New hacked AT&T carrier update adds HD Voice and other improvements

By , Jun 27, 2013

iPhone 5 keynote (wideband audio 002

Folks with an iPhone on AT&T might be interested to hear that there’s a new hacked carrier update available that promises a number of enhancements. It’s brought to you by the same folks who created similar hacks for SprintVerizon and T-Mobile.

This time around, the developers say that the modded update is good for more than just speed improvements. In addition to signal enhancements and advanced HSDPA support, it also reportedly includes support for HD Voice on the iPhone 4S/5…

HD Voice (or Wideband audio) is a technology that extends the frequency range of traveling sound, essentially making your phone calls sound clearer. T-Mobile already supports the tech on the iPhone 5, and AT&T plans to join the club this year.

Joe from iTweakiOS breaks it down:

“This hack fixes the reported issue of unstable HSPA+ speeds/signal and iPad users having trouble updating and losing all signal. This hack enables, along with the previous enabled features, HD Voice for all iPhone models running on AT&T so users can now use the UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ network for HD qaulity calling on their 4S and 5. This hack also enables Release 7 HSDPA speeds for the iPhone 4S, giving it a new maximum theoretical downlink of 21Mbps, which AT&T does indeed support. Signal improvements from the previous release have not changed and are still present in this release along with unthrottled LTE and HSPA+. The previous band preferences have been altered this time around but not to prefer bands. It has been reprogrammed to do the following:

– “Optimize WCDMA” which will deliver the fastest available speeds without hindering the towers and other users on it.

– “Set LTE near threshold” which will also deliver the fastest available speeds that the LTE towers support.”

The usual disclaimer applies here. As before, there’s no guarantees that the modded carrier update will work for you. Your success with it will depend on several factors, including your location, population density, and your nearby cell towers.

We haven’t tried the hack out ourselves yet, but for what it’s worth we’ve noticed that a lot of our readers have seen success with the previous AT&T bundle mod, as well as other similarly-hacked carrier bundles for Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Those wanting to try out the new hack can find step-by-step directions by clicking here. It’s compatible with the iPhone 4S and 5, and the iPad 3, 4 and mini. And for those of you who have updated to iOS 7, Joe says it’s compatible with that too.

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  • Alex Jordan

    Awesome! HD Voice sounds great!!!!! Speeds are fast again and I am running the iOS 7 beta 2!

    • ghulamsameer

      When you apply this hack, does the carrier name get removed?

      • Alex Jordan


      • Kurt

        How does the HD Voice compare with VOIP call quality?

      • Alex Jordan

        They are very similar, I notice zero background noise when on the phone and the persons voice is crystal clear

      • Kurt

        Very very cool!

      • ghulamsameer

        It does for the T-Mobile hack :/.

  • Throndson

    Will this work with my jailbreak?

    • Joe

      Yes. This will not affect nor remove your jailbreak. It’s a minor carrier update. Not a firmware upgrade. Hope this helps. :)

      • Throndson

        Ok, that reassures me. But the problem i have is that I do not have iFile, do I use still the jailbroken program?

  • burlow

    why is this not pushed officially from at&t? why would at&t not want their users to have these features?

    • Hugh Jassol

      I too wonder this. Why wouldn’t AT&T want the highest quality and speed for its customers?

      ….or is it that they feel resticting “full” quality/speed will even out user performance as a whole for all users?

      ….or is it just a tactic they use to cheat the customer, like how they used to restrict facetime or 3g for video apps etc.?

  • 1337lolzorz

    What about us Canadians? Does this work with Rogers?

  • selabond

    “… still present in this release … unthrottled LTE and HSPA+.”

    does this mean users with unlimited plans can bypass data throttles after 5GB/3GB limit for LTE/HSPA respectively?

    • Joe

      It won’t prevent network-side throttling but will help give a bit of an increase when you are. How much of an increase, I’m not totally sure, but that’s what users have reported to me before.

      • selabond

        thanks for clarifying.
        didn’t notice i was being throttled this cycle before applying the hack and running speed test. at over 6GB usage currently, and maybe the update triggered the throttle, lol.
        jokes aside, thank you for the hard work. appreciate it!

  • Dante

    Does anyone know if this will work on iOS 5? Blog says 6 and 7 but wanted to see if anyone has tried it on 5….

  • Subaruboy

    Enabling these wont affect the performance because AT&T does not have AMR-WB active, nor do they even have 64QAM H+ even running. The carrier settings on the handset are just “suggestions” as to the way the phone can make a quicker connection, in the end the BTS signals the handset over the paging channel to decide what parameters the handset shall use..

    • Joe

      Just to make it easier for people to understand, you’re saying AT&T doesn’t support HSPA+ 21. I’m sorry, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I know you want to believe so badly in Brian’s theories and AnandTech’s “news” but their words don’t change facts. I have contacted 2 reps from AT&T, did extensive research, and even looked at FTM on an iPhone 5. All 3 sources confirmed AT&T has HSPA+ 21 (64 QAM). End of story.

  • Albert

    Updated mine yesterday after ATT forced 14.2. got Slower speed compared to another iPhone 5 on the same network without the hack. BUT, the connection seems to be a lot more stable on the hacked update. Used Signals to see which tower both phones are connected, found out they are on different towers. This is ATT LTE in LA.

  • Drew

    Will this work with thr AT&T GOPhone plans that were recently released? I have a 4S thx

    • Drew

      UPDATE: I just followed the steps and tried the update worked :)

      I get really bad reception at my house (2bars) with <20KB/sec download & update speeds. I now still have 2bars but receive over 200KB/sec!! Thanks so much!

  • Michael Graham

    Will this work on the AT&T Iphone 5S?