Ensure your iPhone’s screen stays dim during phone calls with DimInCall

By , May 25, 2013


Have you ever been in the middle of a phone call on your iPhone and noticed your cheek was pressing buttons? Sure, there’s a proximity sensor there that’s supposed to keep this from happening. But any kind of jostling can thwart its efforts.

Luckily there’s a jailbreak tweak that can help with this problem. DimInCall, by developer snakeninny, will automatically dim your screen when it detects your iPhone has established a call connection. And it’ll keep it dim until the call is over…

The tweak comes in the standard package. Once installed, you can configure all of its options from within the Settings app. These options include 4 toggles: dim with microphone, dim with speaker, dim with headphone and vibrate on connection.

I’ve been testing DimInCall over the past 24 hours, and so far it’s worked great. My iPhone 5’s display dims instantly once a phone call has been connected, and it stays that way until I press either the Power button, the Home button, or disconnect.

Ok I’ll admit it, my iPhone’s proximity sensor has betrayed me more than once. But is it annoying enough to buy a tweak? I don’t think so. If it is for you, though, this is one of the better options. You can find DimInCall in the BigBoss repo for $2.

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  • rasengan720 .

    Any one know a tweak to block calls and SMS from a specific number?

    • dudewassup


      • rasengan720 .

        Thank you I shall go try it

      • Bob

        iBlacklist always causes resprings for me and does not function correctly. SMSninja is however free and does the job.

      • rasengan720 .

        ok but what about call blocking?

      • Bob

        It does block calls.

    • tariq haidari

      just reply the word STOP

      • rasengan720 .

        Haha I tried but its not stopping πŸ˜€

    • Guest


  • Malan Raja

    Let me be the first to begin the cascade, “What theme is this? “

    • Brian Kieffer

      It looks awful!

      • mrloko

        Yaa specially the toggles

      • Brian Kieffer

        Yeah. I understand that the theme as a whole could be good, but I would never look at those toggles and wonder what theme that was. πŸ˜€

  • Malan Raja

    Please review FlowBoard, it seems amazing! completely rejuvenated iPad user interface!

    • Dylfo

      Is there a flow board version for iPhone it looks cool but I’ve only got a phone

  • Dylfo

    What’s the theme?

  • lemonhead

    Looks sick. Thanks for the tip !
    But Dreamboard is killing me it crashes the device way to often & it’s a battery drainer…

  • Guest


  • As an iPhone user whos proximity sensor seems seems to have gone awol and i’m either muting calls or activating loud speaker…

  • I have an iPhone with a broken sensor, so it either never turns off, or won’t turn back on, and you can’t hang up. Will this fix it? It might be worth a jailbreak if it does.