iOS 7 (iPhone 5, flat, white, homescreen)

As we told you last week, Apple is now seeking feedback on iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks from its retail employees. The program apparently has gotten off to a great start, but now the firm seems to be tightening access to iOS 7 betas and warning store employees they could get fired if a customer is shown the updated mobile operating system before its official unveiling this Fall.

Employees at Apple’s retail locations using the beta are being contacted by Human Resources to ensure the test version was obtained through the iPhone maker’s official developer’s program, not from a third-party, according to a Monday report…

“Some Apple managers feel that Apple employees are purchasing developer accounts and distributing the iOS 7 beta to colleagues,” writes Mark Gurman over at 9to5Mac.

Apple’s official rules employees must agree to when hired, stress that workers cannot install a beta version of iOS unless a registered developer. In a letter to employees, Apple writes they “may not load iOS beta software onto any other person’s iOS device.”

Additionally, retail employees “are not authorized to receive iOS beta software from any third parties, even if those third parties are iOS Developer Program members.” The provided reasoning behind the prohibition is to prevent Apple employees confusing consumers now using iOS 6.

While retail employees are being threatened with firing if they show a customer iOS 7 beta installed on their phone, store management “praises discussion of iOS 7 based on being an update coming to the iPhone 5 this fall,” according to the report.

As well, store workers “are encouraged to point customers to Apple’s official iOS 7 website.” Along the same lines, Genius Bar workers in Apple stores are not allowed to fix iPhones running the iOS 7 beta.

iOS 7 (Control Center, Flickr button)

The ban on showing iOS 7 shouldn’t be too surprising, given Apple’s long-standing desire to control the message. If consumers saw iOS 7 in action, there eagerness to update might be blunted before the actual unveiling.

Similarly, enforcing obtaining the beta only through the official developer’s program ensures participants agree to strict non-disclosure rules.

While this could limit iOS 7 talk to rumors and supplier photos beyond the reach of Apple’s management, the gag order on retail employees does remove consumers receiving feedback about the upcoming update from perhaps the most knowledgable people.

  • lol I had my 5 replaced around 2 weeks ago in Regent Street, London and the “Genius employee” asked how I was finding iOS 7, what I liked and didn’t like about it etc

  • Gorgonphone


    • iPhone Gruru

      Haters gonna hate

      • Gorgonphone

        realists gone be real

      • iPhone Gruru

        No, they sell realist ate

      • Chuck Finley

        Try learning English.

      • iPhone Gruru

        I’m sorry, did I not properly quote the song?

      • Sujan Tuladhar

        Did you not… lol

    • queen_ir3ne

      Omg, can you f*ck off already? You’ve expressed your hatred and disdain for iOS 7 more than enough on iDB. We don’t care!

      • Gorgonphone

        others have the right to talk about loving it as much as they want.. and i have the right to talk about hating t as much as i want.. you need to accept that… I ont go and cuss out folks every time they say they like IOS7 cause they have the right tok say it all they want

        you can curse all you want but it wont stop me and it wont improve IOS7 either.. so you may as well just ignore people you dont agree with like i will now be ignoring YOU..llolo

    • iPhone Gruru

      Do you have iOS 7 right now?

      • Gorgonphone

        i wou.d never ever install that on my iPhone 5 but one of our devs has it installed…

      • iPhone Gruru

        So you are hating on something you don’t have, and have little experience with.

      • Gorgonphone

        “one of our devs has it installed” means i have used it and explored t enough to know that it is a UI design disaster compared to IOS6…

      • Ignacio Irigoyen

        Well, this is wrong. Taste is subjective, which means everybody likes different thing, so liking something and not like other thing is normal and there is no wrong and right. And fighting over this is just moronic

        UI design is different, there are a lot of do and do not thing to fallow. For this stand point the new iOS 7 design is great, it hits a lot of good notes in the good UI design book.

        Now, people keep saying I do not like, the new colors, the new icons, they can express their opinion, but it feel like fighting against an unstoppable force, the change is here like it or no, you can go with the chance or fight it, but fighting for something that will not change is such an empty effort.

        So go with this new iOS and in no time you will stop worring about it and it will melt into the background, or continue fighting, the world need more Don Quixotes

      • Fatt man

        no its not bitch

    • Luis Martinez

      The jokes on Gorgon because regardless of his opinion and disdain for the new iOS it WILL be the default UI to come with any new device after the release. The people who complain make sound like a drastic change. They’re really just butthurt about the new icons/theme that is absolutely gorgeous. They can argue its buggy but the people who do tend to not know what consist in a beta version, making sound really really stupid. Similar to someone burning their tongue on hot soup not realizing it’d be hot…

  • CPVideoMaker101

    Looks like it’s time to visit the apple store to see what will they think of iOS 7

  • Martin

    I can understand that. I’m using iOS 7 beta 2 since last Monday and it’s quite buggy. If some new customer would saw or installed it could be disappointed.

    • Gorgonphone


    • Matthew

      Yeah. They might not understand that it is a beta.

  • Sandeep

    Wanted to say for apple iam using iPhone 5 today I went to ur store in U.B city bangalore India….. My earpods was issue itold tem my problem but dey r not willing to answer dey wer telling tat ur earpods r fine….. Diz s 5th time in tat same store no proper answer given by ur employe…. In apple best store in bangalore is forum value mall kormangla d very very very best store wit good respect from store people…..if diz istore in U.B city vll give same response I think apple vll lose lot of Costmer…..

    • Jay Kay

      Store is of Apple but workers are Indians, u r indian then y they are doing this

    • TBone

      call customer care and register a ticket / token. They will advise on where their authorized service center is and guide u to go there to give your ear pods for repair.

  • Matthew

    Funny! Apple makes it seem like the public shouldn’t know about iOS 7. Which they can and should. They make it seem like iOS 7 is a secret which it isn’t.

  • Matthew

    What would be fun is to go to the Apple store with my iPad, which has iOS 7 beta loaded on it, and show it off to the Apple employees. They would either yell at me or start up a conversation with me.

    • Haha well if they yelled at you they would risk losing their job

  • Macdemon

    Yes iOS 7 is buggy, and yes, it will work a LOT smoother when the final release arrives this Autumn.

    There will still be incremental improvements and enhancements to be made also.

    Remember, NOTHING is perfect, and you cannot create an operating system that everybody likes that works all of the time.