Interactive iPhone 5S and iOS 7 concept (Recombu teaser 001)

With WWDC 2013 almost upon us (five days left), the future of iOS and OS X is all but revealed. Of course, we can’t tell for sure what’s in store until Tim Cook takes the stage next Monday, but that’s not stopping creative minds from churning out new concepts on a daily basis.

As we’ve gotten a bit fed up with static images, we were pleased to stumble upon a cool-looking iPhone 5S concept that incorporates a Jony Ive-fied flattened iOS 7 mockups.

What sets this one apart is interactivity. This concept is basically a web app that lets you interact with the handset and check out the revamped stock iOS apps. Per usual, you should take it with a grain of salt as it’s based on what the rumor mill thinks it’s learned thus far about Apple’s major redesign…

After waking up the handset by hitting either the Power or Home button, you should check out the new Lock screen widgets by clicking the current time at the top. This brings up a handy panel where you can access oft-used settings, the stuff like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode and Location services.

Interactive iPhone 5S and iOS 7 concept (Recombu teaser 004)

9to5Mac recently reported that Apple is testing a “dedicated, easily-accessible panel for WiFi, Airplane Mode, and Bluetooth toggles.”

As for the new-look Lock screen, Recombu explains:

The lock screen still has a familiar appearance but there are some obvious new tweaks. The glossy, gradated look and feel has been replaced by a higher contrast UI which utilizes solid black as its main component.

The circular lock icon and slide bar replace the traditional animated ‘slide to unlock’ element, whilst quick access to connectivity shortcuts is now available.

You can also change the handset color (the next iPhone is said to be colorized), click the status bar to reveal a new notifications menu and browse the iOS 7 app concepts by clicking their icons.

Interactive iPhone 5S and iOS 7 concept (Recombu teaser 003)Interactive iPhone 5S and iOS 7 concept (Recombu teaser 002)

I don’t think iOS 7 will resemble any of these renderings.

That’s not saying we shouldn’t dream about the redesign and try to imagine what Apple’s first iOS redesign since the iPhone’s 2007 inception might look like.

For those wondering, the concept has been built from the ground up using only HTML, CSS and Javascript – without using a single image. Instead, they built the iPhone 5S image, as well as icon and app graphics, solely out of CSS and HTML code.

Indeed, try changing the windows size and marvel at how the entire mockup resizes itself accordingly.


  • Willie

    This dude should feel flattered for doing this >:)

  • seldom seen such a pos. even wb-theme FlatIcons is better than this.

    • Craig Keller

      The entire UI was done in pure html/css lol. Its incredibly impressive. There is not a single image asset in the entire UI. Its more impressive than any other iOS comp that i’ve seen simply based on that fact. It is definitely not a POS.

      • It’s not the point what it’s made of. It’s the point that JI would never release smth like that.

      • Craig Keller

        Did you see them make a claim that it was? I dont see where its claimed that this is the UI or even a suggestion for this to be a possible look for iOS7. It would be idiotic to think that you could pass off something designed with CSS shapes as a legitimate iOS7 UI. It says in plain english on the page that “This concept is intended to be a fun way for people to interact with an idea. [of ios sans-skeuo]”.

        Dont judge a book by its Blog Title.

      • I don’t see an effort through “funny” things like this. It’s like every time a launch or release is couple of weeks or days away some design nerds come up with their idea of the next big thing.

      • Craig Keller

        You seriously aren’t getting it. Just know that it is not pretending to be anything more than it is, and those of us who know enough to appreciate it for what it is, do.

  • Lordthree

    “That’s not saying we shouldn’t dream about the redesign and try to imagine what Apple’s first iOS redesign since the iPhone’s 2007 inception might look like.”

    Why waste everyone’s time with nonsense concept art? All this does is give foolish people false expectations.

  • Avery Massenburg

    A lot of this looks ugly.. :/ Some of it looks decent such as the Reminders app, but still not a good replacement.

    I think at this point I’m done with concepts, I wanna see the real thing.

    Pretty decent simulator though

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Fair play to the developer since although these concepts aren’t really my thing it is certainly some feat to build a concept like that using only html, css and javascript and without a single image…

  • SEAUte

    I like the idea of the applications being flatter but I honestly have no problem with the current look of the icons. Then again change is good, it freshens things up and the springboard could use some refreshing.

    I like the look of this concept. I don’t like the notes app look.

  • Adam Paulik

    I don’t believe that … It’s like to say Let’s change iron for stone! (Look at the banners nothing really flat … they only play with your mind and makes you to expect something different)

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Daydreaming is Fun.. :P.. But nice work anyway.. keep it up..

  • Jerry

    Flight mode looks like a bomb. It’s some kind of conspiracy.

  • Dixon

    If ios 7 i looking like this i will never update my iphone anymore !!!

  • Isn’t this what Android looks like now?

  • n0ahcruz3

    If it looks like that, no thank you. And i dont want to lose my JB.

  • Bob


  • Liam Mulcahy

    that is very hard to use

  • onebyone_

    I feel this UI more like Google design apps

  • ShawnD

    Does apple not get that we don’t want a complete redesign. We want widgets and gestures and more features.

    • Gorgonphone

      apple never cares what you want cause people keep buying up the crap they give us no matter what

  • Gorgonphone

    omg this looks like 1992 all over again… ijf apple does this i will lol..

    • you_fook

      How does this look like 1992? CSS wasn’t even released until December of 96.

      • there is no app shine or gloss

      • you_fook

        Most app icons do not have a shine or gloss. It looks normal to me.

  • mav3rick

    They’re arrogant and stubborn, never listened to what users want but they cannot be so irrational to release something like this. After painted like icons and interface to go ugly as hell with toyish cartoon icons and some color on the buttons? So retina screen will be used to display 8-bit colors? It will freak out and stir even the most fervent sheeps. Just waste of time presentation but they are not this stupid.

  • Devam

    Aha for some reason I don’t like the new disqus thingy where you like a comment and it shows you who liked it. It’s so crappy on iPad. Remove it seb, please. Thanks

  • ℤ̵̪͊α̵̢͆ḉ̴̢̒Ħ̸͕̒α̸̺̌ḉ̵̭̆к̶̫͠

    If this is going to be ios 7 I’m staying to ios 6

  • Sukha It

    Its a great idea and well executed, i wonder if the guys tried using testmachine to check for bugs… @TestMachine_ch

  • Mark

    Better if they make this as a second theme or skin option, though not as a default.

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    Maybe I’m in the minority but I’m baffled as to why people think that this flat look is better looking than the current version of iOS…