There’s no argument that the Mac Pro was in need of some love and in fact, we’d argue that it’s been overdue some attention for quite some time now. We’d hoped that Apple would offer some signs that the Mac Pro was still in their hearts at this year’s WWDC, but we never invisaged something like what Phil Schiller finally announced on-stage. It was a wow moment the likes of which we don’t recall since the original iPhone introduction.

Which got us thinking.

With iPhones being released each year, and with leaks almost commonplace when it comes to Apple’s suppliers, are we in danger of growing bored with Apple’s iPhone? Perhaps more accurately, are we no longer capable of being surprised by a newly announced smartphone from Apple?

Or, as the title asks, will the iPhone get its own ‘Mac Pro moment’ soon?

When Apple announced the newly redesigned Mac Pro during its opening WWDC keynote, a rare thing happened. Apple was announcing a product refresh, and a major one at that, that none of us saw coming. Yes, a new Mac Pro had been semi-expected at each Apple event for some time, but what we got at WWDC was certainly not what most of us could dare dream of. The new Mac Pro pushes boundaries and changes the way we think about the product. With each iPhone, Apple tweaks and itterates, but is it still capable of taking a device that is undoubtedly hugely popular and completely redesigning it from top to bottom?

It is, of course, debateable whether it needs to. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But a product can grow stale long before it breaks, and while the iPhone 5 is certainly a gorgeous piece of kit, will the next iPhone offer the leap in quality and design that we saw when moving from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4?

Since that time Apple has lost its leader and gone through plenty of changes inside the company. It’s been accused of losing focus and being unable to innovate anymore – both accusations that clearly hurt Apple, as witnessed by the way Phil Schiller announced the new Mac Pro a few weeks ago. If Apple’s new powerhouse desktop machine can be stripped down and rebuilt from the bottom-up, can the iPhone also be rethought?

We’re obviously asking more questions than we are answering here, and with good reason. Apple as it is today is something of an unknown quantity. Just as we come to terms with Steve Jobs’ passing and the crowning of Tim Cook as the new king, we’re now in the midst of changes inside the iOS team with Scott Forstall’s departure. We’ve already seen the first results of that change with iOS 7, but the night is still young and more changes are no doubt afoot. We find ourselves wondering what else Jony Ive has free reign over now that Forstall is no longer around.

These are interesting times for Apple and the iPhone, and with competition constantly improving, we can’t help but wonder whether Apple has the stomach for the fight.

If the Mac Pro’s any indication though, we might just be OK.

  • Jason Duong

    When the iPhone does finally get its ‘moment’, it’s just going to be a piece of glass.

    • See: “Microsoft’s vision for 2019”

  • Joshua Catimpo

    First few comment

  • Boss

    I hope Apple change the design of the iPhone 6 to the same sleek and sexy look like with the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4

    • Maxim∑

      I really believe in fall 2014 Apple will make the display larger and maybe even edge to edge (might even be curved like the 4th/5th Nano). I already expect the iPhone 4 to be dropped in September and the 4S to be dropped next year. Once the 3.5in form factors are gone Apple will introduce the larger iPhone to make sure fragmentation is kept to minimum.

      • Boss

        I think they’ll drop both the 4 & 4S this year for a budget iPhone as Apple are only making 4 inch models I don’t think they’re going to rely on the 3.5 inch 4S

      • Maxim∑

        I really cannot see Apple releasing this plastic budget phone but we will see. It literally goes against everything they have said in the past.

        I Still don’t see the need for this when every year the prior 2 year phone becomes the “budget” version. Unlocked iPhone 4’s can be purchased at under 300$

      • Jack Wong

        Moreover, how cheap a budget iPhone could be? They are already in the market.

        It is the problem of the monthly fee from the carrier…

      • Mick

        Apple is a premium product. Its like Aston Martin releasing and budget road car. But we’ll see what happnes.. they are pushing the iPhone market and want to break into the Chinese market too so they might risk reputation to make money.

      • Chee Yuyang

        they wont drop iphone 4 this year. next year maybe.

      • Kurt

        Check out VEGA IRON…it has edge to edge. its so beautiful! Apple should definitely get rid of the bezel!

  • Eddie Sheerr

    Dude… That’s already happening… I recently switched from iOS to Android, have been very happy. If you enjoy a jailbroken iPhone, you’ll love the newer version of Android. The things people are doing on the platform are unreal, and some of the roms you can get blow iOS out of the water. Even vanilla android is a prettier, more modern and more productive OS. That being said, iOS is still good. It’s solid and it works very well, and for 98% of the smart phone population, that’s all that matters.

    • Lagax

      Hey, I don’t want to mess around here, really not, but don’t tell anybody Android is good! It’s a pain in the ass, just like Windows! If you once used a iPhone you never go Android, if. You once use OS X you don’t go windows. Both would be downgrades. And basically nobody on this planet daughts this! If they buy a Shamesung, then because it is cheap, because they’re dumb or they got talked into it from sb like you!

