iOS 7 Settings (Brightness and Wallpaper)iOS 7 Wallpapers (Dynamic and Stills)

Good news for those who love to personalize their iPhone with the photos depicting their significant other, kids, dogs, kittens and what have you: with iOS 7 Apple has gone beyond adding a bunch of new wallpapers, having implemented cool new enhancements to really bring those wallpapers to life.

Taking a page from Google’s Android (obviously), iOS 7 includes dynamically animated wallpapers created by Apple’s design team. Not only that, the operating system lets you set any panoramic image from your Camera Roll as your Lock/Home screen background for a jaw-dropping effect. But wait, there’s more…

Just like the current iOS 6, the upcoming iOS 7 lets you customize your Lock and Home screen wallpaper in Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper or via the Share menu in the Photos app. By the way, for the sake of consistency Apple should let us set any image in any app as wallpaper, via the standard Share menu.

You’ll notice that in addition to the preloaded static wallpapers (now called Stills), iOS 7 now also includes two motion backgrounds under the Dynamic section of Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper.

These are true motion backgrounds, light rays and soft bubbles randomly shifting in and out of focus. The design reminds me of the ‘focus’ theme seen in a new video on Apple’s design philosophy.

iOS 7 Wallpapers (Stills 001)iOS 7 Wallpapers (Dynamic 001)
iOS 7 comes with a bunch of wallpapers (left), including two motion backgrounds (right).

I wonder if Apple plans on allowing motion backgrounds in iOS 7 from third-parties.

It is certainly a distant possibility: these moving things can be easily created using Quartz Composer, Apple’s tool Facebook used in prototyping the Home and Chat Heads interface.

iOS 7 relies heavily on hardware-accelerated Core Animation APIs for its new approach to animation and motion, so theoretically developers could distribute packaged Quartz Composer wallpapers through the App Store.

Perhaps Apple will add a new Wallpapers App Store section soon?

iOS 7 Wallpapers (Dynamic on Lock screen 001)iOS 7 Wallpapers (Panoramic on Home screen 001)

By the way, iClarified has more images of the new iOS 7 dynamic wallpapers.

Another feature bound to turn heads: panoramic wallpapers.

If you’ve ever seen an Android device in action, surly you must have noticed how swiping between Home screens slowly pans the background image left and right, creating a sense of depth.

In iOS 7, Apple’s gone further: you can now set any panoramic photograph as your Lock/Home screen wallpaper .

Doing so allows for a head-turning effect – moving your device around pans the background around to either side of you. The panning panorama shot effectively replaces the subtle parallax UI shift where the static background moves only slightly based on the handset’s position in space.

And because iOS lets you take amazing 240-degree photos, you can imagine the stunning effect as the wallpaper moves freely with you.

On a final note, let me just point out how even the simple task of personalizing your iPhone with wallpapers has a system-wide impact on the user experience.

iOS 7 Wallpapers (Still Space background on Home screen 001)

Take, for example, the Phone app where touching a circular keypad button shows the Home screen wallpaper underneath for a fraction of a s second.

Here, have a look at an animated GIF below.

iOS 7 UI (keypads in Phone app)

Cool, no?

Also worth pointing out: due to the extensive use of translucency in iOS 7, your wallpaper choice actually impacts the subtle shades which can be seen behind your apps and content throughout the system.

As much as I love motion backgrounds in iOS 7, Apple has really knocked my socks off with those panoramic wallpapers – I have no doubt in my mind the feature will get a lot of people excited.

Am I making too much fuss about nothing?

  • Zelox

    This is a game changer im glad apple incorperated some tweaks of the jailbreak community!


    • No

      Some tweaks? Literally every new feature on iOS 7 can be found on Android, webOS, and Cydia.

      • therealjjohnson

        So do you not want it on the phone? I dont get that argument. Should all cars not have power steering because one company came out with it first? iOS looks dope…i dont care who did what first as long as its on my phone.

      • No

        I want Apple to actually have an original idea. It’s annoying watching the blatantly copy other companies, then end up suing them for it.

      • therealjjohnson

        Dont confuse the creating an idea first with putting out an idea first. Im sure people at Apple thought about having similar settings on the phone but chose against it on other versions for whatever reason. That doesn’t mean the JB community invented anything.

