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A little over a week ago, the Mailbox team pushed out an app update that added support for portrait orientation mode on the iPad. It was a welcomed addition, but it left a lot of users wondering when the iPhone version would receive support for landscape mode.

The team promised that the feature was in the works, and last night it delivered on that promise by posting a new version of Mailbox to the App Store. The update, which brings the app to 1.3.2, includes support for iPhone landscape mode and other enhancements…

Here’s the 1.3.2 change log:

– Landscape mode for iPhone
– Gmail “send as” alias support
– Bug fixes

While the log is small, the changes listed are fairly significant. With the new landscape mode for iPhone, users can finally browse through their inboxes, read through emails, and more importantly compose emails, while holding their handset in a horizontal fashion.

And for those unfamiliar with Gmail’s alias feature, it essentially allows you to send messages with another of your email addresses listed as the sender. Most folks use it to manage multiple email accounts from the Gmail interface, and it can be setup in Gmail settings.

Various behind-the-scenes bug fixes round out today’s update for what I still believe is the best iOS email client to date. If you’re interested, you can find the Mailbox app in the App Store for free. It’s available for the iPhone, iPad, and a Mac version is in the works.

  • J™

    still cannot support other email clients….

  • Bob

    Still no support for other email clients. You SUCK mailbox, why is this such a low priority to them?

  • Tom

    Because Google is the best email client.

    • Bob


    • J™

      its not a matter of Gmail is the best or hotmail is the best. The thing is most have Gmail and other accounts as well and they want to use Mailbox but with this feature missing, it is actually deterring people from using and instead use other apps instead.
      I want just 1 app to handle all my email accounts… not 1 app to handle just 1 email account.

  • I’ve been using and updating it. Also quite good.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    To be honest I’ve forgotten all about mailbox and have adopted the iOS 7 mail app instead!

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    Why Don’t they adding new clients !
    Bloody Hell

  • M Last

    still don’t use it