Microsoft iPad ad (teaser 001)

Wow, that was quick. Following on yesterday’s Windows 8 commercial which uses Apple’s Siri to highlight the iPad’s perceived flaws – such as its $499 price point versus an Asus VivoTab Smart and lack of Office (go figure), the Redmond-based software giant today release another ad along the same lines.

Suggestively titled ‘Comparison: iPad vs. Windows 8 Tablet’, the commercial pits an iPad 4 against an Asus Vivo Tab RT, which is based on the same ARM CPU technology like Apple’s tablet. However, the software maker has been caught cheating…

As you can see below, the commercial praises the Asus hardware for being thinner (0.37 inches versus 0.32 inches) and lighter (1.44lbs versus 1.16lbs) than the iPad 4.

Of course, the Windows maker also highlights its Office offering (“One Note app only comes with Microsoft Office”) and multitasking capabilities of Windows 8 that allow users to run two apps concurrently in split-screen mode.

You also need to buy a micro SD adapter for your iPad, the ad proclaims, and can only print to a special AirPrint-compatible printer whereas the Asus tablet prints wirelessly to “nearly all printers”.

Microsoft also has a nice web page up where users can choose to compare an iPad 4 to an Asus VivoTab Smart, Dell XPS 10, HP Envy x2 and Microsoft’s own Surface RT.

Microsoft compare tablets

Unfortunately for Microsoft, Elliot Temple of points out that a comparison between the iPad and the Asus device on Microsoft’s web site is inaccurate, to say the least.

iMicrosoft claims the Asus tablet “has a bigger touchscreen” whereas in reality Asus’ device has 3.55 percent less area than the iPad, not 36 percent more as Microsoft depicts.

Microsoft anti-iPad ad cheating

Elliot explains:

The iPad screen is 7.76 by 5.82 inches. The ASUS screen is 8.8 by 4.95 inches. ASUS is larger in one direction but smaller in the other direction, and has 3.55% less area than the iPad, not 36% more as Microsoft depicts.

How can the screen with a larger diagonal measurement be smaller? Because it’s a different shape. Long and thin gets you a bigger diagonal but a smaller screen, for the same diagonal inches.

On a related note, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates recently asserted that people are frustrated because the iPad “lacks real keyboard and real Office”.

We’ve come a long way since Apple’s Mac vs. PC campaign, no?

  • So why else would Microsoft be comparing it’s crappy tablet compared to the iPad? Because the iPad is the real deal their Asus Vivo isn’t.

    • 100% agreed!

    • Liam Mulcahy


    • Brian Kieffer

      *cough* Mac vs PC *cough*

      • jp2002

        Mac vs PC has pretty solid points, unlike this Ad.

      • Brian Kieffer

        This ad makes more sense than a good amount of the Mac vs PC ads. Remember the webcam Mac vs PC ad?

  • Om

    The iPad 5th generation is going to be thinner than the Asus tablet. They’re literally comparing last years’s technology with this year’s technology. Shame on them.

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      Maybe if Apple would release the iPad 5 they wouldn’t have compared it with iPad 4.

      • Altechi

        This is much. Was kinda disappointed with the Ipad 4S. Hoping for something exiting come July

  • Plistumichu

    Microsoft will buy Asus? Why are they comparing an Asus device vs an iPad? I don’t get it.

    • Osama Muhammed

      they’re offering everyone a free advertisement haha

    • They’re killing two birds with 1 stone; Windows offers a lot more functionality and options on hardware.

      • Plistumichu

        They’re not offering options on hw, other vendors provide those options!

      • Improve on those English comprehension skills of yours…

  • Taf Khan

    I ask you Microsoft… Why not try comparing sales figures with Apple?

    People know what they want and require, judging by the sales figures it is clearly the iPad!

    • Why didn’t you and your herd ask the same to Apple when they were doing the “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” commercials?

  • Johnny S.

    So why isn’t MS using their surface as part of the comparison? Oh is it because it sucks so hard that they are too embarrassed to even mention it?

    • Because it starts off at $899! Wifi only at that price!

      • Lol, I see you’re comparing the price of a full fledged PC in tablet form (the Surface Pro) to a dumbed down tablet. There actually is a price draw for much more functions.

        The Surface RT base model is 32 GB (~8GB taken by the OS and ~8 GB taken by a removable stock image, living ~16 GB for personal data) and priced at $499.00. On the contrary, the iPad base model is 16 GB (~ 1GB taken by the OS, living ~15 GB for personal data) and priced at $499.00.

        Yet the Surface RT offers a lot more functions out of the box, thanks to its built in ports.