      • No

        What are you saying? Are you trying to say that even if a Cydia developer made something original they didn’t invent it? I’m not quite understanding what you are saying. I am saying iOS 7 is nothing original. Tell me one ORIGINAL feature found in iOS 7.

      • It is original in the locked down Apple world….

      • NoFoam

        I thought Android was open source?

      • Apple didn’t make Android you know….they made the locked down mobile OS called iOS.

      • NoFoam

        All operating systems are locked down. Ever heard of Palm OS or Windows Mobie?

      • Lol, you seem to have a broad definition of locked down. You been living under a rock or what? Yeah I know palm OS and Windows mobile from the ancient days, you still using those? Welcome to 2013…

      • NoFoam

        Oh admit you are just drunk on the Google kool aide. Why can’t I boot to the home screen on a Google Nexus 7 tablet? Welcome to Google hell!

      • Probably ’cause you have a passcode set or you haven’t configured your device to do that; admit it, you haven’t got a clue of the capabilities of Android. I’m no full time Android user, but pretty much everything I jailbreak to achieve on my 4S (officially a pipe dream in iOS) is achievable by Android Apps on the PlayStore.

      • NoFoam

        The Apple App Store available to any iOS user. Google Play only legally available to approved licensed handsets. Google hell!

      • Yeah, and iOS devices are Approved licensed handsets for the AppStore (duh). Crapple hell! So, what’s you point?

      • NoFoam

        The sobering truth of Google Hell, of course.

      • K…

      • therealjjohnson

        Im saying the ideas are pretty basic…just because it came out in Cydia doesnt mean apple didnt already come up with the idea and chose not to use it. People keep saying “stole it from” like a pull down notification bar is something Apple would have never thought of

      • mediumsizedrob

        I see your point, but a pull down notification menu isn’t exactly a complicated bit of tech they had to make sure they “get right” before they release it, which is their normal reasoning for appearing slightly behind the curve. Instead they released none, and then a substandard notification solution before finally doing the same thing android did. This is just one example I know, but if they had thought of it, why didn’t they do it?

      • Niles Mitchell

        What was original about the Mac OS when it debuted? Or the iPod? All of these things (GUI, MP3 Player) existed already. It’s Apple’s implementation and polish that make them unique and popular.

      • alexanderlyd

        mac os? it was the first os to have a usable gui and have windows and drag and drop. It was revolutionary at the time.

      • Niles Mitchell

        Agreed, that’s the “polish” I was talking about.

      • Pitchy

        You are the epitome of the term iSheep.

      • PainToad

        Apple isn’t about doing things first. They’re about doing things RIGHT.

      • Austin Reid

        Maybe you should review Apple, NeXT, and Pixar’s history… Apple had the first GUI… so basically any company that lets you click an icon “copied” off of Apple… Learn your history before you try to rip into a company about what they have done.

      • Imahottguy

        I hate to be “that guy” but didn’t Xerox have the actual first GUI? I agree with your point though. It truly should not matter who came up with what.

      • Austin Reid

        Xerox did indeed. It was only for their “in-house” use. Then Steve Jobs, Jeff Raskin, and many more who worked for Xerox at the time, commercialized it with Apple and Macintosh. I had to write a whole paper for it in my Design History class.

      • Pitchy

        Xerox had the first GUI. They let Apple and eventually Microsoft come and and see it. Maybe you should review that Steve Jobs book that talks all about how he kept pushing Xerox to show them something cool.

      • Imahottguy

        Just wondering, are you a shareholder? If not, what does Apple owe to you? They are about making products that are easy for consumers, not just power users, that just work. If no one ever used or built on an idea of someone else we would all be in the dark as the lineage of the man who discovered fire warms himself. I don’t recall during the keynote Tim Cook saying: We invented all of these new features with our brains, the end, and anyone who says they did it first is a liar and a doody head.

      • Niles Mitchell

        There is no example of Apple implementing a competitors feature, then suing over it. In fact, Apple is suing Samsung over Trademark and patent violations, not these kinda features.

      • mediumsizedrob

        Did they come up with black rectangles first?

      • Jason

        No one would even be having this debate if Apple hadn’t made the smart phone as we know it FIRST. I never got the “Apple is copying [blah blah] company” when all smart phones now-a-days are a direct reflection of the iPhone. Companies take each other’s ideas and build from them… it’s been going on forever. Apple is just like every other company.

