WWDC 2013 banners (Appleholic 001)

With less than a week until the highly anticipated June 10 keynote at Apple’s summer conference for developers, first banners are now going up at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Judging by the looks of it, WWDC 2013 will focus on a major iOS redesign that Tim Cook officially confirmed last week during his D11 segment. As more of these photos surface in the next hours, we’ll be adding them to this post throughout the day…

The top image, courtesy of Appleholic on Instagram, most likely depicts the new icons in iOS 7 which suggest a flat user interface revamp that Apple’s design guru Jony Ive has been working on.

And here’s a really blurry shot via appleiphonetechuk on Twitter.

Apple setting up for WWDC 2013

Another one, via Ahmed Essam on Twitter.

Apple setting up for WWDC 2013 (Ahmed Essam 001)

And the following two snaps, via MacStories.

WWDC 2013 banners (MacStories 002)

Apple setting up for WWDC 2013 (MacStories 001)

The one above tells us the official WWDC 2013 tagline: “Where a whole new world is developing”.

According to Apple’s boss, the teams amped up their innovation and collaboration.

“We recognized that Jony had contributed significantly to the look and feel of Apple over many many years, and he could do that for our software as well,” he said.

We’re not expecting new iPhones or iPads at the conference, though upgraded Mac notebooks remain a possibility with Intel’s official announcement of the fourth-generation Haswell processors earlier today.

For what it’s worth, Apple’s media release confirms the firm will “get new versions of iOS and OS X” into the hands of its registered developers. Just yesterday, Apple released the official WWDC 2013 app that will stream sessions videos as soon as they go live.

WWDC for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)WWDC for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

It also sports Passbook support, offers access to an archive of previous sessions and employs a curiously flattened appearance that gets rid of the gloss and shiny elements, probably foreshadowing the new iOS 7 look.

For comparison’s sake, check out the 2011 vs. 2012 app design.

WWDC app 2013 vs 2012

Conveniently enough, the company just released OS X 10.8.4 before WWDC next week.

The operating system update features Wi-Fi and Microsoft Exchange improvements, along with a host of obligatory fixes.

By the way, if you happen to be around Moscone West, do us a favor and take a few photos of these banners and we’ll feature them here.

So, who’s excited about iOS 7 and WWDC?

  • William Melendez

    I’m getting excited base on those icons it isn’t going to be black and white , lmao . That rumor was plain ridiculous to be honest !

    • No one ever said the icons would be black and white. See this for more details http://www.idownloadblog.com/2013/05/24/jony-ive-ios-7-black-white-flat/

      • samdchuck

        “black, white, and flat all over.”, “relies heavily on a black and white interface” and “a mostly black and white, flattened iOS”. Yeah no-one ever said that the icons would be black and white, just most of the entire interface…

  • Gorgonphone

    same boring icons just flatter..lol im not excited at all

    • Maxim∑

      yes lets judge on OS before it even comes out

    • KC

      Based only on what’s been hinted at so far, I’m inclined to agree with ya. UI changes? I saw nothing wrong with the glossy icons personally.

      I’ve since traded in my 4S for an HTC One so technically it doesn’t matter for me, although I’m mildly curious for my wife’s sake. I’m probably more interested in possible next OS X changes.

  • hasan51h

    I can’t wait , it’s gonna be a busy week with the E3 .

  • Sentry

    I’m no longer as excited about the ‘redesign’ (at least on the icon level) as much as I am the actual features that’ll be introduced.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      I bet there won’t be that many new features to iOS 7.. I feel like Apple is going to redesign everything in iOS and then a few small tweaks but nothing big. I see the big “more open” changes Tim Cook was talking about coming in iOS 8.

      • dedegarrido

        If apple doesn’t innovate now, it will loose lots and lots of costumers

  • Sn0wFl4kz

    I really like the design of the WWDC app.
    I can’t wait for iOS 7 to be introduced! 🙂

  • Aaron de Silva

    I think Apple has been dropping hints about UI redesign since they released the new Music App with the redesigned iTunes. Everything is going grey and flat!!

  • Howard

    The WWDC app is wrong, that’s the 2011 vs 2012 design, with the 2013 above it. Can’t wait for it! 😀

  • Lobo555

    Im all for new designed but i can bet that they wont release everything at once like new features and stuff

    • Rupinder S

      I personally don’t think they’ll even release iOS 7 at WWDC. If you consider how they’ve done it in the past, you’ll have to wait unless you’re a developer.

      • Michael Hulet

        They of course won’t seed to the public at WWDC! Every major revision of iOS to date has had several developer-only betas before the actual release. Do you think they’d change that now? And Tim Cook said that they “can’t wait to get new versions of iOS and OS X into the hands of developers”

  • sdhn97

    Hey Chris, the app design screenshots were of 2011 vs. 2012

  • corsa

    Those icons say Apple TV apps to me, not “flat icons for iOS 7”.

    • Chris

      Wat… Why?

      • corsa

        When the WWDC logo was first posted, the colors immediately reminded me of the NTSC color bars used in TV production — almost the exact same colors. The banner shows these icons kind of spread out, but still use the same colors. I dunno, might just be wishful thinking on my part. They really need to get third-party apps going on the Apple TV, they are losing ground to Roku, etc.

  • rosssimpson

    Talking about a flatter interface, the icons to make give more depth and seem transparent-ish! Do you reckon thats another hint?

  • Jackson Grong

    Looks Like every app will have different color? ://

  • Dave Elg

    iOS 7 will need to have a whole lot more than an icon makeover to get me to give up my jailbreak and upgrade.

    • Vitaliy Anonymous

      To me, it will take two things to make me upgrade:
      -Integration of NCSettings.
      -Something real big update that makes iOS7 worth upgrading.

      These two things COMBINED would make me give up my jailbreak.

    • Gorgonphone

      yeah i agree IOS just needs a jailbreak

  • Daniel Hernández

    I’m so excited about iOS 7 and WWDC but I feel I iDB is forgetting about the another exciting topic which is T-Mobile’s rollout of LTE which is been lightening fast, I mean I traveled all over Northern California and it’s almost everywhere!!!! 🙂
    AT&T barely rolled out LTE in Sonoma County and T-Mobile already did it tak moths just a few months, Not like AT&T and Verizon That tookthem years, my god, kicking ass!!!!

    • Gorgonphone

      still not in atlanta

  • mav3rick

    Great, flat icons. Everybody else is having them. Let the choirs start praise: Great Innovation!

    • Darek Slaby

      More like evolution. Just like Windows 95 evolved to 98, xp, vista, 7, and now 8. If it ain’t broke, dont fix it. You wouldn’t expect every version of Windows to look completely foreign….same think is happening here. iOS works great but it obviously needs a few tweaks here and there, hence the evolution.

      • mav3rick

        Runs smooth but it gives no real usability at all as mobile OS. Crippled in every way.

  • Sero Eskandaryan

    What I notice other than flat icons is the transparency of the icons. Very cool 🙂

  • Maaz

    Should be awesome 🙂

  • sfard

    did any one notified about new bing and skydrive and also google icon…after the last update…
    they all got simple design. it seems be microsoft and google know somthing about ios 7

  • Ricky Rodriguez

    Does anyone notice that he icons are semi-transparent maybe they will be semi-transparent in iOS 7

  • Gorgonphone

    i feel bad for apple.. they are clearly in need of a stronger leader.. apple is steve… there are other humans like steve .. but i fear that apple wont find on in time…

  • onebyone_

    can’t wait to see new iOS and OSX 😀

  • 아사모