      • Except Windows RT only runs crappy Windows Store apps. The only reason for a Windows tablet is to run full blown Windows program’s other than that you’re better off with an iPad or even a crappy droid tablet and I’m sorry but clearly your heads in another place if you do not agree.

      • Lol, by “crappy Windows Store apps” you mean just like the dumbed down iOS apps availble in the AppStore?

        “The only reason for a Windows tablet is to run full blown Windows program’s”

        Says who? Herd master Apple?

        Most individuals are computer illiterates and only use productivity applications, like Microsoft Office, on a day to day basis on their laptop. On top of that, they use external peripherals like USB thumb drives, Printers, Scanners and fax machines. Other time is spent on consumption tasks like researching and streaming Flash videos/games online.

        All of that is offered by Windows 8 RT on a wide range of hardware, yet priced the same as a toyPad. So, not sure what’s with your biased opinion of the toyPad being better for every tablet function.

      • “Lol, by “crappy Windows Store apps” you mean just like the dumbed down iOS apps availble in the AppStore?”

        Precisely! However one thing that I can guarantee is that iOS 7,8,9,10,11,12… will all be free upgrades. I can’t imagine Micro$oft doing the same for their OS. Going back to the original point though is that since you have agreed that Windows Store apps are just as dumbed down as AppStore apps then we can both agree that it does not matter whether you have a Windows tablet or an iPad other than the points I have already made and points I could make should you request them.

      • Soon as Apple adds a USB port (and makes iOS compatible with all the peripherals which Mac OS X is compatible with) and Microsoft unveils Office for iOS – which they probably will, as a subscription service linked to a Microsoft Account (bypasses Apple’s 30%-of-the-pie policy) – there definitely won’t be a reason (other than “cheap”) to buy a Windows RT tablet.

        For now, that isn’t the case…

      • Do you not think that quality is a reason to choose the iPad? Or are the Windows tablets that are out there of a similar build quality?

        Also what about viruses and malware or is that not a concern since Windows RT is essentially watered down Windows 8?

      • Personally, I don’t consider Magnesium to be a cheap material for the body of a device; I find it to be as premium as Aluminum, just different in appearance…and conductivity as an antenna. So, I believe the qualities are matched (of course I’m talking about the Surface RT and Surface Pro, not one of those plasticy tablets).

        In the case of Windows 8 and Windows RT, Microsoft has coded anti-malware – it’s pretty much Microsoft Security Essentials slightly watered down (to avoid lawsuits from the malware makers who call their products Anti-viruses) – into the OS itself . However, they are still not bulletproof against the PEBCAK (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard) issues. As they can download/upload any file from/to anywhere on the internet and the user can still tell the security system to ignore the malicious file after multiple on-screen warnings (from Internet Explorer SmarScreen Filter, Windows SmartScreen Filter and finally Windows Defender).

        Malware is always a concern in anything running software, connected to the internet and controlled by a human. In the end, the best anti-malware solution is simply to be self-conscious of your online security…

      • You’re seriously pitching for the Surface RT? I’d take the crappiest hemDroid tablet over this useless paper weight. Enjoy your RT with the rest of the 50 people that actual bought it.

      • No, I’m being unbiased and reasonable, whereas you clearly can’t do that unless herd master Apple tells you, typical iTard…

    • That’s the biased way of looking at it…alternatively it could be that they’re killing two birds with 1 stone; Windows RT offers a wider range of functionality and options on hardware.

  • pauleebe

    Gotta be honest, Microsoft raises some very good points.

    If Apple wants the iPad to continue to be taken seriously in the work environment, iOS 7 needs to bring basic functionality such as multitasking and easier printing. I think we can all agree that SD card functionality isn’t used by most (especially in Fortune 500 firms).

    The iPad 5 will for sure have BETTER BATTERY LIFE and be thinner and lighter.

    • Ignotus Perevell

      That’s the true! 🙁 they have right in some big points

    • David Cawthorne

      Hi, I agree on your multitasking suggestion and better network printer support needed for iOS7. But I do think we really could do with two way USB file transfer for memory sticks. As it stands at the moment, using the Camera Connection kit works for importing any type of file when “zipped/pdf” from my various 4GB USB sticks, but you can’t write files back (unless jailbroken)

      • pauleebe

        I just don’t know of anyone in my firm or of our clients that uses SD cards or even memory sticks for data transfer. It introduces lots of information risks.

        Rather see iCloud built out further to expand document sharing, since that is exploding in my line of business.