      • KalanHowse

        Oh stop it with the suing! Apple only sue if their patents are copied! Learn about why Apple does things for once.

      • Samantha Crump

        And how many companies have copied apple ppl are just mad bcuz apple does it better no matter who had it first apple wants it to be perfect samsung copies appl all the time

      • Anonymous

        The FUD never stops.

      • lanceuppercut47

        I wonder why Apple are so intent on closing the JB exploits as it seems they get their best ideas from other people’s work.

        It makes little sense as a jailbreakable iOS7 surely means more ideas to “discover” making for a better iOS8?

      • therealjjohnson

        I see your point but i think they close the exploits because they are exploits. Also, the idea of an app can be done whether there is an jailbreak or not. You dont need access to the OS to think about a cool tweak or app.

      • lanceuppercut47

        If they were a little more loose with what can and can’t go on the app store (f.lux for example), there wouldn’t be as much need to find the exploits in order to JB.

      • mediumsizedrob

        Just because some programmer out in the world thinks of a cool tweak, no one at apple would notice until someone actually develops it and it becomes popular. Like I said before, if they thought of it, why didn’t they do it?

      • Girish

        tim cook did say,,,he wil open ios more to developers 😉

        lets hope its this wat he meant 😉

      • mediumsizedrob

        You’ll notice that these iOS versions always seem to have an exploit or two in the beginning. They have to close them for security purposes once they are known, but it seems like they always give the jb community a chance. I’m sure getting ideas and watching what becomes popular is very useful to them.

      • Tien Nguyen

        This is the perfect argument in response to all this fuss about iOS 7. Very well said, sir. Let the companies deal with their legal stuff and just enjoy the freaking awesome product.

      • BearManPig

        i get you, and i am happy too because IOS will finally change, ive been bored of the last 3 IOS i have used since i bought my i4s, happily ive always been jailbroken so i never have completely stock IOS.

        but i disagree with your comment because right now that apple is copying the cool stuff from other mobile os its fine, but whenever samsung or another company copies something apple, the sh*tstorm begins, everyone starts saying “ooh shamesung cant come with anything new!” and all that crap. So i find your comment and all your likes a bit hypocritical.

      • mehrab

        Users do not care about who got it first
        Its about the look,feel and implementation stableness and we all know apples the king in that

      • No

        iOS fanboys really underestimate Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean is actually a really stable OS.

      • mehrab

        Yeah part time android user here nexus 3 and htc one both alg and are not as realiable as my i5 its cool how i know my i5 wont ven let me down 2 years from now as it will support allthe high end apps/games as the a5 still does oh not to mention my iphone 5 has the better cam okay so from an avg user (not a geek) they will love ios 7 tryst me i showed it to ppl they freaked

      • PainToad

        I used Jellybean for a few months. It’s come along way. It’s stable enough, just doesn’t have to polish I’ve become accustomed to from Apple, App Store apps and the wonderful Cydia community.

      • jlb1705

        Apparently Android users underestimate it too since 67% of them can’t be bothered to upgrade.

      • quitcherbichinn

        not just “can’t be bothered” but most have phones that aren’t compatible or phones that won’t offer the upgrade. android is such a fractured community. i’ve tried to use android and to like it but i just can’t. no matter what device i use or what version i use it is still laggy and crashy and crappy. i’m sure i’ll get attacked for saying so and told i don’t know anything however i’m pretty sure i know my personal experience with the OS better than a stranger. so speaking from my experience alone…my android run tab sits on a shelf because it won’t update higher than 4.1.1 and it just crashes constantly, freezes constantly and the apps are just ugly blown up phone apps….and it’s a samsung tab.

      • imthaz

        LOLWUT ?

      • Apple_King98

        Lets ask apple to define Multi-task. According to Apple its the ability to switch from one app to another. According to the dictionary: To schedule and execute multiple tasks (program) simultaneously. So If Im watching the keynote on my iphone and I get a text message, I can swap to text..but the video stops. Then swap back to video. Thats not multitasking to me. In the processing back end perhaps its running but not visually thru the user interface. I notice Android devices understood this and allows you to view video and read your email at the same time. Was this incorporated in iOS7? No? Again what about my address book? Long list of names with no pictures next to the names. What about imessage? I have 20 different people texting me and nothing but names. Referencing imthaz, its embarrassing to see how other products with lower “Controlled environments” have no issues of app catastrophes like OS crash. So exactly whats the purpose of a controlling environment? Where is the hazard with Android users? Security breach? I haven’t heard of any…have you? Sounds more like Lazyness to me. The real problem is the Jailbreak Developers creating things for Apple products. We are purchasing products that’s almost good enough, because in reality..after you purchase it you want to Jailbreak it to unleash the good features. AKA put you to do some extra work like iKea. hmm. While Android its out of the box. Then Why do you call yourself Apple_king and have an iPhone? Because android phones are ugly and plastic.

