new iOS 7 features

Apple showed off a lot of cool new features in iOS 7 this morning. There’s the anti-theft measure, called Activation Lock, and ‘iOS in the Car,’ which lets users mirror their iPhone screens on in-car displays. And don’t forget about the new iTunes Radio.

But there’s also a lot of stuff in iOS 7 that Apple didn’t talk about today, due to time limitations and other restrictions. And looking at this slide behind Tim Cook at the end of the keynote, there’s at least 24 features that weren’t mentioned today…

  • Enterprise single sign-on
  • View PDF annotations
  • Inclinometer
  • Long MMS support
  • Per app VPN
  • Maps bookmark syncing
  • Phone, FaceTime and Message blocking
  • Smart download of TV episodes
  • Notification sync
  • Night mode for Maps
  • WiFi HotSpot 2.0
  • Scan to acquire Passbook passes
  • Turn-by-turn walking directions
  • FaceTime audio
  • New smart Mailboxes
  • Managed app configuration
  • App Store Volume Purchase
  • Tencent Weibo
  • Chinese English bilingual dictionary
  • Handwriting recognition for multiple Chinese characters
  • Improved Mail search
  • Streamline MDM enrollment
  • Do Not Track option in Safari
  • Italian, Korean and Dutch dictionaries

And we imagine that this is just a handful of the new features in iOS 7. Last year, Apple said that it added more than 200 new features in iOS 6, and this is a much bigger update. So we expect to see tons of new stuff pop up in the coming months.

Remember, this is just the first of what will likely be 4 or 5 beta releases before iOS 7 lands this fall. Also keep in mind that Apple typically saves one or two big features to announce alongside a new iPhone, which too is expected in the fall.

  • bllackghost

    jonathan ive .. i love you! <3

    • DorianK

      Just so we’re clear, these api change might have very little to do with Ive.

  • Amp

    has anyone with a developer account been able to download it yet?

    • bllackghost

      if you found someone let me know on black.ghost [at] me [dot] com

    • TesticularFortitude

      I have and I’m really enjoying. It’s surprising stable for a beta version.

      • Amp

        I haven’t been able to restore my iphone

      • trumpet444

        I couldn’t either but what seemed to have been the trick was to enter DFU mode, restore through iTunes (it will restore you to 6.1.4), After booting into 6.1.4 then Option click “Check for Updates” and select your iOS 7 beta ipsw file.

      • JakeFreudinger

        I shift updated not restore and it worked FLAWLESSLY. and I agree that it is suprisingly stable.

      • Jacob S

        I have also updated not restored with 7 and it was fairly quick and flawless. I have used previous bets of iOS 5 and 6 which was not stable at initial beta releases. But 7 is much more stable at the first release itself. I am very happy with the new features 🙂

      • can anyone activate my UDID? I’m not a Dev. been kicking around the idea but not dropping the $99 yet.

      • Brian Thompson

        Just update your existing activated iOS 6 phone. It will update it to iOS 7 beta, then beta 2 ota. This worked for me (Before registerring my udid) and several others.

      • Sigurd Boe

        Other than some non harmful, non intrusive, non irritating bugs. iOS 7 is very stable. Had to reboot after the install once (not a crash but some features not working right after the upgrade), and there are a few small graphical artefacts, other than that I love it. This is the best first DP of iOS ever released!

        OS X Mavericks, is even more stable (only 1 day of testing though), only bugs I’ve seen has been to do with AirPlay. But even that is surprisingly stable, and much less delay (have to try to game) than in Mountain Lion!