        Physical mediums for data transfer is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

  • Ernie Marin

    who even uses micro sd anymore, if anything the only thing missing from the iPad is a usb port for flash and portable drives, also why didn’t widnows showcased their actual table, the Surface, and instead decided to showcase Asus, who BTW should just stick to PC parts and get away from the table craze asap.

    • I use it 24/7 on my Surface Pro (as a storage space expansion, duh) and millions of Android users use it on their phones and tablets for the same purpose.

      Regarding advertising the ASUS tablet, it could be that they’re killing two birds with 1 stone; Windows RT offers a wider range of functionality and lots of options on hardware.

      Hope that answers blatant questions….

      • It’s quite hilarious how you are such an apologist for the surface. They didn’t put it in their ad, because they want consumers to think their Surface is thinner, weighs less, & and doesn’t want to show pricing comparisons.

      • It’s no surprise that you can’t do any unbiased reasoning, you’re just a typical example of an iTard; an ignoramus and biased Apple fantard…

      • MrUnicorn

        Your examples are dry and tasteless. You’re being over defensive instead of taking in other opinions. You, good sir are obviously the MicroTard here.

      • Welcome to 2 months ago. Either way fantard, it’s no surprise that you and your herd can’t accept facts that go against your herd master, Apple.

        Believe whatever you want to believe iDiot, take the red pill whenever you’re ready…

      • MrUnicorn

        Did I ever say I was an apple fantard? I use windows on a day to day basis. It’s retards like you who make the internet a grim place. You should stop assuming and pay attention to whats happening around you.

      • Did I ever say I was a MicroTard? What’s happening around me is I every now and then bump into a misinformed computer illiterate who read some fantard’s comment and accepted it as fact, when it clearly isn’t.

        I know I can’t ever correct the mind of a biased Apple fantard through the internet, so, I just reply with facts pointing out the biased errors in their comment. That way, when others come across their post, there’s less likelihood of them getting mislead.

        I don’t need to know what you use on a day to day basis just to realize your comment is biased. If you post unreasonable stuff, you’ll be considered as an unreasonable person, and vise versa. Simple as that.

      • MrUnicorn

        You condescend on those who don’t share your opinion. Whether or not that is viewed as bias in your mind, You clearly aren’t helping the people around you in any way. The fact you generalize people who like (and are willing to defend) apple’s buissness strategies, clearly shows you dislike apple and those who utilize apple. If I understand the word “bias” correctly, isn’t that exactly what you are doing? Anyways, this debate will never end, unless one of us ends it now, so I will.

      • No, everyone is entitled to their opinion, just be reasonable.

        “The fact you generalize people who like (and are willing to defend) apple’s buissness strategies, clearly shows you dislike apple and those who utilize apple.”

        I use a freed Apple iPhone 4S, so you saying I hate myself? I’m no die-hard fan of any manufacturer, I use what works best for me, same goes for others. However, just ’cause I bought their product doesn’t mean I should worship them and no longer do my thinking myself; these are the kind of people I generalize. If the manufacturer is lacking in something, I accept that (and don’t bother defending their lag behind competition), if they’re ahead of the game in something, I accept that.

        I know for a fact that the GS3 is a year ahead of the official iPhone 5, in terms of features. However, I personally don’t think I’m missing out on anything groundbreaking on my freed 4S, hence why I’m still using it.

  • Hahahah, Yeah that is exactly why people need a tablet. SD cards, lol.

  • Yash Gorana

    Seriously Microsoft ?

    You mock a product’s feature (Siri [talking] ) and incorporate something similar in one of your products ( Xbox One [which works solely on talking ])

    iPad is THE BEST TABLET out there (decision made after seeing hardware, software as well as battery performance). You can’t make me purchase one of your stupid Win RT product.

    I still laugh how small Balmer gulped when INTERNET EXPLORER stopped responding during the Surface Keynote. 😀

    • Miked

      Clearly , you never tried the rest of the tablets….. You can’t say best when you never tried or looked at the rest.

  • the main issue MS tablets has is the fact it is MS. sorry but windows 8/rt is just god awful. i played around with a surface tab at best buy and walked away quickly. i bought an vivotab and within 15 minutes of turning it on it had a fatal crash…got a bsod…and it wouldn’t do anything. i hadn’t installed a program, i hadn’t loaded any personal files…all i did was turn it on and start to explore it. so yeah MS sucks hard.

    • Clavitox

      So your telling me you played with windows 8, and don’t like it, and then you went to buy a windows based tablet? You are so believable.

