iOS 7 (iPhone 5, flat, white, homescreen)

In a somewhat surprising move, Apple is allegedly asking select Cupertino locals for feedback on the interface changes in iOS 7. Specifically, the firm is thought to be holding campus sessions where they challenge cherry-picked Cupertino residents to weigh in on iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks.

Additionally, the company is said to be polling its retail store employees by seeding the initial preview of OS X Mavericks to Genius Bar and on-floor Apple Retail employees, the practice seemingly in line with Apple’s previous major software updates…

Apple’s invitation to participate in the pre-release OS X Mavericks seed program is apparently completely voluntary and entails “your personal computer” and on your personal time.

“Apple will provide you with ways to submit feedback on your experiences with OS X Mavericks, should you choose to do so,” the message reads, adding that the responses from prior seed programs “have been overwhelmingly positive”.

Mark Gurman, writing for 9to5Mac:

In addition to Retail employees, we understand that Apple has already seeded OS X Mavericks to its outside AppleSeed testing group. This seeding to AppleSeed is fairly early in comparison to initial OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion seeds in previous years.

Gurman also learned that Apple is readying initial betas of OS X 10.8.5, a bug fix update for Mountain Lion.

And in testing iOS 7 beyond developers, Gurman speculates that Cupertino locals that have been asked to provide feedback on iOS 7 probably are “family members of Apple employees, according to two people”.

While Apple in the past has similarly gauged feedback from Retail, rarely did the company “hold such previews for whole major operating system releases,” he explains.

Indeed, Apple is going back to its California roots.

Our non-U.S. readers may confuse the OS X Mavericks name to a Presidential campaign when John McCain earned a media reputation as a ‘maverick’ for his willingness to disagree with his party on certain issues.

OS X Mavericks (Desktop, MacBook)

That couldn’t be farther from truth.

According to Apple’s iOS and OS X boss, Craig Fecerighi, ‘Mavericks’ is a reference to Apple’s California roots and actually is a surfing location in Northern California – hence the default ‘waves’ OS backdrop, as seen above.

“We didn’t want to be the first operating system to run out of cat names,” he joked during the unveiling at WWDC. Future OS X releases will also adopt names based on California locations, Federighi said.

  • Guest

    please tell them to get rid of the blurry background effect, thanks

    • Guest

      and bring back the old network bar !

    • Markus Hudobnik

      No. I love the blurry effect.

      • dedegarrido

        and I love the new network bar!!

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Apple’s fought for that after the antenna-gate

      • Guest

        the dock’s one and control center’s are just sooo ……

  • Kevin Antoine

    Going back to Callie.

  • jocastro

    heres some feedback,


  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Actually the quote was, “We do not want to be the first software in history to be delayed due to a dwindling supply of cats.”

  • Hermès Vainstar Chu

    Signal bar is too long

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      Apple wanted to that. Before bar drop looked more drastic than it really was.

    • James

      weirdo, what else are you going to use that space for

  • Cesar D

    And how to add ibooks to mavericks

  • Ian

    Please have the ability to have Notification Settings to have the option show weather high/low all the time.

  • Andrieux Querido

    I WANT DARK not White. background and those Icons, I want to puke.
    I am so scared of this Version.
    I don’t want to stop liking my Iphone.

    • James Hughes

      Don’t worry I am sure they saw your post here, IN CAPS NO LESS!!!! And are very concerned. I imagine at this very moment they are running around in tears whimpering “Did you see the Andrieux Querido post? Why didn’t we consult with him first? Oh why.. why.. why… What if he really does puke? What if HE stops liking his iPhone? Quick, everyone back to the drawing board. Damn the opinions of our designers, HE WANTS DARK!! It’s Mr. Querido….. Mr. Querido!!
      So there you have it. It shall be done.

      • Chris Hill

        James. Lets hope Apple are not arrogant enough to think that the groundswell of negative comments from whomever should be ignored. I first worked with Jonathan Ive nearly 20 years ago, he was a gifted designer then, and for me Apple did not put a foot wrong until the change of the connector type. This UX is truly appalling! With touch screen interface, UX is a critical path to tread and you cant dictate a direction if it becomes a retrograde step. People will vote with their feet. I also worked with Nokia for 7 years between 95 and 2002, they became complacent about their market position. They thought they could dictate! They made some seriously poor design & manufacturing decisions followed by a catastrophic OS decision & this week sold off their mobile phone company to Microsoft. With respect to Andrieux, his opinion is as valid or worthless as yours, mine or anybody else’s! Maybe he could have framed it more constructively but…. How Apple respond to constructive criticism will make or break them. No company is too big to fall. Trust me, this sector is a house of cards and can collapse in an instant!

