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Folks hoping that Apple would make some changes to the dark-themed App Store in iOS 7 will be happy to hear their wish has come true. In line with the rest of the UI design changes in the new software, App Store is now flat, white and easier to read.

In addition to the makeover, the App Store also receives several enhancements in iOS 7. Perhaps the most compelling change is the fact that users can now opt to have their applications automatically updated. Keep reading for more on the update…

Apple is adding a new ‘Kids’ section to the App Store, sortable by age, to make it easier for parents to discover new games and applications for their children:

iOS 7 App Store categories

And Apple has also added a few new (and very handy) location-based app discovery options that will give users recommendations for different apps based on either their location, or what local events they’re attending (for example, a pro sports game or a music concert).

iOS 7 App Store near me

Overall, very cool stuff. Stay tuned for more iOS 7 coverage.

  • Arturo Millan

    That… is … BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • jocastro

    That’s kinda gay..I rather do it my self when I want to

    • Zeus

      It said users have the option to. OPTION.

  • Judge

    Andriod has had this for years…Apple is playing catch up…Come on just now getting toggles

    • Dani Hayes

      Congratulations to Android.

    • Jason Dennery

      Apple really has never been the FIRST to do something with the exception of the iPhone and iPod, however generally when they DO do something, they usually do it exceptionally well (Apple maps was rushed out the door prematurely, but now I can’t tell the difference between Apple maps and Google maps).

      Apple is definitely playing hardball with their critics. They essentially stole all ofthe best jailbreak tweaks and integrated them into their own UI. And I really think their air drop solution is a much nicer feature than the silly NFC bump technology the Galaxy S phones use.

      Time will tell, but I think Apple hit an absolute home run on just about everything they revealed today. I would imagine the WSJ and other naysayers will change their tune now.

      Are they back to the Steve Jobs era? No. But Johnny Ive showed he had a pair of bollocks today and I think the speculators will respond well.

      At the very least, it gives the critics less talking points.

    • charlie feathers

      Dude nobody fuckin’ cares! Jailbreakers had those features and more before android did! So, how stupid do you feel now?

  • Bob

    I don’t want auto updates, sometimes application features are removed in updates.

    • Jordan Carter

      Are you people missing the word “option” here???

  • motti

    I like the new anti theft idea that even when the iPhone gets restored they can’t reactivate the device. The problem with the auto updating for the apps is if there is a cydia tweak for a certain app and that app get updated automatically it’ll ruin the cydia tweak #wewantanopenios

    • Jordan Carter

      Are you people missing the word “option” here????

      • motti

        Ow I didnt hear that but still we want an open ios

  • motti

    Let’s hope pod2g’s exploits that he said he has for ios 6 and wanted to wait for ios 7 whould work on ios 7

  • Thomas Flores

    The problem with auto updates on apps is for example. A few weeks ago their was an update for Mctube which takes away the cache option when downloading videos for non Internet playback. Well I didn’t update that app cause I use that feature a lot. But with auto updates apple can then force apps to update for certian reason and them were out of luck.

  • ExRoot

    Me no like the auto update. Aside from that I must admit it looks great. After really really checking it out after it is released I will decide whether it is worth giving up my jailbreak for awhile. I can already see how many apps I can eliminate. Who knows if devs will even bother with a JB. The only thing that would stop me would be the loss of MovieBox. Invaluable. I may have to JB my sins unused iPod touch 4th gen to install MB. That IS my cinema!

  • harry bimasakti

    Is that the picture of iphone 6?

  • Baaji

    I still believe my iPhone is beneath my fingers!