A new report on how tablet users view their devices and at what times reveals several interesting preferences. Among the most notable discovered by one web application: iPads remain the most-used tablets, particularly in landscape mode at around 10pm during the weekdays. The findings also show tablets other than Apple’s device attracting usage in the single-digits…

According to OnSwipe (via AppleInsider), which produces an application making web sites more usable by touch devices, the iPad accounts for 94.1 percent of users.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has just 4.1 percent of users, with Android tablets just 1.4 percent of OnSwipe’s users.

In one of those results that tend to confirm your own belief, the company’s report on monthly usage found more than half of tablet owners – 59.8 percent – prefer landscape mode over portrait mode, which registered just 41.2 percent of OnSwipe users.


The company built on previous research that showed tablets are often used at home and after work. This new report finds 10pm is prime tablet usage time, particularly Monday-Wednesday.

While iPads are online, they rack up 223 percent more page views than iPhone owners. In terms of online usage, Facebook continues to be a popular destination.

Onswipe chart (iPad, portrait or landscape)

More than 45 percent of tablets visited the social media giant, while Twitter accounted for 18 percent of visits and Pinterest with twelve percent. Email, however, still reigns supreme: 54.8 percent of sharing is done through mailing, leading second-place Facebook.

  • unknown

    i prefer potrait. and i hate fb app, safari is better

  • Willie

    Landscape is the only way where chat is revealed. It’s impossible in portrait mode

  • BBL

    Portrait for me… the 4:3 aspect ratio of the ipad make it the best way for me when I read, except for watching videos.

  • uptherams


    • Terry174

      And that’s how you know the stats are fabricated.

  • Bogdan

    My opinion about this article is that it is useless. I don’t always prefer landscape mode. And who cares about how many iPad owners browse in landscape mode ? Seriously now… this minor detail deserves to have a whole article made for it ?

    • Gorgonphone

      i agree

    • disqus_91rwfxl9J4

      Definitely not a minor detail when thinking about designing a mobile optimized site. Need to know users preferences when browsing …

  • Kurt

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like that companies are secretly gathering data on us? Or you are all ok with it since it makes Apple look good?

    • TinTonB

      Or it might be people not opting out of Diagnostics & Usage when you setup the device. I mean I always do, but the average user may not.

    • Shiios Avila

      Because you’re just a paranoid person who thinks he has top private secrets that the world would care about. This is data based on web traffic and statistics. And yes, gathering data about users is essential for big companies to know what their user wants and to improve their services. Maybe you should also avoid search engines and delete all your social media accounts.

    • Gorgonphone

      there is no way around it so not liking it is a waste of energy

  • momerathe

    landscape/portrait depends on the app. I do most of my web browsing in portrait though.