      • James Hughes

        While my comment was clearly sarcastic, what is not is the fact that you can not please everyone. Some will like the new ios and others will not. But what struck me about the post was how overly dramatic it was

      • Chris Hill

        You are right! Pleasing everybody is impossible and there is often too much drama in the world:)

    • 3aloo1

      Puke? WTF are you doing if you want to puke go have a plastic bag or run to the bathroom

    • Dash Ripprock

      I second that! Worst iOS EVER!!!! Steve Jobs would fire you all!

    • Lon Bryce

      Thank you Andrieux. Well said.

  • Rudy

    Quick Reply please.

  • Kurt

    A most excellent move by Apple.

  • iapplestuffs

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    • Beck Hoefling

      Or u could get it for free

  • Razick Rilshad

    They can ad more jailbreak tweaks

  • Pawan

    It would be nice to have the location services shortcut next to the wifi and other shortcuts when you swipe the screen from the bottom. Love the new network bar by the way.

  • Kayla

    For blocked calls you shouldn’t have to make a contact to block a number. Just input the number.

  • chris.hdez

    Prefer dB and SNR info instead. I’m sure there’s a more objective way to represent your signal quality other than dots and bars.

  • Apple Mania

    iOS 7 has lost it Apple Touch, it looks a feels like a windows/Android themed phone, the new swipe to unlock – the screen fades in and out but the unlock noise is still the same ( not in Sync ) the bigger lock screen icons and fonts in Beta 3 wtf, do I have an eye sight problem, Do I want them that big….. NO.

    email and message deleting what happened to just swipe for delete, now you have to pull and it looks like im using a windows phone…….. No Sorry Apple iOS 7 no longer has that Designed By Apple Look and feel anymore, this iOS is make or Break and I think you have Broken it by letting Jony Ive take control of its design, but there is a way you can redeem your self which will win people over and that’s by adding a theme option call it what ever you want to, but give us the option of wanting the original style iOS, Jony Ive’s teletubbies style for those who are colour blind, short and long sighted, and add a new section in the App Store for themes its a Win Win……….

  • Tom Sawyer

    Please tell Apple to include an ON/OFF switch for 3G/4G-LTE in the Control Center Screen next to the WiFi Switch already there. It’s annoying having to still go to the settings and dig in to turn on or off wireless cellphone data.

  • eihab

    ios has improved a lot of things but not phone services
    please make it better than android

  • Gicad

    How the new OS will integrate with the enterprise world? I have around 2000 IOS devices connecting with my email system (Exchange) and last OS upgrade hit us due to Apple lack of understanding the impact on enterprise world. Do we need to expect other issues or now they anticipated the integration with other email servers?
    For the moment until internal testing and forums feedback I recommend to all my users to not upgrade.

  • Venkatesh Patnala

    in the music app the alphabetical selection is pushed to long way edge to screen…bring it to slight left

  • John Smith

    I hate the cheap white pages for iMessage and notes. Would love to throw my 900 dollar Ipad up somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine!

  • AmericanGypsea

    I absolutely hate the new look. Very childish look and feel to it. It looks like Fisher Price did the design. Hate. It. My iPhone/iPad no longer looks & feels smart and sophisticated.

  • Anonymous

    I’m frustrated with the changes to the app folders. In the past you used to be able to see everything in the folder when you clicked on it. Now you only see 9 things. For me this defeats the purpose of the folder. I create them so I don’t have to flip though a bunch of pages. So now I have to click in the folder and then flip though the pages in the folder? Very irritating!

  • Anonymous

    I also don’t like the fact that when you double click on the home button and it bring up you open apps that you have to look at the entire page. I prefer just seeing the icon.

  • Chris Hill

    Extremely disappointing UX design from Apple, appallingly retro 2D icons, flat and uninspiring. Not forward looking, lacking contrast and dynamism. Poor design decision & not what I would expect from Jonathan Ive:( Big Big shame!

  • Ann Snyder

    Here’s some feedback on IOS 7: I HATE IT! I hate the flat, cartoon-like icons that are harder to spot, I hate the washed-out background, I hate the pale keyboard functions, I hate the slower keyboard reaction as I type this, I hate the notes page being a blank white sheet, I hate the new calendar layout, I hate the white border for the drop-downs, I hate the icon designs, and I hate the way it arbitrarily reordered my mailboxes. I probably hate more of it, but I haven’t checked it all out yet.

