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Those in the market for an interesting new iPhone accessory might want to check out this new flexible universal mobile mount, otherwise known as the FUMM. The odd-looking gadget can transform itself into a mount, stand, or dock for your iPhone.

It’s able to pull this off thanks to three durable, metal flex tubes and two plastic pads lined with special ‘nano suction pads.’ The patent-pending technology enables to mount on almost any surface and withstand more than 10 pounds of pull force…


More specifically, the metal tubes are made of many smaller metals assembled for small radius flexibility and stiffness to hold their adjusted shape. As for the suction pad, think of it as a million tiny suction cups lined up in rows, all making tiny vacuums.

The developers say that they expect the suction pads to last “several generations of smartphones.” They’ll stick to clean glass, tile, metal, varnished wood, most plastics and polished stones. And if they get dirty, a quick wash will revamp their stickiness.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the FUMM isn’t a real product yet. It’s currently just a prototype, but if the Kickstarter project reaches its funding goal, it should begin shipping in September. A pledge of $29 will get you on the pre-order list.

Honestly, I think the FUMM is a really cool idea. And it looks like it works with most mobile devices (not just iPhones). But I just can’t get past the size of it. Even in the video, as they try to show how small and portable it is, it looks ridiculously huge.

What do you think of the FUMM?

  • Zeyad Kambouris

    Very Cool, I like it …

  • M Last

    really useful
    I”ll purchase.

  • those nano pads IME are very usefull until they get a bit of dust.. Then they stop sticking. having it in car I constantly had to wash it..

  • RyanB

    The way she says ‘here’…

  • Bob

    You guys should do an article on the Embrace+, it’s a notification bracelet for iOS and Android that lights up. Their Kickstarter is going to finish in a few days. There’s better projects than this that deserve exposure more.

  • ReanimationXP

    Cool, another stand -_-

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Also, they could have done more with the video, it looks a bit too home-made and honestly, I wouldn’t carry this stand on my pocket as it is being advertised (sorry, that was too funny in my opinion).
    I like the idea of having something flexible so it’s easy to adjust to whatever the needs are, however I find it too bulky and it looks a bit heavy (I’m not saying this latter is the case though). I believe the aesthetics of the product are not at its best so if they could improve that, I’d buy it for sure. 🙂

  • So, will it stick to a case like the Griffin Elan Form case? Not going caseless just to use a stand….