jailbroken iphone 4s

Late last month, Joshua Hill—aka p0sixninjaunveiled a new project he’s been working on called ‘openjailbreak.’ From what we’ve gathered, it’s an open source jailbreak repository that will allow hackers and developers to work collectively on future jailbreak releases.

It’s not just Hill. There’s a whole team of people working on the project, including popular graphic designer Surenix, who has been working on the website. And while we’re still not sure what to make of the whole thing, it appears that the site has just gone live…

Looking at OpenJailbreak.org, it essentially reminds me of a GitHub page—the main page shows the most recent projects added, and tapping the Projects link will list them all. Here you’ll find things like ‘Libraries for manipulating Apple’s crash report files,’ and more.

openjailbreak site

The site itself is running on Redmine, which is a flexible project management web application developed by Jean-Philippe Lang. Looking at it, it actually has some handy features like role based access control, a flexible issue tracking system, and multiple project support.

Admittedly, the rest of this stuff kind of goes over my head. But one can glean from the pieces mentioned above that this project is setup to really foster collaboration between hackers and developers, which could ultimately lead to more efficient research for future jailbreaks.

And it doesn’t look like p0sixninja and company are stopping there. In last month’s report, Hill said that the open source repo is “just a small part of an ultimate plan.” He has yet to say what that means exactly, but it’s enough to keep our attention. As usual, we’ll keep you updated.

  • Bradley Wyatt

    he’s full of crap

  • Joseph

    I understand this benefits everyone, but everyone probably includes Apple. Can’t they just use this repository to fix existing bugs as they’re being worked on or something?

    • This is what I was thinking from day 1

      • Liam Mulcahy

        Me too

    • Mick

      So it helps Apple so they make the good stuff stand in iOS and not buggy? Is that what you mean?

      • Joseph

        I mean to patch jailbreak exploits before we can use them. I’m happy when they fix bugs but only after we get our jailbreak. :p

    • steve00000

      i came here to post exactly that as yes if devs do start using this as a platform for discovering bugs and possible exploits/vulnerabilities and then to turn them into working payloads/tools wouldn’t apple just be watching this site the whole time and have already fix the bugs before the team/site have fully ‘worked it out’…

      this basically lets apple see exactly what there working on and there current progress/plan! scary.. :O

    • Sigurd Boe

      Why would you think work in progress exploits are going to be posted there? Released exploits sure, but that saves Apple no more than 2 hours of work when it comes to patching them.

      • Joseph

        Explains why it took them from 4.1 to 4.3 to fix one exploit, which survived six firmware updates. 🙂

  • Dominik Odobašić

    I hope iOS 7 gets a jailbreak real soon. There is so much to tweak and change…

    • Abeer Hossain

      Mostly the icons.

      • It’s betaaaaaaa

      • Franck Kamayou

        beta or not the icons won’t change! it’s already up on their website.

      • Andrew

        Johny Ive said that the icons are about to change before the public release.

      • Of course they could change! iOS 7 is not completed!

      • Ian Jackson

        My thoughts exactly. No jailbreak developer would waste an exploit on a beta publicly. I’m guessing we’ll have one by 7.1. Why 7.1? Letting it get patched up and in the hands of everyone. And let Apple fix bugs and other little issues.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      I’m not sure about the “there is so much” part on your statement but certainly there will always be new ideas and enhancements for everyone and anyone out there. 😉

      • Dominik Odobašić

        Oh, believe me, there is much. Utilizing all the wasted space everywhere. Seeing more than 3 lock screen notifications at a time. Getting rid of wasted space in notification center. Something like “AltKeyboard” or “SwipeSelection”. Not waiting more than an entire second for my screen to turn on. Making status bar opaque or semi – transparent so I can actually see the indicators. Making folders display more than 9 freaking icons, and so on and on…

        And how ugly is the HUD for changing the volume?

        I feel like they haven’t added a single useful feature besides pointlessly redesigning everything.