      • Eddie Sheerr

        My first Android, coming from iOS was the Nexus 4. The HTC One is my second android phone. Have you ever used an Android phone? A rooted, customized, android device? The GS4 is actually a very good phone, especially the Google Edition, without the TouchWiz crap.

        It’s pretty clear you have no idea what you’re talking about. I use both Windows 7 (mainly for work) and Mac OS X (mainly personal) as well. They both have their advantages and their faults. Neither is perfect. Blindly saying that one is better than the other is ignorant. Same goes for your thoughts on mobile OS. Both have advantages, both have faults and neither is perfect. It’s a matter of personal preference. That’s it

      • Lagax

        No. I have used so many Androids and even tested some for a few days. But why would you use this shit? And no, iOS isn’t perfect, neither is OS X, but Android and Windows are crap. Well, WP and Blackberry are/would be acceptable, too! They are secure, great, understandable and so must more android isn’t. It’s not iOS being good, it’s Android being the worst shit.

      • Dominik Odobašić

        The same way some people prefer pink over orange doesn’t mean orange is shit, and it sure as hell doesn’t mean you get to judge and insult people who prefer it. And I assure you, there is nothing cheap in a $600 device, so people who are buying it sure as hell know what they’re doing.

        You’re wrong. Any questions?

      • Lagax

        Well, actually you’re wrong: saying one color is better is something with no points! Preferring a OS has points: Security, Fastness, Look(let’s say more people like the look of iOS more than Android, I think that is right), ease of use, and a fuckload of other things. So iOS wins in all of this points, a.k.a. iOS wins.

      • Dominik Odobašić

        Fastness? How long did it take you to come up with that word? User interface is one thing, but performance and features are another. You are FACTUALLY wrong.

      • Lagax

        Could you tell me any reason you think so?

      • Dominik Odobašić

        You’re paying an Internet subscription to your ISP. Do your own research. You can start here. www_youtube_com/watch?v=Lnudy8OsN-M

      • Joseph

        Your view is obviously jaded by the device that you get. Given that you only tested it for a few days, I’ll assume that you probably bought a $60 cheap knockoff that was shitty. If you want a good experience you have to get a good device, similar to how someone might consider the iPhone 3G crappy compared to the iPhone 5.

      • josteinliverod

        If someone thinks Android is good, they buy Android. If someone thinks Windows is good, then they buy Windows. People choose whatever they like. I have a iPhone 5, and I love it, but that doesn’t mean that everybody else has to like it.

      • Anthony Aaron Anderson

        Finally somebody who understands opinions!

      • Dan

        well said.

      • Joseph

        This a thousand times.

      • Jacob

        I’ve been using iOS since iOS 4 came out. A year later and I’m bored of it and jailbroken. Next time I buy a phone, it will be android, and the change will be delightful.

      • Joseph

        Actually? Same deal with me. I’ve had my iPod Touch 4G since 2010 back on iOS 4.1. I jail broke it immediately after getting it and have up until iOS 6.1.2 (still jailbroken!). However, due to the lack of new things on it, the fact that the device has been getting outdated and slow, and the fact that I like to experiment (I was hesitant to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, but I loved it afterwards), I got myself a Nexus 7 and love it. If I were to, say, get an iPad 4th generation, then I would use both. Both offer their own advantages, and I recognize how polished Apple’s platform is. I also have a lot of money invested in their ecosystem, so.

        That bring said, I don’t regret either purchase.

      • Well_Said

        Similar story too, I’ve had my iphone 3g ios till iPhone 5, sold my iPhone 5 and been using LG Optimus G Pro, it’s a great device.
        Apple is too slow and I’m sick of waiting for jailbreak.

      • Dan

        That’s your opinion. I got bored with iPhone and a few years and got a Galaxy note 2, don’t regret the switch. I don’t plan on going back to iPhone either unless the next generation impresses me.

      • Ronald Weaver

        I have been with apple since 3.0 on iPhone1. I switched to Android this year HTC 1 X is my first. I really like it. I also finished my gaming rig. It’s windows based. I hardly ever use my iMac any more. How do you like your Note 2. I want one but I kinda wanna see when Note3 might hold.

