New hacked Verizon carrier update promises faster data speeds

By , May 29, 2013

iPhone 4S Verizon LTE

Over the past month or so, we’ve seen hacked carrier updates released for both T-Mobile and AT&T. The modded firmware files were posted with the promise of improving data speeds in iPhones, and iPads with built-in cellular capabilities.

Not wanting to leave the folks on ol’ Big Red out, the developer of those two hacks has posted a hacked carrier update for Verizon. And like the others, it promises to better device performance on the network by opening up its bandwidth…

Here’s a technical explanation of how the hacked carrier update works:

“This hack enables 1x Advanced and EVDO Rev. B on the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, 4, and mini as well as enhancing LTE data speeds. Though Verizon is limited to EVDO Rev. A, the device itself becomes more open to an increased amount of bandwidth thus allowing for better throughput of data and data connection. Throttling code was put in place to limit users to a certain amount of bandwidth on 3G and LTE but will now have a better opportunity for some faster speeds. This won’t increase signal so don’t expect it to like the AT&T version of this hack.”

Of course, there’s no guarantees it will work for everyone. The developer says that your level of success with the hack greatly depends on where you are located. Things like population density and wireless traffic all play a factor into your results.

“This hack does NOT guarantee that you will see any dramatic changes or any change at all as certain areas are simply limited because of population density, natural features that degrade signal, the traffic on a specific tower, and even the amount of spectrum the tower is limited to as not all LTE towers have been upgraded to 10MHz or more for higher bandwidth support. If you feel this hack has not helped you, we have provided a way back to defaults, if you choose to do so.”

Those wanting to try out the hack can find step-by-step directions. The tutorial is entitled ‘Verizon Hacked Carrier Update for iPhone and iPad,’ and it works with the iPhone 5 and both standard and mini iPads with built-in cellular.

We haven’t tried this ourselves yet, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness. But I do know that a lot of our readers reported improved network performance after installing the hacked AT&T update, so it might be worth trying if you’re craving more speed.

Have you tried it yet? Tell us how it worked for you in the comments below.

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  • jalen springfield

    Where’s Sprint?? XD

    • Joe

      Sprint is coming up next, my friend. Don’t worry. 🙂

      • limbert desir

        hey joe if your iphone 5 is jailbroken will i loose my jailbreak email me ldesir05@gmail

      • Liski

        Any chance for the Australian carrier Telstra?

    • Alexis

      I’m wondering the same thing. There’s already AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon out of the big 4. Only Sprint is left and it’s the carrier that needs the speed boost most.

    • Kyle

      How faster can Sprint get, honestly?

      • Dani Hayes

        I’m sure a hacked sprint iPhone 5 could reach actual 3G speeds. Haha.

    • Joe

      Sprint update is now out 🙂

      • jalen springfield

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Speeds nearly DOUBLED! I love you, man!

      • Joe

        Not a problem. Glad I could help 🙂

  • Tender Vittles

    Does anyone know if this would work with the Straight Talk iPhone 5 that runs on Verizon? Also, I noticed that it says click update, does this jeopardize your jailbreak?

    • Joe

      You’re not actually updating. You’re just enabling the carrier update by holding the shift/option key while clicking shift. No jailbreak will be lost 🙂

      • Tender Vittles

        Well, that solves half of my worry. You wouldn’t happen to use Straight Talk’s iPhone 5 would you? lol

      • Joe

        No, but as long as the Verizon carrier bundle is in use through Straight Talk, you should be able to do this. Although, you won’t see LTE since Straight Talk is very limited to EVDO 3G.

  • rosssimpson

    I want one of these for Vodafone UK if it’s possible! The iPhone lags behind compared to the s3 from personal experience in the network speed side of things :(!

    • Joe

      Please submit any carrier you wish to have “hacked” at Thanks! -Joe 🙂

  • Kyle

    Heh, I was at the hospital the other day and was looking for this. Thank god it’s out now, can’t wait to try it.

  • CovXX

    I just tried it myself, my LTE up and download speeds increased a lot

    • Joe

      Awesome! Enjoy those faster speeds. 🙂

      • Jason Green

        Is it possible for you to make a hacked mod for the LG G2 ATT version? The phone is actually unlocked and being used on straight talk. Thanx

  • Edward Pacheco

    I just did it, now I’m getting 1.15 mbps up and down on LTE. I’m really impress.

    • greg

      That’s very slow. I’m getting 20 Mbps down and 2 up

      • Edward Pacheco

        You’re right. I ran the test at work, at home I’m getting 18 down 5 up. It depends on the location.

  • Edwin O Crespo

    Don’t do it I regret it. When I did it with my iPhone 5 on AT&T And I still can’t reverse it

    • Joe

      We updated the revert guide to fix any issues when going back to stock carrier settings. Did you not follow it? Also, we have a disclaimer for a reason. Did you not read that? If you’re having issues, its not because of anything on our part. :/

  • Kyle

    Just installed. Getting fluctuating speeds but I guess it’s an improvement. Hope this isn’t a battery anchor, too lazy to revert.

