Designed by Apple in California

Apple executives on several occasions during the just-finished WWDC keynote made note of both the fact that the new Mac Pro is being built in the United States and that the redesigned iOS 7 software and other apps are being conceived, designed and implemented by its team of engineers in California.

In fact, Apple’s been proudly putting stickers on its products saying ‘Designed by Apple in California’ for years and has now even made a compelling new ad which focuses in its California design roots…

Just watch it…

So, what do you guys think?

To me, this is almost as good as Apple’s other mission-statement ad, titled We Believe.

  • Marvin

    Simple, brilliant, outstanding, Apple, i love it!

  • hkgsulphate
    i love the vid on top more

  • Bambino

    Powerful stuff.

  • Marcos Rivas

    I haven’t read anything about the keyboard ….. What’s with it ?

    • Tarrek Shaban

      What do you mean “the keyboard”?

      • Marcos Rivas

        Well I thought that they were going to improve the keyboard since typing sucks very much for the iOS

  • Raul Henriquez

    Love California

  • MarcPhilippeB

    This ad is AMAZING. Apple is going back to the roots.

    Start with WHY. People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.

    • Tarrek Shaban

      Agree, this is the Think Different Commercial for the 201#’s

  • shar

    it looked like one those ads by other brands that were mocked for not focusing on features and saying something like “this is what you want, get this one.” ;), not feeling it….

  • So true; its not about “computers” its about “life enchancement through technology”

  • Yujin

    i say all the time….you buy android, you are shipping more jobs overseas…buy apple, at least it helps more of the US economy…buy samsung, and you are paying for the country that will get us into another war.

  • Tarrek Shaban

    It is an amazing ad. It truly captures the identity of Apple which so many people miss or have lost touch of, but I think there is more to this ad other then the USA roots. Though that is a major push with OSX and its CA naming system, this ad goes along with Tim Cooks effort to make sure the world know that Apple doesn’t care about making the most of a product, incorporating the latest technologies because of a trend, or even market share. Yes all of those things are important, however, this ad establishes (as Tim Cook has attempted to do this past year) that it is most important for apple to design products that makes life better, and to affirm this statement Apple makes its signature its source of pride that, yes Android has 100000 new announcements each and every day, yet Apple products with “designed by…” signature make life better. That apple thinks different, and its signature is the physical manifestation of that. In a way this is a big affront to investors who have only cared for such a long time about stock price and a “large screen iphone or apple tv..

  • Stefan Jansen

    Obviously marketed for Asian viewers, there’s so much Asian people in the ad. And then ending with “designed in Caliofornia”, what’s the purpose of ir? They should make product ads with “manufactured in Shenzhen, China” on it. Who gives a damn where it’s designed or manufactured, as long as it’s good and stands for quality.

    • blckaapl

      Yeah. Mostly anything and everything is M.I.C. Its the blueprint that counts. I don’t care either as long as it delivers. 🙂

    • The words manufactured and assembled have different meanings. Don’t be confused! My iPod touch box says Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.

  • Girish

    shamesung wil lose more customers nw 😛 😛

  • Nipplesourus

    Good thing it didn’t focus on the software