      • Girish

        man,,cydia works with apple ios itself!!
        so wat if they added their features,,,
        the developers who own the tweaks,,im sure they are proud of it koz apple chose to put it in their ios!!,,,

    • erod434

      This has been on android for years, so I’m not really sure how this is a game changer.

      • No

        You can’t say that on this blog! People will vote your comment down just like they did mine, because they don’t like to hear the truth.

      • Maxim∑

        guess what OS before android had dynamic wallpapers? And jellybean doesnt use the gyro for wallpapers, it just slides when you change pages. which I like a lot to

      • No

        I am not sure! Let me hear it.

      • Maxim∑

        Symbian! release date:2001

      • No

        Oh man, I forgot all about Symbian. I was in no way saying Android invented dynamic wallpapers, I was trying to say it’s annoying how Apple basically says they invented dynamic wallpapers when OS’s like Android obviously already have it.

      • Maxim∑

        Oh ok, sorry! Yes I agree with you. Some things

      • erod434

        That part doesn’t matter. I’m just tired of apple claiming every feature they add is brand new, when they really haven’t added any new features.

      • Maxim∑

        but they never did, all they said is it was new in *iOS*. The only time Apple said “innovation” is the Mac Pro and OSX 10.9 Mavricks CPU coalescing. Both of those things are innovative so I dont see an issue

      • Imahottguy

        But isn’t it new to iOS if it was not there before? People seem to confuse Apple announcing a new version of iOS with new features like x, y and z with Apple just announcing features to the world. Of course copy and paste, dynamic wallpapers and multitasking with cards have been done before, but not just like this. Before I get flamed, lets remember that the new multitasking actually thinks about what apps you use most and pushes updates around the intervals that you usually use them. It also prioritizes them within memory and cpu (usage) all in the background. It isn’t always about how something looks. If that was the case then most cars and houses would be rip offs because the outside of them may look similar to other cars and houses, right?

      • Niles Mitchell

        They have.

      • @dongiuj

        GyroSpace 3D, 3D gyro Deep3D Live Wallpaper, My 3D Image Gyro Depth Effect.

      • Maxim∑

        Nope. Stock android 4.2.2 a jellybean has no wallpaper that uses the gyroscope. One of them uses the accelerometer. I’m talking about stock here

      • @dongiuj

        Ah, stock. Well, in that case…

    • Pitchy

      Game changer? More like Apple finally showed up to play.

    • This is not important, it’s just a gimmik. I for myself hafe a black background so the picture will npt disturb my work.

    • narg

      Really? A game changer? You need a life.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Make it 1080p and it will be more amazing

    • No

      Why would that matter, iPhone doesn’t even have an HD display.

      • n0ahcruz3

        If apple would just give the 5S 1080p it will be amazing

      • No

        iPhone doesn’t even have a 720P display, the chances of it getting a 1080P display is really low. Apple is really behind the game in this aspect.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Heres to hoping 🙂

      • No

        Don’t get your hopes up. The next iPhone will probably be an iPhone 5S, that Apple will claim is ‘twice as fast’, that has one gimmicky feature, and a slightly upgraded camera. All encased in the same design.

      • D Rey

        That sounds surprisingly familiar to the galaxy S4 does it not?. LOL.

      • Niles Mitchell

        Please. Like 1080P matters on a 4 inch screen. Jesus, even VHS looks sharp on a 4-inch screen. People need to get their head out of their ass and stop obessing over specs and thinking “Bigger is More better, y’all!”

      • Pitchy

        Apple will do 720p first, that way they can sell you on the 1080p for the next one.

      • Eric Van Laarhoven

        what is considered an “HD display”?

  • Ben

    Does iphone 4 comes with dynamic wallpapers too? Cause NC, dock and Control Center are just plain grey for me.. And I have no option of dynamic wallpapers, only stills. Maybe I need to restore?

