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“The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.” That proverb seems fitting for the new Bing partnership Apple announced today, which sees Microsoft’s lackluster search engine tapped as the default search engine for the snarky digital assistant Siri.

The entire audience went silent during the keynote this morning, as Apple’s SVP of Internet software and services Eddy Cue announced that new in iOS 7, Siri will be able to respond to queries with integrated Bing web search results…

Of course, the news won’t surprise anyone who has been paying attention to the tech world. Between their ongoign patent war, and head-to-head competition with Android, Apple has been trying to distance itself from Google for a while now.

But Bing? Really?

Bing Corporate Vice President Derrick Connell took to the Bing blog this afternoon to talk about the collaboration:

“Starting this fall with iOS 7, Bing will power Siri’s new integrated web search. When users ask Siri a question either the specific answer or web search links will now be delivered automatically so users can find information even faster.

Bing was designed from the outset to be a great place for web search helping customers quickly find what they are looking for and get more out of search. We are thrilled that all the great results people have come to know and love on will now be available to Siri users on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Making sure customers can have access to the power of Bing where and when they need it has been a big focus of the work we have done over the past few years, and we are excited to work with Apple to deliver it to Siri users this fall.”

Though I’d [obviously] rather see Google search results integrated into Siri, I don’t think the Bing deal is a bad thing. The more resources the digital assistant can pull from to answer your queries and requests, the more useful the feature will be.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in mobile Safari. For the moment, Google is still the default search engine there, and I believe the two have a long-standing deal in place for that. But folks thought they had a long-standing deal for Maps too.

What do you think?

  • I’ll bing it. Said no one ever.

  • Chris Gilmore

    If they put it on Apple, Bing will become the new household name. Simple as that.

    • trumpet444

      How’d that theory work out for Apple Maps? If it sucks, people won’t like it. Apple name attached to it or not. Whenever iOS 7 is jailbroken (probably by thanksgiving), this Siri/Bing relationship will be bypassed

      • synthmeister

        I’m guessing Apple will let you swap out the default search on Siri, just like they do with Safari.
        I’d just prefer that Apple allows the user to chose with search engines to use during the initial setup.

    • Andy

      Doubt it, most people prefer Google even if they know about Bing.

      • Chris Gilmore

        I agree. But if it gets used on their iDevices, they’ll start using it more. IF it is good, like @trumpet444:disqus mentioned. I never had problems with Apple Maps though. But I’m not one to be a stickler on “Oh this app is crap, this one is so much better.”

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I personally think its a force of a habit. I know people that bing google to load google to perform a web search! Still though I bet Ballmer was watching the keynote at his home with a smile / smirk on his face…

    • Hyr3m

      Wishful thinking much ?

      People already know about it but don’t know how crappy it is… now that they’ll be forced to use it they’ll know how much it sucks and they’ll make sure never to use it again and probably might move away from Apple after also hearing about its tax evasion techniques and other PRISM hypocrisy…

      • Chris Gilmore

        Too MUCH thinking? It’s just a damn search engine. Relax.

      • Hyr3m

        Better think too much and include facts than think too little and suggest that Apple sets trends in terms of third-party services regardless of their (lack of) quality, which is ridiculous…

  • When you compete at the expense of your customers………..

    • daniel bonnells


  • Google search will surely still work on iOS7? Both will compliment one another. As they do now.

  • Sachka

    See that? Crappy search results, crappy search results everywhere…

    • Vitaliy Anonymous

      Are you saying crappy because the general public embraced Google and dislikes competition? From my perspective, Google is a wonderful search engine (enough to have it set as the first link on my Speed Dial extension), but having monopoly is never good. I’d like to know your stance. Why do you dislike Bing so much?

      • Brandon Weidema

        Google essentially has a monopoly because they earned it. Its by far the best search engine available hence the popularity.

      • maurid

        That is correct sir. They didn’t buy their spot in this market, they earned it.

  • The minute I update I’m changing it to Google. Problem solved.

  • After Tim Cook’s apology about Maps, I am surprised that iOS 7 did not allow for changing default apps (e.g., Google Maps).

