iOS 7 Siri Car Integration

Among the many new features Apple introduced in iOS 7 is an interesting one called ‘iOS in the Car.’ It enables you to mirror your iPhone on your in-car display, allowing you to access Maps, Messages and other apps without having to take your eyes off the wheel.

Outside of that, and a list of the handful of auto-makers that have pledged to support it, not much has been said about the feature. A new report is out this afternoon, though, that offers up some new details on the whole thing. And apparently it’s going to work over Wi-Fi…

9to5Mac has the scoop:

“Since then, we have heard from the same sources that the feature is designed to work over AirPlay (in addition to USB/Lightning).

Hamza Sood, who has located several hidden features in iOS 7, corroborates this with a finding inside of internal Accessory Developer options in iOS 7.

These settings say iOS in the Car can work over WiFi, and this goes nicely with our independent iOS in the Car over AirPlay claims.”

And here’s the screen shot:

ios in the car

The site goes on to say that it’s hearing Apple is already at work on a point update (something like 7.1 or 7.2), and this new version will include built-in support for iOS in the Car. Apple has said itself that the new feature will officially launch in 2014 with several auto-makers.

  • klouud

    Why?! Why isn’t Apple using Bluetooth?! Haven’t they used AirPlay? Don’t they know there is lag – even with a 2013 AirPort Extreme? Am i taking crazy pills?

    • Melvco

      I’m wondering if a Bluetooth connection can support display mirroring. That requires a lot more bandwidth than just streaming audio. I would think that if Apple had found an effective way to do it, it would have by now.

      • klouud

        Isn’t the largest part of the file the audio?

      • burlow

        you can’t mirror a display over bluetooth. not nearly enough bandwidth. espeically one like maps that is being refreshed constantly.

    • Raul Henriquez

      I don’t think you realize how dumb you sound.

      • klouud

        Well top of the mornin’ to you as well good sir. I’m curious… without any regard for common curtesy, decency, or my personal feelings… how do you really feel? Oh… right…

  • Michael Hulet

    You know, if the driver of the car I was in had his eyes only on the wheel, I’d be a little worried

  • Steve Norris

    This will likely be the next reason to Jailbreak as presumably they will block video while driving. I, however, would like it to play while driving if I choose.

    • JL

      Yea.. Ok and get pull over

    • momerathe

      I’ll send flowers to your funeral.

    • Dan

      right… I can see it now, guy watching his favorite tv show while driving hits family of 4…