modern combat 5

Fans of the popular first-person shooter franchise Modern Combat will be happy to hear that Gameloft has just posted the first teaser trailer for the next iteration of the game, Modern Combat 5.

As you can imagine, the trailer doesn’t offer up too many details about the game itself. But it does feature a handful of entertaining action sequences in near-console quality graphics. Enjoy…

Modern Combat 4 landed on iOS back in December of last year featuring a new multiplayer mode with an all new ranking system, and a new loadout system with more than 20,000 weapon combos.

Again, not much is known about MC 5 other than the fact that it will land on both iOS and Android later this year. Gameloft does call this the ‘E3’ trailer though, so we should learn more details about the game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo next week.

Are you excited for Modern Combat 5?

  • mehrab

    Yes omg woohoooo!

    • Ryan

      waiiit is that sarcastic?

      • mehrab

        No :s im just excited about the fitth version of my favaorite fsp on ios

      • GambitGamer

        Did you ever try N.O.V.A. 3?

      • mehrab

        I bought it like months ago when it was on sale thank you so much for reminding me about it lol i completely forgot downloading now! I have seen nova 3 its great too but its too “futuristic” i like classy games

  • Chuck Finley

    Oh look, it’s Call of Duty. Even down to the same sound effects.

  • milksop held

    Ughhh nova 4?

    • GambitGamer


  • LongDongSilva

    I think even modern combat has more chnages than call of duty

  • Ricky

    Doea modern combat ever attend apple keynotes?

    • marco1993

      Yeah they do

  • Tiago Alexandre De Noronha

    Well, there goes my grades…

  • omrishtam


  • f5faith

    An impressive rip off of the original. Very interesting.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Looks amazing as usual but we’ll wait and see if my idevices have the gigabytes of free space that will be required to install it first…

  • Jan4843

    In the poster of the first picture there is a grammatical error.
    ‘Si può salvarti la vita’ doesn’t make sense in Italian.

    I’m really excited to be able to destroy the city where I live.

  • GambitGamer

    ‘near-console quality graphics’? It looks better than the CoD they showed at E3 when the PS3 was announced…

  • n0ahcruz3

    With games like this that require higher ram. Apple better upgrade their processor to quadcore and offer 32GB at 199. 16GB isnt enough anymore unless they offer expandable memory which is unlikely for apple.

  • No

    I’m not a huge fan on FPS games on mobile devices, but does anyone else find it amazing that a device small enough to fit in your pocket can play games that look better than games that people use to play on their PCs 15 years ago? It’s really amazing to me how far technology has advanced in such a short time frame.

  • Markieze Anthony Mitchell

    OHHHHHH!!!! MYYYYYY!!!! GOD!!!!!!! Im to excited for this right now you all have no idea

  • twited21

    Omg omg omg jizz in my pants can’t wait

  • Andrew

    That looks dope.