    • Hyr3m

      Surprised ? Really ? Which world do you live in ?

      • I was being idealistic, but considering the damage done, I thought they might want to recover. It would have been a change, for sure, but they seem to be allowing other services (Twitter, Facebook, and now LinkedIn), so it was a possibility. On rare occasions, Apple has realized their mistake and stepped back a bit. It will take them at least another year probably to improve Maps. I still don’t really see an improvement. Just yesterday, in fact, Maps had us drive in a big circle. We actually drove on the same road twice. It was humorous, but also odd.

      • Hyr3m

        Forget my comment then ^^ Living in a world where you can be idealistic is almost always a good thing so I can’t argue against that 🙂

        Although you have to admit that “allowing other services” is much easier for Apple to consider than “allowing to change default apps”…

        Thanks for the circle-driving apple maps laugh ^^ I needed it after the hell of a day I just had!

      • Yeah, my kid in the backseat asked “Are we going in circles?” and my wife said “no” because Siri was leading us. It was pretty funny. Have you seen this?

      • Hyr3m

        Yeah I remember that story ^^

        Apple truly is bad for your health!

  • Tobias Ruano

    we should choose which search engine you want to use

    • trumpet444

      Choice? How dare you demand such a thing.

      • genXhippie

        Especially, from Apple. 😉

  • erod434

    At least it’s not yahoo.

    • Lordthree

      … Maybe you aren’t aware but Yahoo uses Bing now. They got to far behind and made a deal with Microsoft to use their engine.

      So, it is yahoo.

      I don’t see this as a problem. I have bing as default on my Mac (google on ios) and it seems to return decent results. As much as I hate Microsoft I’d rather see them win back a little search traffic than allow google to continue its monopoly ?

  • Nicnl

    Bing integration ?
    Wolfram Alpha integration would be awesome…

    • andrewpeterturko

      W|A’s been in Siri since day one.

      • Nicnl

        Not really, that’s only if you’re using English version of Siri.

        If you use the French one like me ( as well as all others ), Wolfram Alpha integration is just disabled.

        That sucks.

      • Ian Jackson

        Use english Siri. 😛 You can type it fine, though if you do have an accent it won’t like it, as I’ve heard siri sucks with people with accents.

  • Muhammad

    Why bing?

  • Solo

    I have the iOS 7 beta running on my i5, and I have to stay it is very impressive. One thing to note though: it’s quite laggy sometimes in some menu’s (even on A6-enabled iPhone 5!), but remember this is only a beta and all the issues can/will be fixed by the final release.

  • Bob

    Google is the best and works perfectly. Bing is not good, I don’t even want to try it, because I have no reason to. Bing only exists as Microsoft are trying to dominate the internet. Bing, Internet Explorer, Windows 8 on desktops, Windows Vista, Microsoft have released so many crap products.

    • Joseph

      You’ll have a damn good reason to once iOS 7 releases with it and you likely won’t be able to switch engines.

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  • Khalil Essayli

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  • mav3rick

    Prepare for some other apologies in the fall…

  • geekinit

    Big mistake Apple! Better switch or give us options before launch or its Apple maps all over again for sure.

    • YzMENTALzY

      Nothing wrong with maps

      • geekinit

        So Tim Cook apologized just for the fun of it, eh?

      • YzMENTALzY

        He apologised because people made a big issue of something i never had a problem tbh

      • geekinit

        Apple Maps has my home address 6 miles down the road from where I live. Reported it several times. Still hasn’t been fixed.

      • Rahul Nowlakha

        As much as I am rooting for apple right now since competition is great for us consumers, Apple Maps is terrible – but getting better day by day. Just yesterday, Apple Maps took me to a location 15 miles from my destination and then told me to walk the last 15 miles….Google maps was able to get me to the exact location.

        All in all, I use both Google and Bing…each search engine is better at certain things than the other. With all that said, I’ll hold out on updating to iOS 7 until there is a jailbreak so that I can install NowNow and Googiri.

      • YzMENTALzY

        Bro i totally understand what you mean as i said me and my mates even my fiance have never had a problem with maps, also what people fail to understand is that it was a new service compared to the likes of google which had maps since 2003 even when they started off it wasnt the greatest, heck they werent as good as apple maps is when it started off lets take all these things into account. Apple have done the best they can, they even given you turn by turn for free with tom tom running the backend of things. They are still improving maps massively and i bet sometime in the future it will be bigger than google maps. I understand apple have eff’d up in certain things and let out a half baked maps app for some but i seriously cross my heart n say i never had a problem

  • Cesar D

    So you will be able to change to Google… If not i can break my iphone now.

  • Tiffany

    Oh hell no. Apple, what are you doing? Bing sucks and so does every search engine except for google.

    • Vitaliy Anonymous

      I see you are riding along on the Microsoft Hate boat. I’d like to know why you don’t like Bing. (I can understand if you don’t like Windows 8 or something like that, buy why Bing?)

      • I personally don’t like bing because I don’t want to settle for the second best search engine. I get much more results from Google search and don’t think that will change for…ever.

      • Simonas Narbutas

        why not hate it, when somebody creates a parroting product just not to lose people. I’ve tried searching with bing, but it seems that google reads my thoughts from 3 keywords I type in, with bing I had more problems than benefits, but maybe that’s only me..

    • Gorgonphone

      ios7 suks too

  • Ian Jackson

    Google > Bing. If you can’t change it back to Google then that’s just another thing pushing me back to android.. I do sometimes use Siri for search but I usually do find myself opening my browser. I think Google has nicer features in general..

    • Biken Dangol

      Come man!
      Nobody uses Siri for that long. It doesn’t have profound effect on any iOS users. From my perspective,I have used it twice or thrice,just to find the scores of NBA games but CONTROLLING setting can have some solemn effect on the uses of SIRI among users.

      COME on Man!! YOU don’t want to Go into Plastic world,Plastic boobs,Plastic Phones.
      JK.It’s your choice!!

      • Gorgonphone

        lol true i tuned siri off..

      • Sutanu Mondal

        Even my siri is always off 😛 it hard works properly with my voice 😛

      • Ian Jackson

        I use Siri on a regular basis to send text messages/calling while driving if it’s really important, or setting alarms. I don’t know… I really just don’t like Bing at all And for the rare time I do use it I don’t want to see Bing. I want to see Google. I would rather use Ask than Bing. And that’s saying something…

      • expensivelu

        So all of those things you actually use Siri for are in no way related to Bing whatsoever? or searching the internet whatsoever? Whoa this is gonna affect you greatly!! [/sarcasm]

      • Hyr3m

        Design-wise : HTC One > iPhone

        Functionality-wise : Android > iOS

        You’re right, it’s your choice !

      • Sutanu Mondal

        Y do HTC/android loves Comes To see the gossip abt iPhone design and features :P..
        trying to make them the best comparing with the best product n innovative product in market.. probably Y_Y..

      • Hyr3m

        Why ? I was wondering if they had finally pulled their thumbs out of their asses and I can see they they did pull one of them out but it was very shitty and smelly so they washed it and put it back in…
        I’m reassured now though, I know they wont change strategies and AAPL will keep going down so my bank balance will keep going up.

      • Dana W

        Pardon me for answering a two month old thread. But using IOS 7 with Siri now. I’ve had an iPhone since day one. But I agree with him. I have a 100% Microsoft free house. If there is no way to get Bing out of iOS I have bought my last iOS device. 100% Microsoft free, and planning to stay that way.

      • Biken Dangol

        I’m using Siri too. It has drastically improved. Nice voice but just for American english.

  • Gorgonphone

    i don care as long as i can switch to goggle..

  • Tiffany

    I like Microsoft and I have nothing against Windows 8. I used Bing in the past and I didn’t care for it.

    • Biken Dangol

      Only time, I used Bing was to search Google, When I bought my New Windows PC and, made google as homepage.

      • Hyr3m

        That moment in time when people stopped using URLs and started wasting time searching for search engines they liked on search engines they didn’t like in order to search for a website they already know the URL of…

      • Zachary Sloane

        hahahaha! I have a friend that does this all the time! Drives me batty! When he checks his gmail at my house, he goes to google and searches gmail and then clicks the link…instead of just going to

      • Hyr3m

        Or just clicking on “Gmail” at the top of the google main page ^^

  • Tsavo Walker

    At least it’s not yahoo…

  • Good thing that they didn`t bringed back from the ages of dinosaurs Lycos or Altavista…

  • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

    Siri is Bing Safari is Google good share Apple:p

  • Alejandro Maximo Marez

    Bing? Man I feel dirty…

  • Reya Huang

    Bing. Really. Apple, you know what? I think there’s something wrong with your mind. WWDC today has to be the most disappointing thing that’s happened to me in a long time. Have to say, so far I didn’t see a thing I like today from the reports.

  • Yet another shortcoming to be fixed by Jailbreak…

  • Kurdistan Apple

    can you change it to Google ??

  • genXhippie

    If one could choose, I would prefer Yahoo over Bing.

  • David Bluett

    Will continue to use Google Now in that case

  • Mitchell Petrie

    It may just be me but i dont know how much apple want to distance themselves from google as in the keynote when they did the demo of iwork in icloud on the pc they said “i have ie and chrome, so lets open Chrome” but this could be because they want to distance themselves from microsoft more than google but why use chrome to do that rather than opera, firefox or even safari for PC

  • Tigerkushhh

    What kind of bullshit is that, everybody knows google is the best search engine by far! I hope we can change this

  • TekNoah

    Bing! Fries are done. Seriously using Bing may sound great on paper but their search results are rarely relevant enough for me to even begin to come to a conclusion and 99% of the time I end up having to execute the search again on Google. The prospectof this steams me because there is no doubt in my mind that Google is evil.

  • burlow

    Good. I’ve been using bing for web searching for about a year now, and don’t notice anything missing that would make me prefer google

  • soccerkrzy

    This may be the beginning of the decline for Apple. I really didn’t think Steve Jobs had /THAT/ much impact, but he clearly did.

  • Cris Franco

    I’ve been using Chrome with the voice search and Google Search/Now with voice search often. I have to say Google’s AI understands me better than Siri. Maybe that will change but it is what it is today.

  • AMB_07

    I think this is a positive thing. With iOS’ popularity, Bing will surely expand on that deal which would create a more formidable competition to Google.

  • davidccasnfield

    if it works it works

  • Blackfeather

    So, Apple is abandoning Google’s search engine, to use Microsoft’s search engine? Makes complete sense.

  • Sutanu Mondal

    BING!!! .. NOOOO NEVER!! pleaseee….
    As it is ISO map is worst in india…
    now google search engine issues..
    Damn it, when something is getting so much innovative by design n by software..
    there are people who tries to stop making a better product ALL together…
    I love IPHONE.. but WITH GOOGLE..

  • sportmac

    there sure as hail better be a way to change the default.

    for you people going on about competition for google, this may be competition, but it’s not fair competition. ballmer said ms is throwing 10 billion (yes, with a B) at bing to “compete” with google. hail, alta vista could have competed if it only had a few billion to throw at it.

    this is the ms way. the xbox lost enough money before it saw a small profitable quarter that ms could have taken that money and built their very own international space station. there’s good competition in the gaming world for ya.

    the ms online servies – hotmail, msn, live, their dozen of search attempts – have never made a nickel – ever. in the over 10 years they’ve been around they’ve lost around 800 million each year. right there you have yourself your very own cern large hadron collider. yet, this company, who has never made a nickel online, was going to buy yahoo, you know, that business that actually had to work with those pesky things like bottom lines.

    this buying their way into markets does not set well. it’s large corporations deciding what you are going to use. don’t forget, google had lots of competition in the search field, they won. not good enough for ms. they’re going to shove bing down your throat on every new ms product and software.

    cripey, even yugo could have made a decent car if they’d had a few billion to throw at it.

  • Plast0000

    bing has got to a really advanced level these days, I decided to try it next to google and both bring good results, I still use google but I also use bing some times