    • Ben

      And that gyroscope wallpaper effect doesn’t work too…

      • No

        Apple would probably tell you the iPhone 4 couldn’t handle that regardless of the fact it’s just a zoomed in wallpaper going along with the gyroscope/accelerometer

    • No

      No, and if you ask Apple, they will say it’s because the iPhone 4 couldn’t handle panoramic wallpapers. Exactly how Apple said none of the older models devices could handle the poor excuse for multitasking.

      • D Rey

        You are an idiot. Android does the exact same thing. That’s why hardly anybody has the latest version of software. It’s the exact same marketing scheme just on a different level.

    • Maxim∑

      iPhone 4 has several features disabled:

      -dynamic wallpapers
      -Many animations disabled
      -background transparency

      last year once iOS 6 was in late beta Apple added some features back in for ipod 4 and iphone 4.

      • No

        This is so Apple will make you want to buy their newest products. It’s a marketing scheme.

      • Maxim∑

        well to be fair, the differences between the A4 and A5 GPU are huge. According to the 4S keynote 7x faster

        And I was amazed the 3GS even supported iOS 6 so I dont think Apple is like that. this is a clear hardware constraint

      • No

        Huge enough that they can’t handle transparencies? The iPhone 4 could’ve handled dynamic wallpapers. The Nexus One did.

      • Maxim∑

        I actually think it might not be able to 🙂 at least smoothly

        -iPhone 4:PowerVR SGX 535 (single core very low GPU clock rate)

        -iPhone 4S/ipod5/ipad mini/ipad 2 revison 2:PowerVR SGX 543MP2 (dual core)
        -iPhone 5-triple core GPU
        -iPad 4-Quad core GPU

      • No

        You actually think so to what part of that comment? The fact that it could’ve handled dynamic wallpapers?

      • D Rey

        Is android any different with only 35% of handsets having the latest software? It’s the exact same thing dude don’t get the two confused.

      • That’s because ios goes on only apple devices. Android has 1000’s of devices running it so of course it would not be worth it to have every manufacturer update them.

      • D Rey

        Agreed, but that also seems very convenient to make people upgrade to a newer handset that is capable of handling the newest software. Let’s call a spade a spade here. It works pretty much the exact same way regardless if it is Apple or not.

      • Niles Mitchell

        Or these features don’t function acceptably on older hardware, and Apple cuts them off. That would also mean you’re a jackass. But that couldn’t be, could it?

  • Brandon Weidema

    I would love to take a crack at designing a dynamic wallpaper

    • No

      I have a feeling Apple won’t even end up allowing 3rd party dynamic wallpapers. You could’ve practiced making them on Android years ago!

      • Brandon Weidema

        i dont have an android test device… yet.

  • Not sure what’s going on with panoramic wallpapers, do you tilt the phone or swipe or what? my panoramic image is static, it tilts a little which is cool but no panorama

    • Christopher Ablaza

      same here, anyone got any helpful suggestions?

      • Check my comment above if you’ve not figured it out already 🙂

    • Make sure you select it from the “Panoramas” section in the wallpaper chooser – if you select it from Camera Roll or Photo Stream, it won’t work as a panorama.

  • ricky_nguyen

    Hope that they add the dynamic wallpapers and panoramic for the iPhone 4S in the final release because I can only choose a wallpaper from my camera roll only.

  • charlie feathers

    New wallpapers look very clean!

    • No

      As in ‘borrowed’ you mean stolen from other companies without permission.

      • Trevorw

        You don’t realize how irritated I am with you, stop riding Samsung, do remember iPhone started it all.

      • Jay Kay

        stop replying him, he will try to be more funny

      • charlie feathers

        Here we go again! Ask me if I care? NO I Don’t!

  • charlie feathers

    Has anyone tested this on iphone 4S? Does it perform well?

  • Trevorw

    I bet the user “No” just sits around all day jobless, searching for iPhone communities, just to troll on Apple, and thinks he’s all cool with your Asian Samsung phone made out of cheap plastic. Honestly I appreciate the fact that Apple finally listened to us. If they didn’t do this people would complain, we just can’t be happy! They’ve taken ideas from others and applied them in a more smooth and elegant way.. Thank you Apple!

    • No

      Spot on!