  • Edwin O Crespo

    Are you planning to do a video on this it could be that I made a mistake I have the iPhone 5 on AT&T. Also I had the Tweet called tetherme from cydia and Once I Downloaded The AT&T hack From another subscriber. I was not able to download it my iPhone kept saying searching For signal. Thank you and I hope you can help me out

  • Brandon Downs

    iphone5….went from 17.5 down/13.95 up to 8 down/10 up. Southwest missouri is the location….i definitely do not recommend :

  • Rupinder S

    What if I’m doing it on an iPhone 4S? Does it void warranty? AT&T, by the way.

    • rosssimpson

      Only works on an iPhone 5 or iPad

  • Andrew

    I dunno my IPhone 5 is already pretty fast. Im in Boston. Has anyone around here tried this. And is it worth it.

    • Brandon Downs

      im not in the same location as you (i’m in southwest missouri)..but this slowed me way down…went back to the default and now i’m back to normal speeds. (iphone 5 here as well).

      • Andrew

        Thanks for the reply. I’ll just stay away from it. It’s seems like it would be a hassle to go through the install process to only hopefully get better speeds. My lte is always awesome in Boston so ill leave it alone. Again thanks for the reply.

      • Brandon Downs

        no prob 🙂

      • Edwin O Crespo

        I’m in Pennsylvania

  • Phil Scott

    Just installed mine. Went from 8 down, 2.8 up to > 14.6 down, 5.4 up (avg after a few speedtests before and after). Big thanks!

    • Joe

      You are most certainly welcome. Enjoy those faster speeds! 🙂

  • Edd Yeganian

    Any chance we could get directions for jailbroken iPhone 5’s?

    • Joe

      The guide is made for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken users. To revert back, there are separate guides.

      • Edd Yeganian

        I keep getting a “Could not read from the device” error in iTunes. Any way to manually install the files through SSH or iFile?

      • Joe

        Download the file to your device through iFile, change the extension from .ipcc to .zip, unarchive it, then place the files.

      • Edd Yeganian

        That worked, cheers!

      • Joe

        Awesome. Enjoy! 🙂

      • Javier Martinez

        Where do you place them?

  • Dylfo

    Does this work with 4s?

    • Joe

      Not entirely sure TBH. Haven’t tested it on any other devices besides the 5.

  • Laspecas

    @joe can i use the hacked t-mobile carrier for simple mobile?

    • Joe

      Yes 🙂

  • Mohammad Memon

    I wish there was one of china Unicom in main land of china

  • jacob wolin

    Works decent in MI noticed a few MB of difference

    • Tender Vittles

      Where at in MI?

      • jacob wolin


  • Javier Martinez

    Couldn’t install this. The file was grayed out when I went to update it iTunes.

  • rjskeete32

    I average 20 down and about 7 up so don’t need an update xD

  • Sprint next. Please. Anything could help that slow ass network…

    • Something tells me there’s more to it than a tweaked carrier update to fix any Sprint slowness…

  • David J Delgado

    Ran a speed test on this prior to updating, and in the NY area, I was getting about 36Mbps/10Mbps. After doing this update, I am at 43Mbps/10Mbps. It did it’s job just fine, even if I was already running on some fast speeds. I have the screenshot of my speed test if anyone is doubtful.

  • ksb86

    Verizon Jailbroken iPhone 5 on 6.1.2 in SLC, UT area.
    So I just did this and it worked great – I did 8 tests. (some with headphones and some with out because I’ve noticed that it actually makes a small difference – sometimes noticeable and sometimes not) Anyways, this update did wonders to my speed.. almost doubled it:

    (w/o headphones)
    D – 9.45mbps
    U – 6.57mbps
    D – 13.15mbps
    U – 5.16mbps

    (w/ headphones)
    D – 16.64mbps
    U – 4.8mbps
    D – 12.42mbps
    U – 5.01mbps

    (w/o headphones)
    D – 22.64mbps
    U – 6.06mbps
    D – 24.73mbps
    U – 8.72mbps

    (w/ headphones)
    D – 25.08mbps
    U – 6.21mbps
    D – 19.25mbps
    U – 6.72mbps


    • Joe

      You are very welcome. Thanks for sharing this with everyone 🙂

  • Dlevi309

    Hey Joe, if you’re reading this by any chance id first like to say great job 🙂 and i am the creator of CarrierEditor and was wondering if you would like to sorta team up for this awesome hack you’ve created 🙂 thanks, if interested just respond. -Daniel

  • Tom

    Can I do this directly on my jail broken verizon iPhone 5? Or do I have to do it through iTunes? You should make this a package install on Cydia with an uninstall feature or revert to stock feature

  • Andrew

    What are you guys using check the data speeds after you do the update

  • Guest

    carrier still shows 14.2 after applying the update, even though the file shows 14.1. I’m assuming it won’t allow me to back date the carrier?

  • Palmer Paul

    Does it work on an iPhone 4?

  • Kameron Burton

    So it works on iPhone 4s?

    • Kameron Burton

      nevermind. i see it answered below

  • charlie

    I followed the instructions perfectly but when I try to load the carrier file I get (on PC) “The iPhone could not be updated. An unknown error occured”. I tried it also on a Mac and I got “The iPhone could not be updated. Could not read from device”. I have a factory unlocked iPhone 5 running on ATT. I followed the instructions exactly and even restarted both computers and iPhones several times. Could you give me some help with this please? Thanks.

  • bb12301

    Does this work with iOS 7?