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TimeForAlarm is a recently released jailbreak tweak, and it provides you with a readout of the remaining amount of time before your alarm is scheduled to sound. The tweak, which is free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo, displays a real time readout of the time remaining for all of your configured alarms in the stock Clock app.

Take a look inside for our hands-on video synopsis of TimeForAlarm…

TimeForAlarm features a preference panel in the stock Settings app, and it includes a switch to disable the seconds countdown. Doing this will cause the time to refresh every minute instead of every second, which in turn, lends stability to the tweak. I noticed that with the seconds enabled, the tweak was a bit on the glitchy side when it came to the countdown timer readout. Hence, I recommend that you keep the seconds featured disabled when using TimeForAlarm.

TimeForAlarm is a tweak that provides you with greater context as to when your alarm clock will sound. It makes it so that you no longer have to calculate in your head how many hours you have left to sleep.

If you’ve yet to use iOS 7, then you’ll be happy to know that such a feature exists in iOS 7, but in my opinion, it’s much better implemented. On iOS 7, the countdown timer displays on your Lock screen, which is much more useful than simply displaying within the Clock app. Hopefully TimeForAlarm will adopt such a feature.

What do you think about TimeForAlarm, share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.

  • D.

    Simple yet very useful.

  • Kurt

    Even though this tweak is pretty much useless (sorry to disagree with D.) I think it’s cool anyway

  • Malan Raja

    Perfect for the obsessive-compulsive individuals, like me, I MUST KNOW how much sleep i get!

  • John Sklikas

    Thank you for your review of my tweak Jeff, great yet objective review. The lockscreen is one of the ideas I have but probably I am going to make this an individual tweak or make it a toggle for TimeForAlarm. If anyone of you needs an extra feature then let me know, or contact me through my Cydia email.

    • mav3rick

      Congrats again on your great work for this tweak!

  • Max

    Jeff, what kind of screen recorder do you use for all your jailbreak videos?

    • John

      I believe he uses Display Recorder

  • Vipul Verma

    Pretty late review!

  • I was about to install, interesting, but there’s so many things to change… like has to kill each time you have to install a new alarm? wait for seconds? so many new info or things to learn…

    • John Sklikas

      No my friend 1 reason, which is that I was asked for this and I released it, but I also had to rush because I am making an App Store app, so I had to leave my jailbreak and update my development device to iOS 7 as soon as possible. When you edit an alarm a new entry is created and the changes need around 3 seconds to get to the file as Apple has made it and I can’t really change this. The tweak reads from this file and I get this data as soon as possible. This could potentially be fixed by making the tweak write before Apple’s code writes on the file, but I preferred to release a version with this small issue in my opinion and keep it there. Now the real problem happens when you create an alarm, where new data sets are created in this file. The tweak works with repeating methods that start again based on the number of alarms at a certain point for each alarm. For example 8 alarms zero at 14 and the only way to get the new alarm to work is too make it a part of the cycle. But this must happen at the 14th step but the user might be at the 4th. If it gets invoked at the wrong time everything is messed up and if it gets messed up, the app needs to close. And there is no AddAlarm() method in which I could hook to fix this issue. Again, if I had a lot of time I would look for a way around this, the problem is that I didn’t have time and next year is my senior year and I won’t have enough time for this. I apologize for this guys but I am not a full time developer and I am doing my tweaks in my free time, so I have to prioritize some stuff. It’s not knowledge though, as I know what to do, it’s just time pressure… :/

  • Pawan

    anyone experiencing battery drain after this?

    • John Sklikas

      It can’t be this, it’s not running on Springboard, it is running only when the clock app is running, and stops when you press the home button, just like a normal app as iOS hasn’t got real multitasking…

      • Pawan

        I’ll check again. Thanks

  • hush

    Something really useful is the 9 minute count down when you hit snooze on the lock screen 🙂