iOS 7 activation lock

Apple’s Monday announcement that its new iOS 7 would include an ‘Activation Lock’ comes just days before the iPhone maker is to attend a Smartphone Summit. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón say they await details of the new iPhone feature.

After being stung by reports that it is not doing enough to prevent a rash of iPhone thefts, Apple argued Activation Lock would prevent thieves from using a stolen handset…

The Activation Lock feature in iOS 7 works by blocking the ability of thieves to disable the Find My iPhone function, allowing handset owners or law enforcement to track a device’s location.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, said at yesterday’s developer conference:

If a thief tries to turn off Find My iPhone, or even if they even wipe the device entirely, they will not be able to reactivate it because they don’t know your iCloud user name and password.

In response, the two law enforcement officials said they were “appreciative of the gesture made by Apple to address smartphone theft.” However, both men “reserve judgement on the activation lock feature until we can understand its actual functionality,” according to the Associated Press report.

As we’ve written, law enforcement officials in New York City and elsewhere are baffled about how to respond to a surge in thefts involving the iPhone.

Indeed, NYC police coined the term ‘Apple-picking’ for how popular such thefts – some which turn violent – have become. According to the FCC, one out of each three robberies involve smartphone thefts. The government agency is attempting to build a database of stolen phones that could be used to trace handsets.

Although law enforcement officials would like to see Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft install a ‘kill switch’ on their handsets, rendering the devices useless, the Activation Lock feature may be Apple’s next best thing to curb urban iPhone theft.

  • Rickm_jr

    Ok so what if a user has control center accessible from the lock screen and the their puts the phone in airplane mode? Or what about when we want to trade in our phones? Obviously we’re gonna wipe the device.

    • Jerry

      the second airplane mode is off the phone will lock or whatever option you chose on find my iphone and if he wipes the phone then TA DA it’s useless. and i’m sure you can disable the activation lock feature or remove your icloud account for when you want to sell it on.

    • Andrew

      Just wait for details…

    • Patrick

      thats a good question, a one that i don’t know the answer to let’s hope someone who knows will explain it to us in a little bit more info

    • steve00000

      doesn’t matter as soon as that device is restored it WILL need to be activated and once it tries it’ll be ‘locked’ (reposted stolen etc) and won’t activate

      • Robbie Cast

        @steve00000:disqus but the device we never recive the ping that its stolen yes sure the iCloud server would know its stolen but the device would have never got the initial lock to make find my iphone/activation lock go into effect… but the only true way to know is to try it your self!

    • malih

      Looks like once you disable Find my iPhone in the settings (it will ask you for username/password for disabling), the activation lock is off.

      And if anyone can stand staying in Airplane mode his whole life, than you should donate the device to him/her.

    • Melanie Marat

      you can bypass your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 on this page for free

  • Sam L.

    Leave it samsung. No one wants to steal a samsung.

    • mehrab

      Omg ikr? I actually never heard someone going like “i got robbed they stoe my samsung phine”

  • Stefano ‘Graziani’ Polo

    I know of people that don’t care that they can’t activate stolen iphones. They use them as iPods and sell them as such instead. I think this is a step in the right direction but they could have done something better

    • superrondawg

      you do understand that you won’t even be able to boot into the homescreen right? so the phone is essentially a brick, no funcatiliaty at all

      • Stefano ‘Graziani’ Polo

        I realized that after I posted, however when (if) the jailbreak comunity creates a JB for iOS7, that will become irrelevant

      • Guest

        Restore iphone to 6.1.4 or 6.1.3 / restore to beta, will work until 24th june, when that beta will expire

  • xavi

    What about those lost iphone or stolen phone that happen past few month will this work on then or not?

    • Kaptivator

      Prolly not since you would have to have ios7 installed. just my guess tho. Sucks if your phone was stolen…

      • xavi

        Thanks for info

  • CaffeinePizza

    Jailbreak it and patch lockdownd. I’M IN!

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    I added a samsung sticker over the apple logo on the back and ready!!!! the perfect anti thief security….

    Just kidding, just kidding….

  • Filip Langer

    What about a DFU mode wipe? Surely that can be a workaround, right?

    • Ian

      When they set it up, they still have to enter the Apple ID and password.

  • Jeff H

    I have a question what if you stick the iphone in dfu mode then restore will that bypass this activation lock?

    • Gorgonphone

      no… it will be able to be used as an ipod but not a phone

    • Robbie Cast

      most likely yes, unless the lock happens at the IMEI/UDID level and is stored on the activation servers as lost/stolen

  • mehrab

    Can someone get my udid resgistered ?

    • U Kn0w What 1t 1s


      • mehrab

        This is my udid c4d0a222930b77b697ac23eff99a0e95395cce1a
        Please register it thankyou 🙂 after your done notify me here please thank you sooi much

      • Robbie Cast

        you dont need to have your udid registered, do a full restore to 6.1.4 DO NOT RESTORE YOUR BACK UP then download ios 7 beta (google it) then shift and left click on UPDATE for pc or OPTION left click update mac, pick the ios 7 beta it will update and work fine!