      • Robert Venegas

        Just saying, there isn’t a limit of apps to the folders in iOS 7.

      • Dominik Odobašić

        -_- I know, but what’s the point when I can only see 9 at a time?

      • Robert Venegas

        Truth. Apple taking more space to display everything on a more RAM intensive OS.

      • Antonakis Kipouros Nikopolidis

        imagine if you could see 100 icons at a time, inside a folder, or even better when the folder is closed. That would be great!!!

      • Dominik Odobašić

        No, but having to see 4 horizontally, and at least 4 or 5 icons vertically on a 4 inch display would be fine. Definitely not 3 by 3. That’s an insane way to waste screen real estate.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        I believe you are just referring to the fact there WOULD still be reasons enough to jailbreak, and I comply. However, most of those reasons you listed do not fall into the ‘so much’.
        Do not get confused here, your needs may not be the same as mine or others’.

    • marcus1324

      The number one reason I want an iOS 7 jailbreak is to unlock springboard settings and get WinterBoard.

    • Adham

      Really hoping for a tweak to customize Control Center more. Seems like how it is on stock OS will not be customizable

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        I agree. In fact I think it’s a bit cluttered with things I won’t even use.
        Don’t worry, a tweak will fix that. My main concern is having the ability to restore and have a clean jailbroken device (and I’m not referring to any of those tools being out there), because with so many changes in the GUI, I’m sure most of us will be installing and uninstalling stuff all the time, enough to clutter the iPhone up with garbage and unnecessary stuff in the end. THIS is really my concern.

  • Phil Dót Còm

    Android is better than iOS now anyway, who cares really. Apple loses.

    • felixtaf

      Thanks for your valuable input full of shit…

      • Dominik Odobašić

        It’s his personal opinion, and it sure holds more value than your insult.

      • Cameron Chao

        Saying “Apple loses.” Sure holds alot of value.

      • felixtaf

        Oh really? Its his personal opinion in a post related to openjailbreak by p0sixninja and he said “Apple loses and who cares’. He s more than jus a troll and you more like his flag-holder.

      • Tristan

        Apple is doomed.

      • Antonakis Kipouros Nikopolidis

        It’s his personal opinion that the other personal opinion is full of shit….. Opinionception

    • Mick

      You can still get virus’s for that shit… It’s crazy…

    • dpacemaker

      Why does everything have to become an android apple debate? Android wasn’t mentioned, yet you want to make sure you bring them up. This is why people don’t like Android fans, I read articles at Cult of Android, I never comment. I also don’t see Apple customers bashing them either, only Android fans troll, I’m sure Apple people fans do too, but I don’t see it anywhere as often as Android trolls.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        I don’t know if you follow ign, but it’s the same there. Ps4 vs Xbox one, Sony vs Microsoft. It’s ridiculous. People bring up these flames wars to start in articles that have nothing to do with them.

      • Singed

        Oh, the greatest internet debates: Good vs Evil, Religion vs Atheism, League vs DotA, Apple vs Android, PS3 vs Xbox, Pepsi vs Coke, Han Solo vs the other guy who totally didn’t shoot first.

      • Dan

        His comment was dumb, I’ll give you that. But you can’t honestly say that Apple fans are any better. Everytime android is mentionned on this site, you have some guy letting loose and proclaiming opinion as fact.

      • dpacemaker

        I agree Dan, what I’m talking about is instigation. When I go on Android sites I rarely see Apple fans make comments like his just to instigate something, but I see it all the time on Apple sites. I go on Android sites because I like technology, and I use what works for me which is Apple products. When I do I read the comments, but never comment on Android sites because I don’t own it anymore, and don’t use it, but I always see Android people on here and other sites bashing Apple just because. Like I said I rarely see Apple fans on an Android site bashing Google, or Android just because.

