iOS 7 (multiple iPhones, flat)

On Monday, Apple seeded iOS 7 Beta 2 to its registered iOS developers. The second beta arrived precisely two weeks after the launch of iOS 7 Beta 1, which was made available right following the June 10 WWDC 2013 keynote.

Now, you might recall that an hour before Beta 2 hit Apple’s servers we ran an article saying the software could drop that day. The same source that called for it is at it again, now claiming the third beta of iOS 7 will see release on Monday, July 8.

It’s kinda bad news for developers who must be looking to some time off for Independence Day. If true, July 8 would make iOS 7 Beta 3 available exactly two weeks following the launch of the current iteration of the software. Starting to notice a pattern here?

BGR has the story:

BGR has been informed by trusted sources that iOS 7 beta 3 is currently scheduled to be made available to carriers for testing on July 8th.

These are the same sources who accurately foretold the release timing of Apple’s last iOS 7 beta, and just like iOS 7 beta 2, it is likely that the new software will be released to developers on the same day it reaches carriers.

The two-week interval between the first three betas also matches up nicely with last year’s iOS 6 betas.

iOS 6 Beta 1 – lasted 14.75 days
iOS 6 Beta 2 – lasted 15.4 days
iOS 6 Beta 3 – lasted 15 days
iOS 6 Beta 4 – lasted 18.6 days
iOS 6 Beta 5 – lasted 17.8 days
iOS 6 Beta 6 – lasted 11 days

According to the well-known iOS hacker iH8sn0w, iOS 7 Beta 2 expires on Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 12am GMT.

Subsequent betas will smooth out the rough edges and refine the iOS 7 design and visual language, while possibly introducing new tweaks and features.

iOS (days in beta, 20130624 Will Hains 001)
iOS versions development cycles chart via developer Will Hains.

For example, iOS 7 Beta 2 brought us the iPad interface with HDR photography and the Memos app, along with a bunch of refinements and new goodies like the ability to control the interface using head movement, direct Google Contacts sync, Messages improvements, male and female Siri voices and other perks.

And as a Fall launch draws near, we’re expecting to see major changes to the Apple TV software stemming from the new technologies that make iOS 7 possible.

Per usual, count on iDB keeping you in the loop.

  • pauleebe

    Not really anything new or unexpected. Sucks for the Apple developers though, they must get absolutely no time off for independence day.

  • Adil Hussain

    Kinda wanna update, but cant really risk an unstable version where half my apps crash

    • Ricky

      Only 1 app crashed for me

      • veda99

        google+ is one for me!

    • Canchume

      whatssapp and facebook crash for me

      • MarcPhilippeB

        do you have beta 1 or 2?

      • Canchume

        in both crash

      • a3yu


      • Canchume

        dont work even if i reinstall

      • Samir

        Facebook Work Fine For Me.

    • Bobby McBobson

      yeah me too also wanna keep my jailbreak

    • Zoheb Khan

      everything is working fine with me i am using iphone 5

  • Ricky

    Need it asap

  • “a source close to a calendar says the monday 2 weeks from the 24th is the 8th july” no wonder my rss reader is so full all the time…

  • Adham

    I am expecting iOS 7 will get to 6-8 betas, given how big the update is from iOS 6.


      it’s just rip off from jailbreak tweaks. Nothing cool, just the same old crappy system from 2007 that didn’t change

      • Adham

        Trolls be trolls.


        Not trolling, just speaking the truth, my first phone was iPhone and have iPhone till this day. The company isn’t the same as it was when Steve Jobs was alive. It’s boring icons, and all the new features are copied from jailbreak tweaks.

      • Adham

        I don’t disagree with ya, but the fact that I was not making any mention of that to begin with… Regardless of the fact it brought jailbreak tweaks to the official OS still makes the update a large and buggy update.

  • Bobby McBobson

    cool graph.

  • Nuno

    nice… This Beta 2 is as buggy if not buggier that the 1st one.


      I just downgraded to beta 1 because beta 2 was laggy as hell and with no new feature

      •  Rich 

        Beta 2 for me is a lot better than Beta 1, The only issue, it doesn’t play vine videos. Very little app crashes, very little resprings, and my battery doesn’t drop 15-20% in a night anymore. I guess it’s just different with different phones. I have a black iPhone 5 with ATT


        my brother has also iPhone 5 and he says it works better for him. I got 4S but it crashes all the time, literally, every app I open crashes, just reinstalled beta 1

      • Carlos

        Whenever apps keep crashing on my 4S, I just power cycle my phone to delete any cache and reset my phone’s memory. I usually have to do it once or twice a day after a decent amount of use. I have noticed my iPhone getting pretty hot in the back too, so it’s always a good idea to let it cool down.

      • brooks whiffen seale

        Instagram photos dont keep hiding

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        So iPad support isn’t a new feature?


        How the f*ck do you mean now? Doe it make my iphone to iPad dumbass?

