new iOS 7 features

Yesterday we posted a list of 24 iOS 7 features that Apple didn’t talk about during its keynote. Well, there’s probably hundreds of features it didn’t talk about. But these were listed on a slide shown behind Tim Cook towards the end of the event.

One of the features listed, which you can see in the image above, is WiFi HotSpot 2.0. For those unfamiliar with the technology, it allows devices to switch seamlessly between cell networks and public WiFi networks without needing authentication…

Jon Brodkin of ArsTechnica explains:

“Hotspot 2.0 is the technology specification behind the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Passpoint certification program. As we wrote last year, the goal of Passpoint is to create a Wi-Fi extension of cellular networks, making it easier for service providers to offload traffic and give users faster Internet connections. Instead of typing in a password, a user could authenticate to the network automatically by virtue of owning a device with a SIM card. Passpoint-enabled devices within range of a Passpoint-supporting hotspot would automatically join it and get the benefit of WPA2 security.”

So the way I understand it is like this: If you’re on a carrier like AT&T, which has thousands of Wi-Fi spots around the US, your iOS 7 iPhone will switch to one of these hotspots without you having to do anything—perfect for poor service areas.

Of course, Passpoint is going to need a huge network of hotspots for any of this to be useful. There’s no word on how many exist at this point, but ArsTechnica says that 30 providers are conducting Passpoint trials and expect to deploy it later this year.

  • Zelox

    Well i can’t wait for this!

    • abdullah adhami

      no one can

      • Zelox

        Got that right smart ass

  • Kelly

    Hope there’s a way to turn it off. My LTE connection is so much faster than any AT&T wifi hotspot I’ve come across.

    • Giel Konink

      You can turn it of

    • Mohammed Sahib

      Turn off wifi in Control Centre = Problem solved!

    • coLin

      Yes but unless you are with Sprint, you are limited to 2gigs with LTE

  • JeanMarc

    About time

  • Ricky

    Have been using ios7 for a day and i realize that ios7 act like a jailbreak tweak it is build over ios6 like when it crash the ios6 apple logo boot bot the new apple logo. Maybe thats the reason its been lag on ios7. Just like a tweak, more tweak more lag

    • Rickm_jr

      It’s a beta of iOS, they always lag or do something unstable in the betas, because they’re, well, betas.

    • mrloko

      Whats the button on the left side of space bar ? And do ios 7 have some new emoji ?

  • TesticularFortitude

    Thank you for covering this, Cody. It’s usually the obscure or hidden feature that I enjoy the most. Feel free to break down other useful but glossed over features. 🙂

    • RyanFoley

      Now now, we can’t go on Apple articles talking about them “GLOSSING over” things haha

  • Gregory D Foster

    How about a quick compose feature dammit!

    • S2k03

      Man I wish on that so bad! Why don’t they add the quick reply dammit!

      • Pramith Fonseka

        They got to have something for iOS 8. Or maybe 9.

      • coLin

        If ain’t broke don’t fix it lol

    • Tim Cook

      We were thinking of puting it on ios 7, but then Jony suggested that we keep it polished up for ios 8

      • Marc


    • Javier Martinez

      Because swiping on the notification to open it up on the convo you wish to reply to is hard and time consuming?? Stop being lazy.

      • David Hvilivitzki

        no, just annoying, try BiteSMS and let me know

  • Brian Kieffer

    “If you’re on a carrier like AT&T, which has thousands of Wi-Fi spots around the US, your iOS 7 iPhone will switch to one of these hotspots without you having to do anything—perfect for poor service areas.”

    pre-iOS 7 AT&T iPhones already automatically connect to AT&T hotspots.

  • Mike Castillo

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    PayPal is accepted only!!!!!!!!

  • Kenny Woodard

    Anyone know how to downgrade to iOS 6.1.3 on an iPhone 4? iOS 7 is buggy and sooo slow. My dock is a solid gray color and my keyboard doesn’t work half the time.

    • Joseph A. Ahmad

      Go to the “downloads” section here on iDB, download the ipsw file of 6.1.3 for your iPhone 4 on whatever network it’s on and connect to iTunes. Make sure you back up your device, then once you have the file download, make sure you know where it is, hold shift (for windows) or option (for macs) and click restore. Once you’ve done that, choose the ipsw file that you download, and you should be good to go.

      • Pramith Fonseka

        The backup would be useless. Older versions don’t recognize newer backups. If he has a iOS 6 backup, that would be what he needs to use.

      • Kenny Woodard

        So I don’t need to backup my phone? ? Before a restore

      • Pramith Fonseka

        It would be wise to backup. However, you won’t be able to restore to that backup if you’re on iOS 6.1.x. Only if you decide to come back to iOS 7.

      • Kenny Woodard

        I really can’t stand this ios 7 beta, but I may come back to the final release version later in the fall. If I back up my Ios 7 before the restore to 6.1.3, I can’t get my apps/music/ etc back?

      • Pramith Fonseka

        Did you backup yesterday before you updated to iOS 7?

      • Kenny Woodard

        Yes, and I don’t think I’ve backed up since having ios 7

      • Pramith Fonseka

        Then yes. Just make sure you select that backup from the list.

      • Kenny Woodard

        Yes, as in, I will lose all my apps if I downgrade? And how do you select a backup? I thought it was just the last one you done.

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        There will be a drop down menu when you “restore from back up” and it will usually show the most recent back up first.

  • Sachin

    Does anybody know where i can download iOS 7 beta.
    PS. I am not a developer.

    • RyanFoley

      iMZDL (dot) com or UDIDactivations (dot) com

      MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER YOUR UDID! It costs about 8$ or 9$, but it’s much better than 99$ a year

      • sosly

        While i’m not too fond of spamming, i’ll offer cheaper pricing with 5 years of being in the iOS scene… jailbreak authority dot com /purchase-ios-7-beta-udid-activation/

    • Rickm_jr

      Don’t give your money to a website claiming to activate your UDID. Apparently Apple has auto accepted any iOS 7 update regardless because of the flood of developers. Just find a website with the ipsw and use the control (or left shift) and click check for update and select the ipsw. This window for iOS 7 will probably close soon so do it fast

  • cmmb

    Infected mode has one player starting as “infected.” The goal is to hit another car within 20 seconds in order to pass the infection along and regain health.

    • Sturt Grndin
  • Trung Nghia Pham

    my beta doesn’t work really well. and does anyone have the same problems, I can’t find my recorder and my games usually crash. oh yeah and I cant use keyboard shortcuts

    • rosssimpson

      It’s called a beta for a reason

  • Mohammed

    Will ios 7beta 2 be faster and less laggy???

  • Kaptivator

    What if your phone is CDMA and has no sim card?

    • coLin

      There’s an app for that

  • Gorgonphone

    um hotspot 2… this totally did not even need to be treated like some big

  • O Al Marar

    i intalled iOS7 on my 4S
    it was very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad toooo muuuuch laaaaaaaaag…terrible update….

    • Chris Brown

      It’s not an update, it’s Beta, meaning it’s going to have problems, lag and crashes. Wait til the Fall for the full public release, Beta 2 is a bit better FYI

  • Paulo Raponi

    This feature will work on all iOS 7 devices (even iPhone 4)? Or only iPhone 5 hardware can do that?

  • Falk M.

    Not sure what to make of this.
    If you are on a WiFi network, you have the same encryption key as everyone else.
    So all I need is connecting once to said network, acquire the key and read anyone’s data.

    Not sure I’d like this to pop in automatically whilst I’m sending session cookies to sites like Paypal, etc where my address is stored etc etc…

    Theoretically, I don’t trust a secured public network more than an open one.