  • Lordthree

    Metro UI started on the Zune- by all accounts a terrible, terrible, failed product. Then Microsoft decided to make windows phone 7 use the same metro UI- by all accounts a HUGE failure. So…

    These products have never succeeded but Microsoft chose to rebuild the entire windows interface based on this horrible, unpopular UI. They’re going to need more than PowerPoint and a SD card slot to move any of this junk

    • mehrab

      I know ios just trappes us in a pack of icons but its still cool
      But idk the metro ui just feels like ” I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORREEEE”

  • You can get a bunch of software on iPad. Windows tablets “Can run Office” stuff isn’t a very strong argument. Not everyone uses a micro SD card and likes a bigger plasticy feeling….

    • USB thumb drives used to be the fad, now cloud storage services are everywhere and so this SD card example is a mute point.

      • Let me know when you can access the internet on the go without any fees and have all your files accessible only to you while they’re on the internet…

  • R M

    A windows tablet isnt just an overgrown ipod touch like the ipad. If you’ve taken the time to use one you’d all know that. If apple made the ipad run a full version of OSX it would be a fair comparison. Apples ipads a nice toy tho.

  • Dmaez

    Anytime a company is so insecure with themselfs they have to mention other companies it just makes them look bad in my opionon.

  • Jonathan

    Microsoft are 100% correct when it comes to AirPrint. No one buys a new printer because of new software feature. And there aren’t that many compatible ones anyway. For Apple’s “it just works magically” AirPrint fails miserably.

    And there are times I wish I could have the window snapping, on my ipad. Copying information between apps, eg writing a piece of homework on Pages and looking up info and images on the Internet is not that great on an iPad.

    That said Ill still choose an ipad over a windows tablet because it almost always just works, maybe not exactly how I like it, but I can’t stand crashes etc.

    • The ad says “needs a special Apple printer.” WRONG! I’ve been able to AirPrint on multiple Canon printers as long as it has wifi.

      • deepdvd

        I’m certain that “Needs a special AirPrint-compatible printer” was just a “bit” too long for showing side-by-side. Calm down buddy, most people got the gist of it.

  • Osama Muhammed

    Beside the fact. Do they understand that they’re advertising iPad that way ? putting their tablets by iPad just to convince people that iPad isn’t good, this basically means they do know iPad is better, now i started to believe that microsoft only hires the lazy and the STUPID ones

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    All these companies are going to feel really bad when iOS 7 is announced. Watch all this “crap talk” come back to bite them.

    • Miked

      The market needs the new big thing… Who would’ve thought that windows phone will take over blackberry?? same with Apple… they got an outdated os,and if they didn’t change it 360 degrees.. you won’t see any progress… it’s that simple… you might not see it outdated, but in reality, It’s old.

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        Apple is aware that their OS is old and outdated, and I’m more than aware of this. My point is, I’m confident in iOS 7 to change that.

  • These ads scream DESPERATE. I’d rather see those dancing tools promote the Surface, and that is NOT saying much!

    • Miked

      Not really… it’s like what Apple did… I’m a Pc and You’re MAC ad..

  • rockdude094

    hmm, they forgot to say that the Surface cant do anything in portrait mode, while the iPad can do anything regardless of the orientation

  • Miked

    Competition is always good… I just don’t see an I-pad to compete with ( word,excel,powerpoint,and USB) just no comparison there two different things..

  • M Last

    Microsoft how many apps we can install on this shit?

    let’ run some games & apps and see what will be happened:)))))

    NEVER will purchase Microsoft’s products .

  • Kasper

    Look at the Windows store first and compare to Apple’s AppStore….

  • Серёга Чкалов

    Let’s get ready to rumble, lol

  • Mohammed

    I freakin like The Song

  • Great minds talk about ideas, mediocre minds talk about other ‘devices’.
    We are reaching to a point Samsung and Microsoft aims at Apple because of what they see as deficiencies simply, for example, I don’t need to do two things at a time, I want to focus on what I am doing right now, that’s what I do on my device, use a computer otherwise.
    Microsoft needs to realize they just can’t compete in the mobile realm, but keep up the efforts. 🙂

  • DF

    By posting your opinion in the comment section, I could probably count on one hand how many people changed their minds because an intelligent comment persuaded them to. On the other hand, that’s all the comment section is really for, yelling at other people that doesn’t agree with you so there’s really not even a point in me typing all this up so whatever I’m done

  • Heavymuscle

    Why does Microsoft need to compare with other company’s product? Because it doesn’t have enough strong points to show the consumers and developers. The rt tablet just isn’t as good as ipad 4. And anyone who wants to argue, I bet I will own u on this topic! :p