    • Lisa

      I echo the above… Typing is annoyingly slow. Camera is annoyingly slow and I’m missing all my baby’s cute expressions now. Safari now looks like Puffin but still won’t play flash 7 websites (?!). Don’t like the rearrange of Facebook app. Swipe left delete is less efficient since the trash is still on the right (and why change that?!) do like the new flash light and calculator

  • Shane Lundgren

    unless apple can get VM to play, messages to download, contacts to populate etc within a week, their stock is the greatest short in history. What a disaster of an upgrade. Nothing works, and it opens the door ever so slightly into the wizards (now departed) chamber. Is this stuff for real?

    • Kat

      I agree. I am so upset that I am unable to go back to iOS6. It is buggy, nothing seems to work properly on my older iPhone4…my audio is completely messed up and I am unable to use the speaker phone, to hear the alarm in the morning or to even hear the phone ringing. My battery is sucked up in less than a day and the apps are slow and unresponsive. Most of the new icons don’t make any sense and the whole design is so annoying and counter intuitive. I may just really consider an android phone, that’s how upset I am with it.

  • Fábio Soldá

    The iOS 7 design is definitively ugly. Getting rid of the skeuomorphism doesn’t mean that the new design must be boring. The problem is not with the icons, but with the apps themselves, most of them completely white with coloured text, Too childish and very, very boring.

    It there were an option for making the apps background black, instead of white, and with more discrete colors in the text and icons, the result would be better. However, not all the things in iOS 7 are bad. The new thin fonts are better than the previous ones, and the apps folder look better than in iOS 6.

  • Guest

    Getting rid of the skeuomorphismus doesn’t mean the system should be ugly and boring, as is iOS 7. There were some improvements such as the new thinner fonts and the app folders, but the apps look too childish. Not the icons, but the apps themselves. The Reminders app is an exception. If the apps were black instead of white and with more discrete colors in the text and icons, the result would be better.

  • Guest

    I do not like the look of IOS 7. I agree that it looks unsophisticated and more like a child’s toy. Reminds me of my old Tandy Color Computer that I had back in the 80’s. But the worst part is that I get eye strain just looking at it even with the brightness turned all the way down. We’re the developers half blind? I’m sure there are some nice features in there somewhere but I can’t look at it long enough to find them.

  • vio

    I hate the new design! Will never update – it looks cheap, my eyes hurt and I feel like I it is the end of my journey with iPhone/ipad. There is no difference to android anymore!

  • Codi

    They need to fix the text messages. On previous versions you could delete certain portions of text conversation… now you can only delete the entire conversation. Fix it please, it’s irritating. I often deleted portions of conversations but saved ones to refer to at a later date.

  • Jen

    When I get a new text message, I want to be directed to the new text message when I open up my messages!! I don’t want to scroll all the way up to see my new message!!

  • Wendy Gertjejanssen


    I am extremely disappointed in ios7.

    The zooming effect of the apps makes me ill.

    Setting the date on the calendar makes me ill – the dates get bigger as they get closer….why?

    Switching from app to app makes me ill. The apps keep moving as I swipe. Not like before.

    I can barely read the time or the date or even Swipe to Open. It is so washed out.

    I can barely read the text on my app boxes that have multiple apps. The color is the same as the background. Crazy.

    Why should I have to squint to use this tool?

    Turning the Reduce Motion does not help, as many forums and articles suggest.

    Making the text larger does not help.

    Making the text bold does not help (and I don’t like that).

    The entire experience of ios7 is a great disappointment. I do not enjoy using my iPad anymore, and I advised my elderly cousin to not update. An elderly person would have an even more difficult time than I.

    Even if all the lack of contrast and extra motion and moving change of font size (calendar) doesn’t make me ill, it is really irritating. I do not need fancy zooms and whizzes to just see the weather, check my email, read the news, shop online, play sudoku, or whatever, and I would like to see the labels on my groups of apps without acting like a 99-year-old in the process, squinting my eyes and leaning into the iPad (I am in my mid 40s).

    Using the iPad is not like playing a video game. I do not want special effects. This is a tool for me that I use every day for many, many reasons, and I don’t need all this fancy stuff. It was fancy and very cool enough for me before this. Now it is nauseating, and if there won’t be an option for changing it, I will give this iPad to my kids and buy an Android something or other.


  • Joseph Messina

    On a different note, I think that a hide & show dock on Ipad IOS7
    would be a nice touch?

  • Christopher

    1)Music controls in the control center are buggy and won’t work if you had played radio before closing the music app. It should play your local music anytime you press the play button. That is how iOS6 use to do it.

    2)When the voice navigation volume is set to low in APPLE maps, the music volume fails to fade during the voice navigation.
    Those are the most annoying bugs for me.

  • Chad Connors

    Please restore Audio Book Chapter Selection and Bookmarking lost in iOS 7 and iTunes 11.