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This year has been kind of a weird one for Apple in terms of product releases. It’s June now, and we have yet to see a new iPad this year (no, I’m not counting the 128GB model). That hasn’t happened since the tablet’s inception back in 2010.

But it’s coming. Or should I say they’re coming. Apple is expected to release both a new iPad and iPad mini this year. And according to a new report out of China, the former is coming in Q3, and the latter will arrive just before the holidays…

DigiTimes reports:

“Volume production of a new-generation 9.7-inch iPad will begin in July-August with shipments in the third quarter estimated at five million units. Meanwhile, a second-generation iPad mini may see its volume production postponed from September to November, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers.”

The site goes on to offer up further details on the larger iPad, saying the tablet will adopt a thin-film touch panel solution to reduce its weight by 20-30% and thinner bezels to increase its display area. It will also sport a ‘modified’ industrial design.

Admittedly, DigiTimes has a fairly hit-or-miss track record with Apple intel. But it’s worth noting that the site has been correct on a number of occasions, and today’s report of a redesigned fifth-gen iPad matches up perfectly with previous chatter.

As for the new iPad mini, the reason for its delay is believed to be the result of one of two things: either Apple is worried that the smaller tablet will continue to impact [9.7-inch] iPad sales, so it wants to space their releases out, or the supply chain is simply having trouble mass-producing them.

Either way, it sounds like we could see the iPad 5 at a September event, possibly alongside the iPhone 5S, and the new iPad mini at an October or November event. That may seem kind of weird considering they were introduced side-by-side last fall. But then again, this has been kind of a weird year for Apple.

Concept image by CiccareseDesign

  • Nick

    Love that design concept.


    I just want an iPad mini with retina display and A6 or A7 ..

    • Ahmadjoon

      And full size iPad will be a piece of shit!
      Then, no one will buy that!

  • Mitchell Petrie

    Is it just me or does it seem like apple is shifting all its release times to the end of the year allowing time for the release of a new product or two in the first 2 quarters? Especially following the interview with Tim Cook at D11…

  • mehrab

    The ipad mini can affect the full sized ipad sales even more in the future apple really has to nail the ipad 5 and make it really power light and thin

    • Kurt

      I’d love it if the rumors of it being larger are true. 9.7 is nice and all. But I’d like it to be larger. I use my iPad only at home so it would suit me very well

      • mehrab

        Look at thise windows 8 tabletop tablet thingys they are super expensive tho