  • Nasser Cedeño

    really Nice IOS!! If some of you guys Want to install ios7 on your Iphone 5 with Out Dev Account Let Me know ..and you dont have to pay for nothing 🙂

  • Cesar D

    The dock is uugly as hell

    • klouud

      Funny… I would always replace the springboard gradient overlay with a clear PNG file that has a very similar dock at the bottom to give me that legacy dock feel but I would use elements from Andrea Fedi’s work. So basically… Apple has pretty much set up iOS the way I theme it to look – all I need is a jailbreak and some icons and I’m set.

    • Jay Kay

      No no its not Ugly they call it Flat, correct yourself

      • Gorgonphone

        falt = johny ive cant do UI design

    • Gorgonphone

      its not even really a dock just a boring block..

  • Ian

    The Panorama is AWESOME!!

  • Alex E.

    Even though I’m into the new interface and the new features I do feel all the transparency and effects, just like when MS updated their win XP to Vista and added a bunch of effects like Aero with transparency and the 3D app switching, seem a bit gimmicky. I am glad they included the panoramic wallpapers option since I use pages+ for this sole purpose. Having said that, the transparency and “depth” et al are feel a lot like sugarcoating, and I usually edit my theme with icons I find online for the apps and will miss summoning the appswitcher with Zephyr from the bottom screen.

  • klouud

    Apple really exceeded my expectations with iOS 7. Did they deliver everything to us this go-round? No. But they gave us way more than I would have predicted – even in the next few years. Apple is really stepping up their game. I just hope that we get a theme’s functionality and theme store in the future. I almost have no reason to jailbreak now. …almost…

    • Jay Kay

      Its there first step in right direction, I hope to see big things coming up in next iOSs, never wanted and will never leave iphone, using since 2008 for me the iOS has changed a lot. Im Happy cant wait till Fall.

  • At

    Apple may not have a 720 screen but the technology it uses in the retina display is better than some 1080 android phones. My iPhone’s screen looks better than my buddies 1080 droid.

  • Eni

    iOS7 is very cool, we don’t need JB ore android anymore.

    • Gorgonphone

      lollololol false

      • Eni


  • Thiago Vaccaro

    My Dynaminc wallpaper almost doesn’t move, i can’t even recognize this 3D effect, is it only me?

    • Gorgonphone

      its crappy

    • Make sure you select it from the “Panoramas” section in the wallpaper chooser – if you select it from Camera Roll or Photo Stream, it won’t work as a panorama.

  • Smeltn

    where can I find some good Panorama wallpapers for the iphone?

  • Adham

    Every second I use the phone, I like it better and better. I was unsatisfied with the font size in Messages, found out that the font sizes for Dynamic Text can be adjusted. Also you can turn on/off bold font.

    iOS 7 was what Apple needed. If the change wasn’t this big, so many people would have said good bye iPhone, hello Android/BlackBerry/Windows Phone. I know that if iOS 7 wasn’t special enough, I would have switched.

    • Zelox

      Well said my friend i was going to do the same!

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      how you turn off bold text and how can I adjust my text

      • Adham

        Settings > General > Accessibility > Enhance Text Legibility. When on, it will make the text in a bolder font. It is subtle but there is a difference.

  • Elijah

    I’ve had 3D wallpapers for awhile now… Tweak “3DBoard”

  • iBanks

    I really love the new lockscreen. The way it changes based on the wallpaper and its glow effect is so sexy. (When entering pass code). Try different lock wallpapers and you’ll get what I mean. Love it.

  • Imahottguy

    I have the feeling that DeepEnd may either be updated or face a new challenger in the ring of “dynamic” wallpaper quite soon. Or maybe not, who knows lol.

  • Gregory D Foster

    Yes. Quick compose or go home.

  • Mike Castillo

    Selling UDID activations for $5! Email your UDID to me at

    PayPal is accepted only!

    • Ricky

      nah dont need it i can update without iy hahahah

  • Patrick Little

    Ugh, I hope I can turn off the weird tilt 3D effect thing. Not a fan at all.

    • Gorgonphone

      yup it sucks

  • Adil Hussain

    Erm, anyone else noticed the new notification banners? Ergh

    • Gorgonphone


  •  Rich 

    I’m satisfied with iOS 7. Sure Apple took things from Android and Cydia, but at this point, why not? If they didn’t they’d end up like black berry, lagging behind the massess. And not for nothing, a lot of the big Cydia tweaks, were android influenced. NC Settings, that was in Androids pull down prior too, then apple implemented slightly different. Dynamic wallpapers, sure people like shiny things.