      • Yunsar

        Hey! Could you tell me if there are any third-party apps compatible with iOS 7

      • felixtaf

        I have most of my apps running smooth in beta. like whatsapp, Skype, facebook, viber, flipboard,dropbox, clear, mailbox, flipboard, temple run, youtube, hangouts, google drive etc… almost everything.. (sometimes the graphics have minor issues. But overall no problem… Even iTunes radio has few stations and few songs…

      • Chris Burlet

        How did you restore from your back up ? I have just intalled ios7 but the restore doesn’t work. It says ‘restauring’ after I chose my last back up. it only takes 5 seconds, iphone reboot and nothing else. I need my contacts and messages 🙁

      • felixtaf

        Hi.. I was on 6.1.4 with all my files apps and music. i downloaded the beta and connected my phone to itunes. Pressed Shift+Update (NOT RESTORE) and it updated my phone. All my settings and contacts, files, music and apps remains intact.. Some glitches due to non-optimized apps. other than that no issues so far. fyi my iphone 5 is from verizon and am using it abroad (as unlocked)… My suggestion is GO BACK to ios 6.1.4/6.1.3, restore from ur icloud backup and do SHIFT+UPDATE iOS 7 with iTUNES. you are good to go. Hope u can go back to 6.1.4….

      • felixtaf

        It helped????

      • Chris Burlet

        Hey! Thanks for the tips!! I was able to restore to 6.1.3 (iPhone 4S). I tried to sync on iTunes but I ended up locked in activation because of the dev only os lol.
        I didn’t see your comment before I tried again after downgrade so I installed ios7 as a new device…
        It’s ok though, with iCloud I got most of my things! Only the music is gone. Do you know if I can sync my music with iTunes without risking losing the iOS ?

      • felixtaf

        You can sync ur music. if something bad happens (it wont) u can always get ur stuffs from icloud. I synced this mrng and added few songs to my library… It was safe. try it…

      • Yunsar

        OK, I want you to give it to me straight. I have an iTouch 5th gen and I am thinking about updating. I will lose my jailbreak and tweaks like WhatsPad. Also most of the apps won’t be compatible. Can you tell me if it is worth it? BTW I LOVE THE NEW INTERFACE!

    • Pedro Gonzales

      I downloaded it yesterday, looking good so far. very different from iOS6

  • Brett Griffin

    Quick Reply for messages seems to have missed out again.

    • Damian W

      I cant believe it. OSX got it but iOS did not. Seems to be done on purpose. They gonna brag about quick reply next year.

      • Mitchell Petrie

        this is only an early beta so it may be added to the final version, hopefully with some decent looking icons

      • Joseph Murimi

        It’s only in the beta 1 phase. Chill. Maybe it’s in the works but they couldn’t demo it right there and then because it’s not ready. Notice how they totally skimped out on notifications. They’ve been known to add features that they don’t mention during the keynote. Plus they could easily add on quick reply before iOS 7 gains official release status.

    • DarekSlaby

      Apple may not have showed it but it might be included. I would wait for the devs to get their hands on iOS 7 and see what they find before dismissing this option.

      • Brett Griffin

        Lets hope. With a iOS replacement now for FolderEnhancer, SBSettings, AirBlue etc all ill need is biteSMS like features to be a happy camper.

      • SwipeSelection and I can never be happier.

      • billypuntove

        so sad to know that KBShortcuts will never be replaced. I don’t know what I’m going to do until the next jailbreak.

      • Kevin Schrader

        Maybe continue using iOS 6?

      • T. Allen

        TOTALLY agree with you. That was the one thing I was truly looking for….to be able to respond to an SMS no matter where you are in iOS. So I’m definitely hoping that is included.

    • noksucow

      Hoping they just ran out of time and couldn’t get to it. They have it in the new OS X, so gotta think it’s in the works.

    • Bryan Harman

      It works… i just did it.

      • Brett Griffin

        In iOS or OS X?

      • Bryan Harman

        iOS7. This was about the reply with text messages in iOS when you get a call. For a 1st Beta, this is very stable. Haven’t had a lot of issues yet!

  • Chris Garcia

    I think dynamic icons was another, did anyone else notice the clock icon moving?

    • Keyan Fayaz

      I noticed the stock’s icon changing… maybe I was seeing things

    • Brett Griffin

      Yep. Just watched it again. The seconds hand is defiantly ticking.

      • Sunilkumar

        yeah it is continuous, not the ticking (digital).

