Apple appears to have stemmed any loss of iPad usage online detected in April, roaring back to continue its utter domination of tablet web traffic in May. The iPad in May accounted for 82.4 percent of tablet web traffic within North America, according to the Chitika ad network. Amazon’s Kindle Fire registering the next best at just 6.5 percent of North American tablet web traffic May 15 to May 21…

As the above chart shows, iPad web usage not only recovered from its fractional dip in April, but rose above its high point in March.

“Apple users are still prolific when it comes to tablet web browsing, “ Chitika announced.

The May figures for iPad usage marks “the highest since the beginning of 2013.”

The Kindle Fire, after a slight improvement in April, dropped by almost a percentage point. Samsung’s Galaxy tablets, remained flat at just 4.7 percent of North American web traffic in May, the ad network’s Insights announced.


As PatentlyApple noted, the South Korean firm “has resorted to heavily discounting their tablets in certain markets and are about to flood the market with cheap tablets in the hopes of skewing the volume meter in their favor.”

This volume versus usage factor has always been issue between Apple and Android.

So much so, we’ve taken to calling it the “gathering dust” scenario. The dichotomy between Android sales and Apple usage seems to mean people are buying the Google-powered devices only to stick them in a drawer where they gather dust.

These figures appear to echo a tablet usage report released Tuesday night.


The numbers from OnSwipe (above), makers of a platform converting traditional web pages into displays suitable for touch screen devices, showed the iPad the overwhelming choice for tablet owners.

Where does that put other tablets?


According to Chitika, essentially in the cellar.

Only Samsung’s Galaxy and Google’s Nexus were able to push Android-powered slates above the one percent mark.

Microsoft’s Surface tablets – despite its heavy promotional efforts – registered just 0.2 percent of North American tablet web traffic, according to the ad network.

  • Jack Wong

    Developers know where to go…

  • Rowan09

    No surprise here. Android tablets are just blown up versions of the phones and now since this “phablet” thing is starting it makes it even worst.

    • Gorgonphone


  • Jurassic

    What’s interesting is that despite Microsoft’s telling us how popular the Surface has been, in the past 3 months the Surface hasn’t changed its 0.4% share (which is the same share that the Motorola Xoom tablet has 😉

    • Gorgonphone

      surface = big ZUUUUUUN all over again it s sucks… no other tablets stand a chance at all..

  • dev29

    0.4% surface tablets hahahaha 😛 I have one and i must say that web browsing is really comfortable even better than my ipad and pretty good performance with several webs with Flash , but chrome for ios is way better than ie10 🙁 i wish google could release it for winRT