iWatch concept (Maps, Martin Hajek 003)

If you needed proof that Apple is actively researching a wearable device akin to a smartwatch, look no further than a Japan Patent Office filing from early June for an ‘iWatch’ trademark. As discovered by Bloomberg, the filing specifically mentions a “watch device” and a “handheld computer”. While this by no means such a product will see the light of day, it certainly fuels speculation that an Apple-branded smartwatch is in the works…

The report has it:

The maker of iPhones is seeking protection for the name which is categorized as being for products including a handheld computer or watch device, according to a June 3 filing with the Japan Patent Office that was made public last week.

Yahoo Japan has this image of the ‘iWatch’ trademark.

iWatch Japan

Keep in mind that Bloomberg reported back in February that Apple has a team of at least a hundred engineers tasked with the iWatch project.

The news organization also said in April that Apple was facing hurdles in terms of battery life due to the decision to power the smartwatch by a version of iOS. The device is said to include biometric sensors and double as a life monitoring accessory akin to the Nike Fuleband and similar types of gadgets.

It was discovered last month that Apple also applied for an ‘iWatch’ trademark in Japan.

The firm typically files for ownership of product names before their official announcement so this could be a sold proof that the rumored wearable device project is more than an afterthought.

  • Yash Gorana

    You have a lot of copying work to do.

    • Patrick

      so true

    • noemanciax

      back in 2010 sony released the smartwatch for android,so in this case apple is about to copying sony…

      • Yash Gorana

        EH !
        In that way Apple has copied Microsoft’s Tablet PC, etc.

        Copying = Copying the device and it’s person entirely and making “little” modifications in it.

        revolutionizing = Copying the “IDEA” of the product, making it better and available to every single person out there.

        Not to sound a fanboy, but Apple revolutionizes.

  • Yawn. I think smart watches are actually contenders for the most boring tech thought of

  • nyangejr

    that watch will look great on me

  • Gorgonphone

    iwatch will be cool as hell