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Like it or not, video on Instagram video is here to stay. And with five million videos uploaded to Instagram in the first 24 hours and given the Instagram brand strength, small wonder that Vine shares on Twitter have plummeted since Instagram video debut.

Not resting on its laurels, just this past weekend Instagram received a small update adding support for the Cinema video stabilization feature for your iPhone’s front camera, previously available on the rear camera only. Not only that, you can now shot video holding the Instagram camera in landscape orientation…

Release notes confirm that landscape support includes both Instagram photo and video.

In addition to this and support for Cinema stabilization via a front-facing camera, the new Instagram version 4.0.2 includes “many other improvements and bug fixes”.

The Cinema feature automatically stabilizes a shaky video, after you take it. You can disable stabilization by tapping the shaky camera icon on the filters screen.

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And if you’re on a metered data plan, you’ll want to set Auto-Play Videos to Off in Instagram > Settings.

You can grab the free app from the App Store.

A few popular iOS apps have already been updated with Instagram video support, including Twitter client Tweetbot and social news reader Flipboard.

  • Slow news day? This update has been out since last week lol….

    • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

      And here you are my friend, inside the post reading it and posting a comment about it. Why did you came here then?

  • Lance Baker

    Can you only record video within the app? You can’t choose something already recorded from the camera roll or other albums?

    • Adham

      Unfortunately only within the app as of now 🙁
      Would be cool if they allowed for out of app video recordings to be opened in Instagram and you just edit the 15 seconds you want.

  • workin

    Camera stabilization is iphone 5 only?

    Uh please explain the point of landscape shooting because ig just forces it’s square ratio anyways.
    No video import but yes photo import.

    Also why does instahancer not work for me anymore? i4 6.1.2

  • Dave Elg

    You’d think that with all the money they made off the Facebook acquisition that they would be able to figure out how to add iPad support.

    • Kurt

      Looks great on my TouchPad

  • Tony Klapatch

    About time for landscape support..

  • Christopher Greenidge

    any expect flash on instagram video anytime soon?