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    No new Siri languages…

    • Matheus Lisboa

      actually there is new languages! he said at the keynote… but we don’t know what languages, it’s way too early to say

      • JakeFreudinger

        Any information on when they are going to have the new voice for Siri? I still have the original Siri voice as I assume everyone else has.

      • Matheus Lisboa

        The new male/female voices are only available for some languages, but I assume that they’ll incorporate this on the second beta, since I haven’t seen anyone talking about the new siri these days

  • weztimonial

    Can’t wait.

  • Amp

    yay finally got my hands on ios 7! just backing up my phone really quick

    • Keyan Fayaz

      From where? upload the file somewhere please! Or share where you got your hands on that beautiful creation!

      • Amp

        developer account

      • Tony

        I’m just waiting for my account to be approved and then I will lose my ios 6 jailbreak on iphone 5 for the new ios 7 beta. It looks to have all the features I jailbroke for, other then themes and I’m sure jailbreakers will do their worst soon.

      • Amp

        any luck updating? i cant even restore my phone

      • Tony

        Nope, still waiting for apple to approve my dev account so I can install this and start working on apps. Hoping it happens this evening but I can see it taking till tomorrow afternoon.

      • Amp

        i doubt it, may happen sooner. mine was approved in about 20 minutes

      • Tony

        That would be great, it’s been an hour already though. Ah well. I know it will be approved within 24 hours and then I can start messing around with the new OS and figure out how to make apps. Wanted to do this for a long time, finally getting my act in gear.

      • Tony

        And there we go, time to install this new OS! 🙂 Glad I bought my mac mini a few months back too.

      • John

        Same here, I had auxo installed plus cycontact but now…this is good.

      • JakeFreudinger

        It is torrentable. But you DIDN’T hear that from me. Google is your friend! It may or may not take about 3 hours.

    • Yunsar

      Do you have to develop apps to become a developer, or can you pay $99 and download the beta?

      • JakeFreudinger

        You can pay $99 and just download it. They just make you pay for a developer account. If I where you, I would go to udidactivation(dot)com and just register your UDID and they supply you with a link. I used udidreg but since the launch their site has crashed.

  • Hey what happened to Siri for the mac?

    • brooks whiffen seale

      they will probably show us this fall at the iPhone 5S event

  • f1ght3r

    jailbreak team, let’s start looking for those exploits!!

    • genXhippie

      Yes, please do get started jb team when possible, thanks.

  • George Hutson

    So glad I left apple for android through my galaxy note 2 . I remember when apple would spoon feed me this crap ios update instead of upgrading the hardware which is the only thing that really matters anyway. Come on sheep wake up it only took me 4 iphones to do so but now im turning people to android everyday

    • billypuntove

      hardware the only thing that matter? What?

    • n0ahcruz3

      LOL! That was a good one!

    • brooks whiffen seale

      hello guys, that is my friend george and his computer died before he could finish his comment so he got to do it for him: The most efficient way to get people to come to andriod is by going to gay bars and sucking man-c@#k.

      • Damian W


  • jacob wolin

    imzdl, you redister you UDID for $8 and get access to ios betas for a year, im downloading ios 7 right now, when does the OSX 10.9 beta come out?

    • RyanFoley

      How? Direct or Torrent? Torrent link just brings me to a page with a bunch of characters and accented letters…

      • jacob wolin

        its fixed now, or it should be

      • RyanFoley

        Yea it is, thanks. You running 7.0 yet?

      • phijey

        Where i could get my access to those beta?

      • jacob wolin

        yeah, i got it last night and I absolutely love it!!!

  • Not a widget to be found.

    • Unless you count the new Notification Center. I’m not sure whether you should or not, but it should be considered… Look at the Weather and Calendar NC redesigns.

  • Charles

    When does beta 1 expire?

    • Palmer Paul

      2 weeks or so

  • VeRdUgO!

    http:// ibetadownload. com /download. html

    try this.

    • Trustworthy site?

    • Iqbal Ali Husni

      downloading… ^^

  • bushygoodness

    quick reply for messages or email?

  • Throndson

    Can I have some default wallpapers from iOS 7 please? That would be great.

