WWDC 2013 is officially finished, and we think it’s safe to say that we’re all a bit hungover from all of the news and activity. In this episode, we, of course, talk about iOS 7, but we also discuss some of the more prominent jailbreak tweaks from the last week. Releases like Auxo for iPad, Overview, and iOS 7 Control Toggle Icons take the floor in this latest back to basics episode.

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  • omrishtam

    i am in such a hangover….i am high even now! ios 7 looks amAAAAAAziiiiiing! can’t wait for the ipad’s beta to be released

    • Bladimir Slavik

      Lol you crazy man

    • Matthew

      I think the iPad beta will be released with beta 2. So only 2 weeks to go!

    • Liam Mulcahy


  • Ben Seiler

    I can’t wait for iOS 7 beta 2 😀 with the iPad version coming too!

    • Gorgonphone


  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I would love if Apple added Activator or something like it in iOS 7. Maybe an “advance user” option in Settings App.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Auxo for iPad is great in my opinion. While the previews are difficult to make out, I still think it’s a beautiful design. And, Auxo has the kill all apps option which iOS 7 multitasking doesn’t.

    • mehrab

      You can close Miltiple apps at the same time on ios 7

      • Mohammed Sahib


      • mehrab

        Just swipe up 2/3 apps at the same time and yeah thats it

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        Not while holding the hand in one hand if you’re an alien. With two hands sure. And this was possible in iOS 6 as well with the multitasking tray at the bottom. You could just hit two apps at the same time.

  • Augure

    It’s such a waste that iOS 7 goes far into changing the UI but still lacks of the basic tweaks most jailbreakers have like BiteSMS quick reply, contact list pics, cancel/undo sms/mail sending, dock slide (to have other rows of apps), widgets (which I was against but can be cool/beautiful when you look at some mock-ups) etc…

    Once again i’ll have to wait 6 month to have the new iPhone and jailbreak it.

    In fact I might not even continue with iPhone given how far they’re from innovating anymore, and the overpriced tag doesn’t match the value at all (still regret buying the iPhone 5).

  • mav3rick

    This one was terrible: you start bashing pod2g. You started telling pod2g what he should say and what not. The guy behind and responsible big number for what iDB is about: Jailbreak. Do you realize that because of pod2g work and skills you have all the traffic, followers and listeners? You have what to talk about because of pod2g and very few couple guys like him. Are you telling this guy with over 400K followers, the guy that when he’s saying something about Jailbreak everybody is listening, are you telling this guy what he should say? Maybe same like you repeating “apple is great” even when they came out with this failure of messOS 7?
    Good luck with this talks. All coming here to hear about Jaibreak not listening praises.
    One plus couple other people are out from listening your podcast. apple kicked you out of their store but it looks you are begging for more.

    • Even though the way you put things in writing doesn’t make much sense, I understand your point, which basically is: “who are you to talk about pod2g?”.

      First, it’s not because pod2g was responsible for jailbreaks that we have to suck it up to him. We have great respect for him (nothing can take that away), but if he says something that looks odd, we’ll call him out for it, in the same way we’d call out anyone else.

      Second, I talked to pod2g after the recording of the podcast, and he came to agree that maybe he talked a bit too fast on Twitter, and maybe he should have taken the time to think about it. Oh yeah, he did mention that he’ll come visit when I’m in France next month… That’s because we’re friends. Not namedropping or anything here, but just to let you know that he’s a friend, not just some random guy, and that even though I have great respect for him, I won’t hesitate to disagree with him.

      • mav3rick

        Hi Sebastien,

        And thanks for taking time to reply; really appreciate this. And the fact that different opinions are still freely accepted on iDB.

        After years, thousands spent and being heavily invested in their products, I keep hanging on iPhone ONLY because Jaibreak is existing. Like myself many of millions others Jaibreakers. So committed to Jaibreak that I primarily used my S3 till evasi0n was out. Been kicked out from their store same like your podcast. They do not care a care a bit about customers who are asking other questions than how to swipe some fingers on their screens. They do not care about their customers once they lined up like sheep to buy their products and continue to spend online in their store, they only care to enroll many others in their cult. Already stopped spending for apps or music.

        Definitively everybody can have their opinion and disagree with everybody. But to tell to one of those responsible for keeping us using freely our iDevices and not having the crippled experience imposed by apple, to one of the most important guys behind Jaibreak who spent years studying what army of apple engineers created, to tell him what he should say about iOS is simply not from this world. Especially coming from somebody running a so nice community of people interested in Jaibreak. Not many come on iDB to hear how great (not) apple is. Could even have guessed that you know pod2g at least only after both speaking same first language. Also it might look like a desperate measure, like from many others seen across Internet, to back up this latest iOS7. Which anybody trying to be objective can easily see it is just bunch of white screens, ugly childish drawn icons and a blindly fluorescent look. It might try to implement an elegant minimalist experience but the realization is just hideous and terrible. Mostly white blank screens on a retina display. If you close your eyes for a minute and imagine if Jobs was to come out with something like this in 2007, where the iPhone was to be today? Buried by fast newcomers in the marked. Which this will be the case in about 3 – 5 years. They’ll join Nokia and Blackberry. You, also so involved in what apple came out, do you not think that iOS until 6 had some magic which draw millions into their realm? Dubbed definitively by the perfect great hardware design. Could some white screens and minimalistic sketched buttons do this? Ive in charge of both designs is again just a desperate measure which what they are trying to keep the iDevices afloat.

      • Matt Taylor

        I couldn’t agree more! I am very happy that I’m not alone in these realisations!

  • Jesse

    Ios 7 looks stupid. Nothing real changed just the user interface. And a few notification tweaks.

  • Matt Taylor

    Who the hell are you to say pod2g is wrong!? You’re only pro iOS7 because your main income is based on iOS popularity and a jailbreak (Which pod2g played a big part in providing us with)!

    Pod2g is completely right, the iOS7 UI is an absolute joke, and for those of us that have payed big bucks for not only hardware but software (Apps) as well, we are now going to be forced in to using an ugly OS that we never asked for or agreed to! Or we lose our Appvestments…

    IDownloadblog: It is not up to you to say that iOS7 is visually appealing, it’s down to each and every paying iOS user, and pod2g is one of them! And as for his follower count, it has nothing to do with you! He earned them!