Despite the decidedly polarizing reactions to the completely redesigned iOS 7, most folks seem to agree that Apple’s WWDC keynote on Monday was a success. It showed off new software, new hardware and even gave folks a sneak preview of its unfinished Mac Pro.

And the whole team looked confident. Every executive that took the stage did a great job—particularly the relatively unknown Craig Federighi. Apple’s newly-appointed head of software seemed to be a crowd favorite as he introduced everyone to the future of OS X and iOS…

Federighi’s official title is Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, and he oversees both the OS X and iOS teams. He took over the position last fall, as part of Apple’s executive shakeup that saw Scott Forstall ousted and Jony Ive made head of human interaction.


But he looked like a veteran on stage during the keynote, cracking jokes about Apple’s previous design follies and demonstrating some impressive new features from the company’s new desktop and mobile OSes. In fact, The Wall Street Journal calls him ‘Apple’s rising star.’

“A new frontman for Apple Inc. AAPL -0.29% is emerging. At the company’s annual developers conference Monday, little-known executive Craig Federighi got the most airtime during the keynote—and strong reviews.

With the spotlight came an important task for the senior vice president of software engineering: maintaining the loyalty of developers and impressing technology insiders with Apple’s latest software and designs.”

So what was he doing before he assumed one of the most important roles at one of the most important companies in tech? Craig has a long history with the iPhone maker. It started when he began working at NeXT, Steve Jobs’ other computer company, back in the early 90’s.

In fact, he worked right alongside Scott Forstall. Craig worked on databases, while Forstall worked on consumer software. And they moved to Apple together when it acquired NeXT in 1997. He left soon after the transfer, but returned in 2009 to head up the OS X team.

And he’s been super busy since he took over the mobile team last October. Jony Ive may get the credit for the look of iOS 7, but it’s said that Federighi brought it all together. Quoting an anonymous source, the WSJ says his leadership was key in hitting the WWDC deadline.

So that’s Mr. Federighi in a nutshell. For a more in-depth look at Apple’s newest rockstar, I recommend reading The Journal’s full profile on him. But if nothing else, remember the name and learn how to spell it. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of him in the future.

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  • MHCsk

    Craig is a real boss. Loved his parts of the keynote!

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      -Hair Story
      -Hair force One


      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Hair Supply… 😛

        This guy has great comedic timing…

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    Os X Sea lion

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      Hahaha was funny

    • No virtual cows were harmed in the making of this app!

    • felixtaf

      We just completely ran out of green felt – Game Center…

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      No need to wander around the room bumping your phone with others

  • weztimonial

    Really enjoyed Craig’s presentation.

  • MagnificentN

    Craig had most of the confidence out there and the way he spoke literally lit up the audience!

    • weztimonial

      He sure lit me up.

  • Nirvana

    He spiced up the keynote with jokes. There’s something in him inherited from S.Jobs – sense of humor!

    • rafaelpz

      It was not the hair, that’s for sure =)

  • Willie

    Craig really delivered the keynote well and it made people hyped about the software during the WWDC. He’s a natural in speaking.

  • omrishtam

    hair supply lol

  • SonsoNL

    He walks like a thin giant, looks like crap, but he was a BOSS on stage, i loved him, little more relaxed than the rest.
    Though it was very obvious they were mocking Scott the whole time, but i liked it :).

  • mehrab

    I loved his sense of humor

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    He might be the next face of apple

    • Gorgonphone

      yeah he cuan be and i hope the demote I’ve back to hard ware only

  • Clement Yeo

    Hair , Hair , lol
    Respect to such a cool guy behind OS X and iOS

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    i really like this guy, like like like

  • Matthew

    You don’t have to go around bumping your phone.

  • Kurt

    Federighi is awesome at presenting.

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    We completely ran out of green felt and wood 😉

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      the green felt and wood looked great and took skilled designers to create .. ive lacked that skill so he took it all lout… silly decision

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    i really liked him!!!!! He was the best on wwdc

  • Al

    I don’t know if people actually brought this up…

    But normally iOS and OS X look similar in terms of visually consistency across the board. You would think that new iOS and OS X would be in tuned as far as in a design aspect, the more I look at the new iOS I’m sure it will grow on me… But the unknown part of it is how will they implement it on the iPad.

    I’m starting to think they are just winging it and seeing what they come up with, in 3 to 4 months and I just wonder how all this would be since they are betting EVERYTHING on a fall release, I like when they spread it out… But we will all see now it plays out..

    • Gorgonphone

      “the more I look at the new iOS I’m sure it will grow on me” = you will lower my standards of quality fro apple..

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    So this is the guy that f-ed up iOS…

  • Andy

    I like his (hair) style

  • Gorgonphone

    he needs to smack Johnny ive in the face for producing such crappy UI designs..

    • felixtaf

      Too much concerned – WAIT FOR JAILBREAK….

  • felixtaf

    Craig’s session was lively and he kept the audience with him throughout his presentation. I guess he had a Jailbroken iPhone before…lol

  • Zack Morris 20 years later…..

  • Girish

    that part where he makes fun of “bumping phones around with everyone” was a hit for me!
    n the way he announces the functions,,,are damn nice,,,
    thumbs up for him 🙂

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    Like how he handles the keynote.

  • Dante Arellano

    No good presentation of ios7 so bad what happend with jonny?

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    his shirt was killing me…

  • Grolubao

    Loved when he turned to landscape and quickly said: wow, got a little excited out there. Was really natural, and indeed he can be a true star

  • Kevin Paterson

    This was the first Apple keynote I’ve seen, and you’re right he was confident like a veteran! I thought he had been up many times before just by the way he presented himself.

  • Falk M.

    “[…] the relatively unknown Craig Federighi. […]”
    Unknown by which standards?