Mailbox 1.4 for iOS (teaser 001)

Dropbox, the popular cloud-storage startup, kicked off DBX today, its first-ever developer conference. Dropbox is now 175 million users strong, way up from the 75 million users registered just last November.

The new APIs the team introduced today at DBX promise to make it easier for app developers to integrate Dropbox data synch. Now, iOS developers are expected to take advantage of these new frameworks pretty soon.

Yahoo, for example, has immediately added support for Dropbox attachments to its Android client (it is coming soon to the iOS  edition of Yahoo Mail). As Dropbox acquired Mailbox in March, we’re not surprised the team just pushed a Mailbox update which lets you send attachments from Dropbox, even if the files don’t physically reside on your device.

Better yet, you can now attach any file type you can think of, regardless of whether or not your device understands it. This has got to be the awesome news for fans of cloud productivity (count me excited!) and regular users who could only attach Camera roll images prior to this update…

To attach a file from your Dropbox, tap the paperclip icon next to the camera when composing a message.

Mailbox 1.4 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 000)Mailbox 1.4 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

This will launch the Dropbox iOS app where you’ll need to approve access to your cloud storage (that’s a one-time thing). Simply navigate to a desired Dropbox folder and pick a file. You can’t select multiple files at once though you can attach more files by tapping the paperclip icon again.

Mailbox 1.4 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)Mailbox 1.4 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

The method creates a hyperlink to your Dropbox file rather than actually attach the file to the message so your recipient will have to click on the link to view (or download) the attachment on Dropbox (no sign-up required).

Mailbox 1.4 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

It would have been nice if Dropbox allowed direct file insertion. On the other hand, the current implementation vastly reduces the size of your outgoing message, a boon for users who send out lots of attachments over the cellular network.

Oh, if you need to change your Dropbox settings in Mailbox, swipe to the right to reveal the options panel, hit Settings and then Dropbox at the very bottom.

Mailbox 1.4 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 005)

Here, you can set up multiple Dropbox accounts to use for Mailbox attachments so you may want to first log out of your existing account in the Dropbox iOS app and log in with new credentials.

Dropbox integration is the only enhancement added in this update (two weeks ago, they added landscape mode on iPhone and iPod touch devices and implemented support for Gmail aliases).

For what it’s worth, the team wrote in a blog post today’s update represents “the beginning of a number of integrations we’ve got planned”.

I’ll hold them to that promise.

Download the new Mailbox version 1.4 from the App Store now.

  • Damian W

    it is the most reliable email client on iOS so far. There is Evomail and Gmail but they lack certain elements. Also sparrow got behind due to lack of push notifications.

    However the best is a combination of stock email with jailbreak tweak such as: Push for Gmail, AnyAttach, Color mail Labels, mail enhancer and etc.

    • Al

      I like Rich Text for Email as well..

      • SimonReidy

        Same here. I find it annoying that the stock Apple Mail client still has no way to turn text into a link (even though it supports HTML and therefore supports preformatted links if you paste them in). Rich Text for Email adds that missing feature, and makes it too easy to turn any section of text into a link. Combined with AnyAttach with Dropbox support, the Apple Mail client becomes 10x more useful.

    • rasengan720 .

      yeah the default mail app is better with those jailbreak tweaks.. but UI wise gmail and the other apps look better 😛 its jus my opinion 😛

  • ali_plus

    off-topic: Anyone who can give me iOS 7 Beta 3 Direct Download Links?
    MEGA links not working for me 😐

    • Damian W

      are you using safari for Mega links? Because safari does not work with Mega yet. To download the beta just go to PirateBay or KickassTorrent.

      Also Filestube website will do the job .

  • Xee

    When will Apple let us chose our default mail client?

    • trumpet444

      Haha. When Apple ceases to be Apple. Jailbreaking is the only answer for now

    • SimonReidy

      And choose our default web browser, maps client, camera, and music apps (while we’re dreaming 😉 )

  • ConduciveMammal

    Am I the only one begging for Hotmail integration?

    • Damian W

      Boxer should be a great alternative for you.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Same here for Exchange integration.

  • still waiting for them to let us use existing labels.

  • J™

    Was very interested to use Mailbox but till now they still wont allow multiple email account support… the fire had died off…………………………….

    • Damian W

      they do allow multiple emails. Btw try Boxer is just as good as Mailbox if not better.

      • J™

        u sure Mailbox can support hotmail/yahoo etc etc?

      • Damian W

        I thought you meant many accounts at the same time…but I see you mean accounts from different services. Mailbox is only for Gmail, but Boxer is for yahoo/outlook/hotmail/ etc

      • J™

        Yeah i’m trying boxer at the moment.. thanks for the recommendation

  • The Shoonchy 

    This is an excellent addition

  • rasengan720 .

    i hope this feature comes to the gmail and google drive app.. i’d be better that way.. cant go on downloading mailbox and dropbox for this.. i prefer the gmail app’s UI and hope google does the same feature as this to the google app

  • jamescampbe

    They did not “add a feature” but rather removed an important feature and replaced it with this one. So tonight I took a photo with some friends and wanted to email it to them… I can’t. B/c: I have a backlog of mobile photos to upload to Dropbox, and can’t sit around waiting for them to all sync before attaching the photo. It should allow users to access the iOS photo roll too.