    I’m actually happy I don’t have to Jailbreak anymore. I normally don’t theme my phone, and all I would install is Infini Folders/Dock NC Settings, and a few other small tweaks. Now that I don’t need to JB, I can update my phone when updates come out, and not have to worry about losing my functionality. But I guess people are always gonna find something to complain about.

  • voyaflexel

    My iOS 7 doesn’t have live wallpaper

  • Gorgonphone

    apple needs to make 100s of wallpaper options available ASAP.. oh and it needs a ripple effect

  • ios 7 install guide (no udid activation needed):

    – update your device to the latest version (6.1.3 or 6.1.4)
    – download the 7.0 beta 1 ispw (if it comes in dmg, windows users can extract it . via poweriso
    – open itunes and shift+click op update device
    – then select the 7.0 beta ispw and ur done

    the trick here is that your iphone is already activated via 6.1.3
    and 7.0 doesnt need to re-activate it.

    hope i helpt some people

  • Grande PHD

    The new SDK has UI DYNAMICS. So, I think 3rd parties is real.

  • Dan

    About time IOS users had access to live wallpapers

  • Girish

    WOW,,,thats damn nice,,,,
    im waiting for a GM version when it wil come out 😉
    then im gona install

  • Farbod

    i love how these apple forums are way more civilized than these immature android forums…

  • Goku63

    but, the 3d looks so real, I’ve used 3d board, and I’m preety sure that your argument is invalid about Apple stealing., they are enhancing the quality and awesomeness of the tweaks. …which can be stated as development, not violating jailbreak copyright laws.

  • bw00ds

    It looks fun. Nice eye candy. Of course, stepping back objectively, this has no other function than being eye candy and just fun for the user. I wonder how this will affect my battery life, though?

    And really, fun stuff is just fun stuff. There were so many here that derided the Galaxy 4 features as useless “toys.” And so many want to say that Android steals from Apple. Well, folks, honestly speaking, this is just a “toy,” too, and we like it. And we all know many iOS features are “stolen” from Android and tweaks. So I guess it is just a matter of who you want to insult.

  • shubham lodhi

    iPhone 4 does NOT support live wallpapers, decent transparency, or 3D in-depth background

  • Didrick Namtvedt

    The tilting effect on the dynamic wallpapers and the panoramic wallpapers really add to the sleekness of iOS 7 and looks really impressive. Definitely can’t wait till iOS 7 is out this fall!

  • Aaron Whittington

    It does not show up on settings for the iphone 4

  • DeadaCrash

    Mine doesnt have the dynamic and panoramic idk why pls help me

  • For some reason the backgrounds didn’t include themselves upon install (I had to delete a ton of my crap to get around some other issues)

    Can anyone find the files for the dynamic backgrounds and maybe even the stills? Would love to get them back and install them

  • Lavesh Hassani

    after installing ios 7 ,there were no wallpapers in it ..!!! there were no official wallpapers which comes wid ios 7 …. plz help to find it …??

  • David Gitman

    comon what iphone 4…
    Livepapers works perfect on iphone 4

  • iapplestuffs

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    I am registering UDID to Apple Developer account for $15USD each device for IOS 7 BETA. Once your UDID is registered then you can update to ios 7 beta without any problem and your iphone will be activated. You will enjoy full features of IOS 7 beta. If your interested then inbox me or you can email me too ( Thanks.,,..

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    How to add more animated wallpapers other than those provided by apple?

  • Daniel Brown

    Interestingly – not all photos you take with the camera are filed as “panoramic”. If the arrow in your panoramic photo went no further than half-way (so the arrow looks positioned right above the photo button) it is not filed as a panoramic image and won’t be used as one for your wall paper. In my tests, it appears the whole of the arrow icon has to at least have just passed the photo button or gone further for it to register as a panoramic image.

  • Omar

    Is There Dynamic Wallpapers For Iphone 4???

  • Print Panoramics

    Having the ability to place a panoramic on the home screen is a big step forward, after all, what’s the point in having the ability to take great landscape pictures to then just stash them away in memory. Good to see some functionality to make the most of the new camera features.

  • Kieran

    What devices is this available on?

  • Dil

    Is this also for 5c cuz its not working for me 🙁