iPhone 5 Japan

A Japanese court Tuesday denied an appeal by Apple over the iPhone maker’s arguments Samsung infringed a patent. The Tokyo-based Intellectual High Court agreed with an earlier court ruling which found the South Korean firm had not infringed upon Apple’s patent on syncing data with smartphones and tablets.

The appeal rejection comes just a week after another Tokyo court handed Apple a patent-infringement victory against Samsung. In that case, Apple used its separate “rubber band” patent to successfully claim earlier models of the Galaxy smartphone were at fault. Japan is one of the few markets where Apple leads its rival in both tablet and smartphone sales…

“The world’s two biggest smartphone makers have each scored victories in patent disputes fought on four continents since Apple accused Samsung of ‘slavishly’ copying its devices,” Bloomberg reports. Samsung welcomed today’s decision while Apple’s Tokyo representative did not respond to Bloomberg’s request for comment.

The patent-infringement case has a long history, an original ruling made by the Tokyo District Court in August 2012. Apple appealed the ruling in October.

According to patent guru Florian Mueller, Japan has become a favorite legal battleground for the two competitors. Tokyo’s involvement stretches back to 2011, taking one of the first Apple patent lawsuits. “Samsung has seen little success in the country,” Mueller writes.

  • Taf Khan

    Well it is Tennis season… In the court of law as well as on the grass court it would seem!

  • Tiago Alexandre De Noronha

    Someone pls explain me the image…

    • @dongiuj

      Some guy in Japan was dressed up as an iPhone on release day of the iPhone 4s or 5, I think it was. Just goes to show what kind of people buy an iPhone.

  • Vitaliy Anonymous

    Suing for the most pathetic patents? That’s just plain childish. I’m going to make a text that sparkles, and patent it. Then I should start suing all the websites that host those shiny texts.

    • Lol, funny thing is, the Patent and Trademark Office will probably accept it if you give them enough cash…