AT&T Chicago store (interior 001)

AT&T, the second largest wireless provider in the United States by customer base, started sending out invitations yesterday to several major media outlets for a mysterious media event it’s going to be hosting on July 16.

Other than the cryptic message “Get ready for what’s next in wireless,” the invites don’t really offer up any details on what the event could be about. But given that AT&T is a carrier, it’s not hard to speculate on the matter…

Unless it’s been working on a super secret smartphone or tablet, it’s safe to assume AT&T’s event has something to do with its network. And that theory is corroborated by the various stats it lists on the teaser (via Phonedog).

att event

So what could this network announcement be? If I were a betting man, I’d say it has something to do with LTE-Advanced—a next-gen mobile communication standard that is garnering support from carriers and handset-makers.

AT&T has said that it plans to start rolling out LTE-Advanced support in the 2nd half of 2013, which we just entered into. So as you can imagine, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if its launch was one of the main focuses of the event.

It’s also possible that the carrier could talk about HD Voice (or wideband audio). The technology, which is supported in the iPhone 5, enables crisper audio during voice calls. And AT&T is expected roll that out later this year as well.

At any rate, the event takes place next Tuesday. And as usual, we’ll be following along and reporting back on all major announcements. So make sure to tune in.

What do you think the event is going to be about?

  • Al

    Unlimited data plan?

    • Jack Wong

      How much data you can use on the smartphone per month without doing tethering?

      • Al

        With the countless number of streaming apps.. Especially with iTunes Match, and my collection of movies with Plex.

        Easily over 5GB.

      • Jack Wong

        For movie, I would rather cache it on the phone for “smooth experience”, as for music, why not store it on the phone as well? 32GB iPhone is just 100bucks more.

        I don’t see why people are complaining about this back to 3G…

        I hardly able to get pass 1GB back to 3G because of the slow-speed.

        As soon as I got the 4G LTE iPhone, I can use up to 5GB per month, but I have to stream news every morning to get to 5GB, for just email/rss caching… no way that I can use more than 1GB per month.

        Of course at&t/Verizon see this coming… this is why they got rid of the unlimited data plan.

        So what is your data usage per month as of now?

      • Al

        Storing music on the phone is cool and all. But the fact to stream my music collection on the go… Is unbelievable perfect for me. And browsing or emailing.. Doesn’t do much as far eating up data.

        The video and music streaming is what’s the killer, I have plenty of video streaming apps from SlingPlayer, Movie Box, Plex, HBO Go, Starz, Cinemax, Encore, and Showtime.

        Even though I have my streaming apps, I’m conscious of my data usage. So, I’m always over 5GB.. But I tend to monitor it to extend it gradually. Since I get 5GB until I get tethered.

      • Jack Wong

        I see… you have the SlingPlayer.

        We know they will never have the unlimited data plan again…(glad that I still have it…)

        at&t even axed all the sms plans other than the unlimited…

      • Al

        Yeah, I’m aware unlimited days are lone gone…

        Data is there cash cow right now, AT&T and Verizon are milking it.

      • Jack Wong

        Speaking of that… because of the smartphone, our phone bill almost double as before…

        I just hope at&t keep the mins rollover… because my father in law use it a lot… during the Summer time.

      • Jacob S

        I agree. Last month while on t-mobile unlimited plan, I went up to 4.5gb which includes a lot of online media streaming and entire apple key note even live! Typically 5GB data is fair enough, at least for my needs. Switched to AT&T 6GB shared plan recently as t-mobile sucks out of certain areas.

  • Jack Wong

    I can’t wait for that… I am expecting they are going to kill all the voice plans and push all the new customer to unlimited voice only for 100bucks!

    Just like what they did on the SMS.

    • Jack Wong

      By the way, why we are exciting about an announcement from a service provider?