Ask and you shall receive.

This is what I thought when I found out that iOS 7 will have a new feature which will let you perform audio calls via FaceTime. It was only two weeks ago that I publicly asked for this new feature and it’s is now a reality. Did Apple hear me? Probably not, but it’s good to know this is coming to an iOS device near you soon.

Dubbed as FaceTime audio, it’s not hard to imagine this feature being a direct competitor to Skype…

I’m actually surprised they haven’t come up with this feature before. Clearly, if Apple was able to connect two people with video+audio, audio only should have been a no brainer.

Now I’ll finally be able to FaceTime my Mom without having her see me and tell me it’s time I cut my hair.

  • Bob

    Yes they heard you Sebastian. They developed and implemented this feature within 2 weeks because of you 😛

    • Definitely totally absolutely. I take full credit for this 😉

      • felixtaf

        Why not you guys do a review of iOS 7 in your way? I mean the things u like and dislike? Possible?

  • ShavontiLewis

    Thanks for getting this put through Sebastian. I love not using my minutes to connect but I hate showing my face. This is perfect for me

  • jconchj

    But still no quick reply. Really Apple?

    • iamnoskcaj

      Quick reply found it’s way into OS X and iOS.

      Side-note: Who’s excited for the list of 10-20 jailbreak tweaks that found their way into iOS 7 Proper?

      • jconchj

        “Quick reply found it’s way into OS X and iOS.”
        I hope you are correct but I missed it.

      • Jordan

        yep, towards the start of the wwdc presentation of iOS

      • pegger1

        Pretty sure quick reply isn’t in there

      • Jordan

        i promise you it is… i watched the presentation live…

      • pegger1

        What you saw was for Mac OS not iOS 7.

      • Jordan

        its just that apple didnt make it one of their “features” that they stressed a lot

      • billypuntove

        I too want to know where you saw it. It was not in the list of iOS features and was definitely not mentioned. Please be specific. It was not there.

      • jconchj

        I went back and watched and it was only mentioned in the OS X presentation.

      • Kristoffer

        Not too sure about it finding its way to iOS, but it´s in OS X anyways.

  • It’s technically not facetime if you can’t see them though right?

    • Jack Taylor

      They’ll probably rename it EarTime at some point.

      • or PhoneCallFaceTimeWithNoFaceOrVideoAndJustAudioTime; you know, for the sake of having just one word.

        Sometimes I impress myself.

    • pegger1

      That’s why it’s “dubbed Factime audio”, just the audio part of facetime.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I dont get it, isnt this just like a phone call then?

    • pegger1

      You catch on quick. Yes like a phone call but over data and only to other iOS users.

    • billypuntove

      yes but iOS-to-iOS (possible iOS to mac, like FaceTime) and not using minutes. Free over wifi.

  • misterz

    I am happy about this one. FaceTime audio sounds so good, but I often don’t want the video. This will be great for international calling too.

  • Charles Riedmueller

    How is this not just… speakerphone?

    • Cause it’s iPhone to iPhone Wi-Fi calling….

    • billypuntove

      It probably won’t force you to be on speakerphone.
      Plus, it’s iOS-to-iOS calling (possibly iOS to mac, just like FaceTime) and it’s free on WiFi. Never using your minutes, only using data if you’re not on WiFi. This could be a game changer as far as phone plans go.

  • Gorgonphone

    okay so iPod touch owners can make free calls to any iphone users or mac users..

    • billypuntove

      Precisely. In addition to other devices not using plan minutes, and only using data if not on wifi. Sounds like a game changer in the phone industry to me. I’ve been wanting this since FaceTime was released.

  • With voip audio calls; and a more wiafied world; there should well come a time; when we won’t have to fork over _any money to ATT

  • Kwopau

    This feature has been available since facetime was first introduced. All you needed to do initiate facetime and while u are on facetime just push home button or power button to continue with facetime but just with voice.

    • inf3rn0

      …never thought of that! Wow, if I knew that feature…

    • pegger1

      Does that shut off your camera? Or just shut off your view of the other person?

  • Ian Jackson

    Awesome. My phone app will slowly gather dust after updating. All my friends I call on a regular basis (and are too lazy to sign up for new apps… You know how it is.) have an iPhone so this is amazing news for me.

  • Ahhh it’s MouthTime

  • shamory small

    basically this is wifi calling that tmobile had years ago b4 skype was even invited, i hope its intergraded into the phone app lik imessage is wit the regular message so i wont hav to look for it

    • expensivelu


      • shamory small

        invented i mean

  • Yujin

    I guess the carriers are going to add a fee to make up or all the lower call plans they will soon see people take….same as text….

    • Maybe not, they already freed up a little with facetime calls over cellular data

      • Random thought: What I would love is the voice clarity over Facetime, Skype is so much crystal clear to talk than a 5-bar call with att.

        It’s not crazy to think that mobile carriers of today will become more mainstream internet services providers.

  • No

    Facetime Audio Call? You mean a phone call?