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On Friday, a Tokyo court found a number of Samsung’s legacy smartphone models to be guilty of infringing on one of Apple’s patents. More specifically, it’s the infamous ‘rubber banding’ patent, which Apple has used in a number of courtroom battles.

For those unfamiliar with the ‘rubber banding’ property, it covers the software action that triggers the bounce-back animation when a user reaches the end of a scrolling document. And the Japan court feels older Samsung handsets infringe upon it…

Reuters reports:

“A Tokyo court ruled on Friday that Samsung Electronics Co Ltd had infringed on rival Apple Inc’s patent for a “bounce-back” feature on earlier models of its popular smartphones.

Apple claimed that Samsung had copied the “bounce-back”, in which icons on its smartphones and tablets quiver back when users scroll to the end of an electronic document.”

It’s worth pointing out that the ruling only refers to Samsung’s older smartphones—the company has already changed its interface on recent models to show a blue line at the end of documents. But today’s outcome could still have significant ramifications.

For one, we don’t yet know what (if any) damages were awarded. And two, this further solidifies the validity of Apple’s powerful ‘rubber-banding’ patent, which has recently come under heavy fire as it was invalidated and then revalidated by the US Patent Office.

The latter probably means much more to Apple than money, but I’m most interested in the damages amount. If Apple was able to prove Samsung’s infringement made a major impact on its handset sales in the country, it could be awarded some big bucks.

The court says it will release more details on the ruling later today.

Apple and Samsung are currently involved in patent lawsuits in 10 countries. Apple won a major victory against the South Korean tech giant back in August of last year, and Samsung just won a big ITC case against Apple that could see some of its products banned.

  • sl0wCydia

    Why Android devices suck

    2. not all apps are compatible with all Android devices.
    3. most Android phones have pointless and stupid features.
    4. ugly UI
    5. The software you get with the phone you usually stay with. Its very hard to update the software of a Android phone.

    6. most Android phones are made out of cheap hard plastic which makes it a #$%$ phone

    Example: dragging a video from the internet to the home screen is a perfect example of a pointless and stupid feature

    • MarcPhilippeB

      I like your thoughts, you’re totally right.

    • Antsa

      it’s not hard to update your software… just like on apple devices; you go to the settings and click ‘search for updates’ and if it finds any updates just click ‘update now’. how is that very hard? I totally agree the rest.

      • mohamed

        every carier is responsable for updating the software.they forget older divices like my huwawi u8800 pro it is on 2.2 kept searching for updates and it says thir is no updates for my phone until i updated it manully sorry for my bad english iam egyption

      • Antsa

        if it wasn’t meant to be updated anymore? Just like iPhone 3GS and older iphones aren’t compatible with iOS 7. You just were able to update it because android is not so limited than iOS(?) Or android phones actually are hard to update… But I haven’t seen that problem on galaxy S3

      • felixtaf

        Do tell me what version of android your phone is running? Nobody claimed that its hard to update. It cant be updated. Bcoz the update isnt available. No one s talking about 3 yr old phones. Tell me how many android flagships are running the latest android software? I have a Note 2 and its still on 4.1.2!!!! FYI iPhone 3GS is almost 4 years old. I never seen a four yr old android phone running Jellybean, not even ICS….

      • Antsa

        1. My phone is running iOS 7 beta.
        2. sl0wCydia said “– its very hard to update the software of a Android phone.” and I answered for that it’s not that hard. So he claimed it.
        3. Mohammed was talking about old phones. you think huawei u8800 is not an old phone? he said “They forget older divices like my huwawi u8800 pro it is on 2.2 kept searching for updates and it says thir is no updates for my phone until i updated it manully.” And for that I answered if he is not meant to be able to update the software anymore because he have few years old phone. Like Nokia doesn’t give the latest windows software for the older Lumias either.

    • Nihas Nebas

      i see this post again and again and still not get bored of it .. 🙂

    • Taf Khan

      Well most Droid users are on a 3 years old Ginger Bread Man operating system. That’s pretty lame to say the least… Tut tut.

    • Gorgonphone

      fantastic post

    • Raymond Jacobs

      1. I have Android Devices, “lag” almost doesn’t exist for me at this point. In fact, the only time I really see any stuttering is when i’m opening file managers. Of course, iDevices don’t have that problem 🙂
      2. True, and chances are the devices that can’t run them didn’t cost $500-$700 no matter when they were purchased.
      3. Compass?
      4. If by ugly you mean having the ability to make the phone how you want it, being given options like HTC Sense, TouchWiz, MIUI, and AOSP then sure.
      5. “Hard” is kind of relative don’t you think? Having a massive development community, dual booting OS versions, and not having OEMs hell bent on locking you out makes it even harder.
      6. Don’t you just LOVE all those little shops replacing iPhone glass? Wonder what they do all day…

      You’re argument is not only arrogant, it’s misinformed. It’s alright to be wrong, but you’re still wrong.

  • MarcPhilippeB

    This “bounce-back” feature has gotten really essential for me over the years using iPhones, it’s really irritating when using an Android device, as it always feels like a lag.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Something tells me Koreans and Japanese doesnt really like each other. 😛