      • Dan

        The Note 2 is great. The great specs make it as responsive as any phone and keep it in the race even though it’s been out for 8 months. I agree you should wait for the Note 3. It’s funny, my collegues used to laugh at the size. As soon as they held it for a minute and played around with it, they ended up being impressed and wishing they had one 🙂

      • Well_Said

        the LG Optimus G Pro is a great device too with the gorgeous LCD display

      • Dan

        yeah without a doubt, but for someone who already has a Note 2, not really a worthy upgrade. I don’t think it has a stylus as well (I use it a lot for notes on the fly). Also, it’s pretty obvious that the Note 3 will have better specs so personally I’d till december to get the Note 3 🙂

      • Ronald Weaver

        If the Note3 out does the Xperia Z ultra I will go for it. I was just on Craig’s list and what I want is a little past what I should spend without a 2 year contract. I want something right now. But my sense’s tell me to wait until fall. My contract ends then. Hopefully Apple pulls a wammy on us and makes some 5 inch or higher display phone. I know they won’t tho. ; (

      • PersianHawkes

        Even Geohot switched to “Shamesung”

      • Joseph

        Biased bullshit. I moved from iOS to my Nexus 7 (made by Asus, not Samsung). I’ve used Ubuntu, Mac OS X, and Windows. Which do I prefer? Windows. There’s no such thing as the most productive OS, because you customize each to your liking to become productive.

        Google makes great products other then search. Maps, Music, Ingress, Goggles, Google+, Earth, and more.

        Stop the bull by saying Google’s only good product is Search. Everyone hated Apple maps when it was released and begged for a Google Maps app. Goggles is plain useful, Music is a cloud music platform similar to iTunes except I can access it on the web and therefore any device with a modern web browser (iOS and Android alike). Google+ holds it’s own against Facebook and Apple’s very own Ping (which we all agreed sucked and were happy to see it go). Earth and Maps are very useful and are pretty much used by anyone except Facebook (which uses Bing Maps for some reason). Ingress is definitely something Apple doesn’t have. It’s a social game where you travel to different landmarks and try to capture portals in those locations, and meet people on both your stream and the enemy team. The game is very social.

        I also don’t see Apple trying to bring WiFi to poor areas via innovative ideas, or glasses that can bring up info for you. Apple’s closest thing is a rumor, an iWatch that we can’t even confirm Apple is making, because the only thing we can see about it is Apple’s patents that might or might not be for an iWatch.

      • Lagax

        Seriously? You call these ‘loons’ ‘innovative’? Google makes them because they want more users of their services, so they can make more money. + everybody could have thought of a better way to bring internet to everyone: Sattelites.

      • Joseph

        Search, Google+, Google Music, Ingress (there’s an unofficial client for iOS, you know), Maps, Goggles, Earth, etc. are all completely free, Google Music is the only one with any paid aspect (All Access, but Apple is doing similar with their own radio). The WiFi idea of theirs is free. Most of their services are exclusively free, with only paid features for businesses or things the user doesn’t need (customized email suffixes on GMail, All Access for Music)

        Sattelites *are* used to distribute a connection, dimwit. It allows the connection to travel from one end to the other, particularly phone signals. Explain how your idea would work in detail before you go criticizing it. Also, if everyone could think of a better idea, why did everyone love it when it was announced? Honestly, I don’t think the regions that actually need this could give two shits as to how they get their WiFi as long as the idea works.

        And, in regards to your statement about money, you’re a hypocrite. You’re an Apple fanboy, and Apple charges for most of their own services, along with the fact that their devices (when not on a plan) are traditionally $300 more than a high-end Android phone that can compete with it. So please, if you can’t think of a good point, don’t comment again.

        To finish off, you’re basically barring a company from getting any money at all because they’re being more innovative than Apple when it covers more categories than Apple has. Save your dignity and don’t reply, another flame war isn’t worth it to try and convince someone else of your own beliefs, when I obviously won’t change mine.

      • JT

        You raise decent points. But dont say once you go apple you never go back. Thats just biased and wrong

  • rasengan720 .

    iOS 7 was a big wow moment for many of us!! But yeah it’d be great to have a wow moment for a new iPhone as well

    • Joseph

      There were two types of ‘wow’ reactions for iOS 7. The first being “Wow, why would Apple even consider this shit?” and the second being “Wow! This is amazing!”. Let’s hope Apple pulls off the second type of ‘wow’.

  • Dominik Odobašić

    The last time Apple tried so hard to cripple the desktop machine, it was the PowerMac G4 Cube. And it failed miserably.

  • Ben Barros

    iPhones will always out last an android

  • @sexyhamthing

    unrelated: but you know those icarbon skin things?
    Somebody needs to make an r2d2 skin for the new mac pro.

  • Owen Reece Howarth

    I don’t think I’ll ever own an android simply because I cannot text at the speed that I can on an iPhone. And I hate the back button on android devices. Always catch it with my palm. 🙁

    • Owen Reece Howarth

      I thought I’d written this as a reply. Ha

    • Dan

      you should try the ‘swype’ feature, I’ve never texted as fast as I do now. Sadly, it’s not available for IOS. Maybe in IOS 7?

  • The moment died with steve jobs.

  • Well_Said

    As an ex Apple fan, I got rid of my iPhone 5 and switched LG optimus G pro due to:
    1-Sick of waiting for jailbreak to use my iPhone to its full potential.
    2-display too small, poor battery life.
    3-iOS is boring, can’t do much without jailbreak tweaks.
    It’s true iOS smoother than Android but is getting a little bit better.