Tim Cook (Senate hearing 001)

Earlier this week, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook came to Washington and escaped unscathed. The focus of media coverage has now seemingly moved away from Apple to the greater tactics some of the well-known corporations use to funnel their money using the world’s tax havens – and perfectly legally, too.

But the hot topic isn’t going away as the nearly bankrupt government seeks ways to tax hundreds of billions of dollars kept overseas. And per usual, the American political satirist and the Daily Show host Jon Stewart has jumped on the opportunity to exploit the controversy.

I don’t want to spoil the fun for you, but he’s asserting U.S. senators are Apple fanboys. The clip is right after the break…

Check it out embedded below or over at the Daily Show web site.

So, funny or what?

  • Dallas Groot

    Tim cook looks funny in photos…….

  • Dallas Groot

    video doesn’t work.

    • Try using a US VPN. I initially got some crap about the video not working in the UK but VPN reactor (not promoting them their just a free us VPN I use now an again) sorted that right out for me. In regards to the video it’s kind of funny really since I do not live in the US so cannot say how good or bad the US tax system is but clearly something wrong if companies feel it necessary to legally jump through various hoops to avoid paying as much tax…

  • Osama Muhammed

    man behind tim cook: soon

  • David Villamizar

    Taxcode Nano!!!
    I’d buy one…

  • That’s too true… If we’re gonna screw with Apple then we better screw with everyone else that bends this country over. I dislike stupid politicians.