      • mehrab

        Ik i did it it didnt work first cos i didnt fully restore and set as a new iphone so what happens when beta 2 releases?

      • Robbie Cast

        no one knows yet, but the beta should expire on the 24th, you can try to do the same steps, or google a new method.. or keep in touch with me because i will know what to do if there is anything you can do, but not before its released.

      • Robbie Cast

        when beta one is released if you cant go to beta two you will have to DFU restore back to 6.1.4 or what ever firmware apple is publicly signing at the moment

  • Gorgonphone

    um no iPhones will be stollen and self to be used as powerful ipods… lol

  • Adam Bowman

    If they were really smart,
    they would have incorporated a feature like the iCaughtU Pro jailbreak feature. And if you jailbreakers don’t know about it, check it out.

    Also, iLostFinder is another helpful jailbreak feature, and I find that combining it with iCaughtU Pro makes for a pretty solid safety precaution.

    • Bob

      I use iCaughtU Pro, it’s very useful.

    • Robbie Cast

      that is the best feature ever for the iphone!! if they change sims i get a email if they try to turn it off they cant but my fav feature is the text command feature, if i text/imessage my phone “give me the info” i get location and front cam pics every 5 mins sent to email until i track down and beat the losser who got my phone 🙂

  • iBanks

    A couple things new in beta 1…
    – When connecting device to an different computer than your original one, the device prompts an alert asking if your device is to trust this computer or not
    – iTunes will not restore your device by clicking on the “Restore” button if FMI is turned on.
    – To disable FMI on your device, you MUST type in your apple ID password after hitting the toggle switch to off.

    • yuvraj

      Can you give some more details? Like if someone forgot their passcode and wanted to restore. Or someone forgot their password and want to restore the phone. Thanks 🙂

      • iBanks

        You will have to go to iForgot to recover your password. Without it, you can’t restore the device if find my iPhone is turned on. If the person does not have find my iPhone turned on, the device restores fine as usual. So I will surely recommend to have FMI turned on for an extra step in security.

    • That’s awesome! They’ve finally cut back on their greed and implemented my dream idea 😀

  • Robbie Cast

    does it work even with a DFU mode restore!!??

    • iBanks

      DFU mode works as usual, it will bypass everything else and allow the restore it seems like. When I placed my device in DFU, iTunes noticed and prompted to download 6.1.4 software to restore and began to download it with no problem. The good, people outside of the jailbreak scene have no clue of DFU mode. The bad, you lose your phone and someone from the jailbreak scene gets it, then your device now belongs to them.

      • Jeff H

        Thanks i knew that DFU mode would be a workaround for this. All these people telling me it will still ask for icloud passwords. SMH

      • Robbie Cast

        this makes sense, im just wondering if its locked at the IMEI/UDID level on the activation server it self… i guess the only way to find out it to try it, i have iphone 5 ipod 5 and ipad 4 but there all jailbroken and i dont wanna lose JB for a test that might fail lol the risks of a JBer lol thanks for the quick reply tho brother!!

  • Arthur Geron

    they could make it couldn`t be wiped if report as stole(which we should be able to do trough icloud control panel) :3

  • Frozen Bee .GFKS

    yeah, it will lower phone thefts, because some junkie will realise that Apple just made new unbreakable activation lock, and wont steal your phone because of it…

    • Robbie Cast

      no it wont, there are still knuckle heads out there that will steal and stupid people willing to buy a stolen iphone and try to break into it them selfs…. and half of the people i know dont even use FMI and have no clue what it is and even when i tell them they choose not to turn it on.. for privacy reasons they dont want apples tracking there location even if it means they might get there phone back if lost or stolen… so no it wont lower any crime at all

  • Robbie Cast

    this is a software lock, and if you look at apples track recored every single iphone/ipad/ipod has been hacked and been able to modify the code on it… this will work for a short time not a long term solution. also i would like to add the control center at the lock screen option, if someone robs a phone and with in seconds activate airplane mode the phone will never get the ping that it was in fact stolen unless activation lock works at the imei or udid level this will be a useless feature, also apple said “WIPE” not restore!! a wipe is when someone goes to settings/general/reset/content and settings were a restore is a full factory reset.. so again this wont work unless its at the IMEI/UDID level on a apple based server/icloud

  • iBanks

    I think we are all looking in to deep of this. The way I see it is this… if and only if the device is reported lost through FMI, then and only then will the device require the users apple ID and password to recover it even after its been wiped. Someone mentioned that maybe the data is stored elsewhere after the device is wiped to possibly bypass the DFU mode recovery, which could be the case. But as far as us being able to sell our devices to others risks no problems, the device performs as normal as it did prior to iOS7 and its normal restore processes. I believe the key to this is the fact if its reported lost, then these securities fall in place.

  • Melanie Marat

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