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AT&T’s big announcement got lost somewhere in the cracks of the onslaught of WWDC news yesterday. The carrier launched a new iPhone app this weekend that brings enhanced push-to-talk (EPTT) to the popular handset.

The app, which is aptly named AT&T Enhanced Push-To-Talk, allows iPhone 4S and 5 users to communicate quickly using next-generation VoIP technology to deliver one-to-one or group calls over AT&T’s 3G and 4G networks…

From the App Store description:

Key features of Enhanced PTT include:
* Fast call setup times and low latency
* Advanced push-to-talk features including real-time presence, Instant Personal Alerts, free/busy status and Supervisory Override
* Scalable to support large contact lists and talk groups
* Organizations can use a Corporate Admin Tool for easy management of users and groups

Previously, AT&T offered a PTT App for Android, but it only worked on a few devices. But with Sprint on the verge of closing down its Nextel network, which offers a similar feature, AT&T figured they’d go after iPhone users too.

Of course, third party apps like Voxer have been doing PTT on the iPhone for quite some time now. But AT&T says that it’s the first carrier to offer the service on the handset, and it believes its features and integration will set it apart.

For what it’s worth, I played around in the app for a bit and didn’t notice anything special. But if you’re looking for an iPhone PTT solution, it’s worth checking out. You can find AT&T Enhanced Push-To-Talk in the App Store for free.

  • jocastro

    heytell does the same and its better

  • Jacob S

    Voxer (FREE App) is having PTT for years and it is cross platform and works around the world, not just for a carrier. EPIC FAIL AT&T!!!

  • Manish Rana

    It is a good idea but I don’t want to download this and start using it because AT&T has been really greedy and they should have provided this feature way back when people needed it .Now they are just afraid to lose there business to t-mobile and verizon.

    • Calixto Sanchez

      Verizon is going the same path, they better follow suit

  • Jack Wong

    Make tethering free first, we have many other push to talk apps that can do way better.

    By the way, the interface is very ugly, feel like back to Windows 95.

  • Casey H.

    Does anyone know how much it costs to use the service? It wants me to activate it but I don’t want to get hit with a charge.

    • Dani Hayes

      Same here. I was reading the terms and immediately hit decline when I came across “fees”. It’s best not to bother unless you need it. Even then I’d try voxer first.

    • Santiago


      • Casey H.

        Thats kinda what I thought. I found it on the website but it didn’t specifically refer to the iOS app, so I wasn’t sure. Thanks.

  • What’s the difference between this and Viber…besides the ripoff subscription requirement by AT&T?

  • Lordthree

    Requires a subscription. Erased

  • J. Rockwell

    Every AT&T app either sucks, or is an absolute ripoff.

  • Gorgonphone

    i dnt undertand the point of this at all

  • Travis Shoemaker

    Can the government track this too?

  • Santiago

    My company uses this service, they replaced the old Nextel PTT service and I think is great. Unlike Voxer or all the free Apps out here this is an Enterprise Grade solution which means companies can trust on their day to day operations…

  • Dallas L

    The AT&T Enhanced Push-To-Talk service includes various advanced features for enterprise users, such as fast call set-up, supervisory override, large contact lists and talk groups, and an admin tool for easy management of contacts and groups.

  • Dallas L

    The PTT service from AT&T is way more than a consumer-grade iPhone app. It provides not only very fast call set-up but also a lot of advanced features and functionalities, including a Corporate Admin Tool that can create/update contacts and groups on the Web and push them out to all PTT users’ handsets wirelessly and in real time.

  • Jason Masters

    These companies are run by dinosaurs with old ideas.