    • there are only 4, 2 circle animated ones, a white pixelated one, and a starry night sky

  • MaK™

    Add 60FPs video recording to the list.

  • Rupinder S

    Whatever, I just can’t wait for iOS 7 and the next iPhone to release. I will also be purchasing my first MacBook (:

  • Faiz

    I am a registered Apple developer and am running iOS 7 on my device. Email me your UDIDs and I will register you for just $10 !

    • Stefano

      Yeah and for anyone who’s actually interested can go on ebay and do it for under $2.50 LOL

    • RyanB

      What’s your email address?

  • Tony

    I still can’t get it installed, I put my UDID on my account in the devices. I installed the IOS 7 beta on my phone. It still says its not on my account and won’t do anything. What am I missing? Should I install the xcode 5 beta and try that?

  • techtech72

    I wish they included quick reply but I like the new UI and siri voice

  • tim

    with the NC showing on the lockscreen now, looks like i wont have to pay another upgrade fee for intelliscreenx

  • MagnificentN

    Everyone should consider the “today” tab to be like Google Now for iOS.

  • trumpet444

    You can now put Newsstand inside a folder. Thats a mentionable feature

  • chepeloni

    “Phone, FaceTime and Message blocking” good lord! thank god!

  • Stephen Hucks

    There’s no more Facebook or twitter widgets in iOS 7, nor weather widget. Cover flow is gone too.

  • twited21

    I’m sure I saw listed 60fps video capture on the list or did I imagine it

  • “Phone, FaceTime and Message blocking”….Goodbye iBlacklist!

  • Barry

    I hope they include more languages for Siri.

  • Tom

    android sucks like hell its buggy and battery drains fast iphone is the best stable phone

    • maurid

      LOL have you tried the speed of a Nexus 4 or an Xperia Z? Or the everlasting battery of the Galaxy Note? Guess not, you seem like the type who speaks just because it’s free.

  • Common man pls support iptouch 4

  • Kurdistan Apple

    Schiller: “Can’t innovate any more my arse”

  • Bobby

    m`key, bye bye auxo, intelliscreenx, iblacklist, infinifolders, pluck. i still need zephyr, quick reply and ayecon theme lol

    • don’t need zephyr, I don’t see the fuss about quick reply, ayecon you can just download the icons and set them without jailbreaking.

      Only 2 things I miss – Activator (hold volume buttons up/down to skip songs & triple tap home button to lock as my lock button is broken)

      and I miss swipe selection

  • Cody

    Also they added Flickr and Vimeo intergration.

  • Miyagido

    We saw a quick reply to a notification in Mavericks. I wonder if that function will carry over to IOS7.

    • It doesn’t, but I can dismiss notifications by swiping them up

  • Cris Franco

    I’d like to know more about:
    New smart Mailboxes

  • JakeFreudinger

    Gotta say, I was regretting not getting the Galaxy S3 when I had an upgrade, and I understand that Android has had all this for a while now, but it is without a doubt a great update. I have a tablet running Android 4.2.2 and it is nice to have somewhat similar controls across my devices!

    • No

      Whoever voted you down is an in-denial Apple fanboy. Android has had all of this for a while, even the moving background.

      • JakeFreudinger

        Haha! In denial Apple fanboy, I love it. And yeah, it’s ridiculous that people are ACTUALLY saying that Apple’s concept of it is revolutionary and never done before. I do still like it, but it is certainly not revolutionary. Maybe for the iPhone itself, I suppose!

  • Pitchy

    Do Not Track… is that NSA approved? :p

  • Ryan James Christensen

    Any body notice the level in the Compass app?

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I was hoping to hear more about the SDK for Developers. More openness and not just add jailbreak tweaks.

  • the music app rocks

  • tskwierc

    I really wanted a quick reply to message feature

  • disqus_Bs9CVHxLQ1

    And one new (but minor) feature in iOS 7 is that you can swipe up on a notification banner to dismiss it

  • Hell yeah

    Is the Chinese English bilingual dictionary available to people on non-Chinese locales?