the memo reads. Called Jump, the idea is to allow customers to upgrade when they actually want to instead of waiting the usual two-years until their contract expires. I’ve included more tidbits after the break…

“Don’t pay more than new customers. Seriously “ reads one bullet point.

“No annual service contracts. No overages. No brainer,” another one has it.

I’ll be looking forward to hearing T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere curse during today’s press conference.

The memo, obtained by The Verge, can be seen top of post.

TmoNews yesterday speculated Jump would require a “very small” membership fee and that T-Mobile would ask customers to trade-in their existing handset in order to qualify.

In exchange for this fee, customers would receive insurance on their device as well as the two annual upgrades. The idea of this club is just one of many opportunities T-Mobile’s CEO is considering with their new UNcarrier model.

Jump could fly in the face of AT&T and Verizon as both carriers recently killed early device upgrades, pushing the waiting period back to 24 months.

What’s your take?

Is Jump going to make a difference in the greater scheme of things?

  • skilarchi

    Hell yeah…

  • Tim smith

    Ea and gameloft have some paid games for free now!!!!!

    • Kurt

      Seems like these free games are the ones that are free year round. Don’t waste your time people.

      • Tim smith

        U mean games like dead space and mirrors edge are free year round

      • Kurt

        Sorry about that. I was wrong. In dead space description it says these games are free:

        Dead Space
        Mirror’s Edge
        Sim Medieval
        Flight Control

        How about for gameloft?

  • Al

    I would like to switch from AT&T… but the effort to do so, I don’t know. Until AT&T do something unheard as in prying me from my unlimited plan… then I’ll “Jump” ship.

    • KraKsX

      Dont forget, a little work… You can SELL your contract with unlimdata, and make a pretty penny (triple digits)

    • Jacob S

      Don’t do! I did that and regretted big time, in 45 days I switched back to AT&T. If you have signal in a particular area and you do not travel or go out of your town, tmobile is good. Otherwise forget it. Their network sucks BIG time!!! No signals or data is major airports and cities. Their coverage map is deceiving.

  • Walter Affourtit

    I’ll be JUMPing to T-Mobile as soon as my contract expires with AT&T.

  • T. Allen

    To echo the exact words of skilarchi, “Hell yeah”!!!!. I have got to APPLAUD T-Mobile’s efforts to get back in the game. Those “little things” are absolutely what will both keep and WIN customers (see Walter Affourtit’s comment). Great job T-Mo!

  • Lance Baker

    It will cost $10 per month to be part of this Jump program. I personally think T-Mobile’s uncarrier thing is ridiculous.

  • Mark

    If only T-Mobile didn’t suck so bad in Pittsburgh!

  • Ian Jackson

    I’m game. TMo coverage is great in my area. Just waiting for that contract to run out then I don’t have to worry about contracts. (: