AirPort Utility 1.3 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)AirPort Utility 1.3 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

As you know, Apple alongside a host of software-focused announcements today also refreshed its AirPort wireless appliances with compatibility for the latest 802.11ac standard, also known as Gigabit Ethernet. As a result, the updated AirPort Express and Time Capsule base stations can now transfer data up to three times faster, and more reliably too. And to go along with the hardware refresh, the company has pushed new versions of AirPort Utility for iOS and Mac…

The updated AirPort Utility for both iOS and Mac lets you configure and manage the new AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule with 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The Mac edition also includes “enhnanced remote management capabilities”.

AirPort Utility 1.3 for iOS can be downloaded free from the App Store.

AirPort Utility 6.3 for OS X is available through the Software Update… item under the Mac menu on your desktop.

In addition to speed gains, the new Time Capsule has a smaller footprint, measuring just 3.85-inches by 3.85-inches and 6.6-inches tall.

Both the new AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule base stations are available today from Apple’s online store.

  • TesticularFortitude

    I love this update. I sooo want to use a Time Capsule for my Time Machine backups, but thus far, backing up has been too slow. In 2013, can I finally throw away my tethered external hard drive and rely solely on Time Capsule?

    If not, it’s AirPort Extreme all the way!!!

  • Travis Blu

    “…from Apple’s online store.” should link to it in the store!

  • PseudoBoy

    “the latest 802.11ac standard, also known as Gigabit Ethernet.”
    Really? Hmmm I think not !
    Gigabit Ethenrnet is NOT 802.11 ac. Gb Ethernet IS 802.3ab

    • bseitz

      beat me to it… 802.11ac may reach real-world speeds similar to gigabit ethernet, but wired and wireless are two different beasts…

  • obezcinnet

    it’s an airport EXTREME refresh. airport EXPRESS has no 802.11ac support.