      • Juan Herrera

        not trying to argue, i do agree but you would also see an android user somewhere in those comments whose opinion matches that an apple user might post.. such as discussing lag on androids.. i’ve seen many admit to it, and i also admit many might not experience it, but a current android user wouldn’t be likely to admit to such faults just because of possibly engaging in arguments like this and not wanting to lose ground on their standpoint.. and it can be said vice versa..

      • Andrew

        are you blind?
        The site’s name is iDownloadBlog

      • Dan

        So basically you’re telling me that I can’t expect factuel and intelligent exchanges with Apple fans without them resorting to childish behavior? Thanks for setting me straight. I’ll keep that in mind.

        I have both Apple and Android device, and I see the good both platforms. I don’t put down anyone that has a difference opinion than me.

    • RarestName

      It seems that you care though. You came to an iOS fan site, clicked on an article, thought of what you want to comment, typed it out, clicked on post and waited for your comment to appear. Seems like a lot of work for someone who doesn’t care.

    •  Rich 

      Not for nothing, iOS and Android are comparable when it comes to functionality now. So Android has on screen widgets, but iOS is snappier and less cluttered. And i’ve been saying it for over a year now, it’s all preference on what OS to run. Buttttttt not just any android phone, only the Galaxy 3 and higher. I’m an iPhone owner, and can honestly say the GS4 is a great piece of technology. Their new features don’t work as well as they want it too, but over time it will get a lot better. And at least you have the option to turn those features off. ( Pause videos when looking away, eye scrolling, etc)

    • Guest

      iDon’t care, what you said.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      Yes that is very on topic

    • Was this a serious comment or is another malware installed on your droid?

  • Shabby

    “Bigger than jailbreak”

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      my ass… 😛

  • xVeldev

    GREAT! No i can release my boot-room downgrading mod. I have been waiting for this day since i came to america

  • pacman4484

    i cant get on the site

  • Mohammad Ridwan


  • Robert Venegas

    I like the idea of all these hackers and developers working together, but their works being posted online, being “open” to anyone. ANYONE. That makes me feel like Apple will check out the website and send out firmware updates that fix any bugs/hacks that were mentioned on the site.

  • pauleebe

    Why exactly would they want to put their jailbreak parts/exploits out in the wild? Apple can patch them so easily that way …

    • Juan Herrera

      idk why either, but i’m sure they’re quite aware of that.. it would be stupid to do it and not expect them, Apple, to check it out.. they already pay close attention to jailbreaking and tweaking

      • Robert Venegas

        They may pay close attention, but they don’t know the exploits and bugs they’re using.
        If possible make this website only open to jailbreak developers and hackers. Anyone applying has to be checked out. That might work. UNLESS someone wants to go whistle blowing or if the site got hacked.

      • Juan Herrera

        I follow all these guys on twitter and they openly discuss a lot especially when arguing with each other, you’d be surprised, but i do agree something should be done to filter out who has access to it. Apple, i think, doesn’t patch these things right away because it is a strong source of ideas and information for them. Jailbreaking tweaks shows them the possibilities, but when they actually use some in the product, they perfect it and do it in a way where they don’t have to compromise at all on security of the OS.

      • Robert Venegas

        Couldn’t agree more.

  • Dixon

    looks like webpage is down since i cant even enter it :):(

    and yeah i dont think its a good idea .. if its open then also Apple can enter and will know the exploints the hackers working on to release the JB…

    • Probably because thousands of people are accessing it at the same time!

  • Rickm_jr

    Anyone ever see the report on the relation of people involved in a project to its success? The more people there were, the less the success rate; and of course the lower the group member number the higher the chances were of success. I wonder how it’ll go for this jailbreak

  • Luka1309

    Sará un disastro….penso proprio che è arrivata l’era dei virus in casa apple!

  • Gorgonphone

    im bored

  • Philipp Steigler

    nice, it’s translated into german! 🙂

  • Ndrey

    Open Source is always good, like it