      • John

        English please

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        You said “…beta 2 was laggy as hell and with no new feature”

        I said iPad support (which is included in beta 2) isn’t a new feature. I said it sarcastically with a question mark as if to say “so this isn’t a new feature?”

        In short I was simply pointing out that believe it or not beta 2 does have new features and iPad support was one of them. I could also list several others…


        It brings maybe new features to the newer devices but not to iPhone 4S

  • Guest

    I was hoping for at least few useful interactive widgets. / new os is better but not by much. – will look great on a white iPhone; not so much on my black 4S

  • felixtaf

    Am on beta 2, unbelievable battery life and less crash/bugs (for me)….

    • Adham

      Battery is better from beta 1 for sure, but hoping for more improvements in the future betas. Most bugs are UI related for me now.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Same for me. I’m getting some pretty funky status bar bugs but they’re tolerable…

  • Guest

    overdue minor tweaks (thanks jailbreakers!) ; new ios will look great on a white iPhone not so much with us owning a black version. I was hoping for at least some basic widgets on the home screen. id avoid the betas if your not dev.

    •  Rich 

      It doesn’t look bad on the black iPhone 5 worse case just buy an all white casing. As in every Big iOS update, it’s been influenced by jailbreakers. so the more jailbreakers do, the better the native OS is. At this point, I don’t have to JB anymore, cause everything that I wanted, that I JB for, is now implemented. Bigger Folders, Time Stamps, Radio Toggles.

      • Rudy

        Really ?? What about quick reply, activator and the tons of tweaks that u can get with jailbreaking !! IOS is a very good OS but it’s not near perfection !! U will always need a jailbreak to customize it !

      •  Rich 

        As Matheus said, one company can’t make something exactly the way every one needs. I never installed Quick Reply, nor did I really use any other activator methods. The only tweaks I installed consistently since i’ve been jailbreaking was, Infini Folders, UI Settings/NC Settings, and I used biteSMS for time stamps, some times. Everything else was just trying random shit out for a little, and then I stopped caring about it. And the way I have my phone set up, It just shows that I have a message, I don’t want random people being able to see my actual message if my phone is on the table. So I never needed to use Quick Reply.

      • Matheus Lisboa

        I love to jailbreak, after all there’s no way one company can make something exactly the way every one needs and jailbreak give us the gift of customization

  • Guest

    overdue minor tweaks (thanks jailbreakers!) ; new ios will look great on
    a white iPhone not so much with those like myself using the black. I was hoping
    for at least a few basic widgets on the home screen. id avoid the betas
    if your not dev. as other have already posted it just eats battery and then some.

  • Neo

    overdue minor tweaks (thanks jailbreakers!) ; new ios will look great on
    a white iPhone not so much with those like myself using the black. I was hoping
    for at least a few basic widgets on the home screen. id avoid the betas
    if your not dev. as others have already posted it just eats battery and then some.

    • Jedediah Kramer

      Yeah, I just got rid of my white iPhone 4 and got a black iPhone 5 and iOS 7 doesn’t look appealing with the black.

      • Matheus Lisboa

        Well, you can always change the color if you know how to open a assemble an iphone

    • brooks whiffen seale

      It runs fine on my iphone 5

  • Ryan Stack

    you must be some sort of magical fortune teller

  • Gorgonphone

    Yeah this is all boring now … Ive is clearly not gona budge on the ugly UI 🙁

  • Kenny Woodard

    Apple seriously.. Please add Quick Reply!

    • John

      I’ve always wondered how come they never added quick reply to iOS

      • Matheus Lisboa

        I ask myself the same thing… maybe they’re not “sms team” guys hahah

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Exactly! People complain when they don’t have X feature and then Apple spoon feeds it right to them and they still complain!

  • Cameron Nottingham

    Status bar UI in beta 2 is really bad and is giving me many problems. Multiple app crashes. Beta 1 was better for my phone. Hope beta 3 does land soon.

    • Chris Tangler

      i was actually about to post the same thing…i had app crashes in beta 1 about as much as ive had springboard crashes in beta 2…notification center is the only thing that is working a little better for me in beta 2

  • Efdhwifhhi

    I actually won’t be surprised if Chris is spot on with the prediction, because he was for beta 2.

  • Mohamed Mbarak


    ios7insider.blogspot . ca

  • highbreak

    Still don’t get it why people keeping saying nothing changes in IOS7.

    Take a look at android, does it make a difference over the years?

  • thilak

    can we directly update to ios 7 beta 3 in iph.. when it releases????

  • Edgar Tecum

    Hopefully Apple fixes the lock screen problem. Whenever my iphone 5 is below 14%, I am not able to unlock the screen, pull notification center nor control center until I let t charge until it gets to 22% or more

  • Fardeen Beharry

    actually it makes sense because beta 3 of ios 7 came 3 three weeks after beta 2. i assume ios 8 will follow ios 7 beta schedule