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Eight months into its September 2012 launch, Apple’s iPhone 5 is still a pricey gadget to service.

Be it a smashed screen, an earpiece that needs replacing or its most unreliable iPhone component – the Home button – some replacement components for the handset remain pricey compared against prior iPhones.

In an in-depth piece, MarketWatch looks at the iPhone aftermarket to conclude that the iPhone 5 repair costs remain high due to Apple’s tight control of Asian supply chain for components and replacement parts…

The Rupert Murdoch-owned publication quotes Jeff Haynes, editor at deal site TechBargains.com, who points the finger at Apple:

Apple controls everything from the manufacturing to the gear for the iPhone 5. Apple is trying to get people to sign up for Apple Care for $99 and to rely on their services at the Apple store.

“If you don’t, that cracked screen could cost you at least $230,” he notes.

Indeed, iFixit will sell you an iPhone 5 display assembly, seen below, for a whopping $200 versus $95 for the corresponding iPhone 4S part.

iPhone 5 (iFixit display assembly)

Part of the problem is the handset’s taller – and therefore pricier – screen than on the iPhone 4/4S.

Author Quentin Fottrell also talked to repair firm iCracked founder AJ Forsythe who commented on Apple’s tight control on the iPhone 5 components:

Market forces determine the price. Apple sells about 300,000 iPhones a day and, as the repair market grows, prices will get lower.

The MarketWatch article provides a few more examples of high iPhone 5 repairs so give it a read if you’re eager to learn more.

I’m now exclusively buying my handsets unlocked and contract-free. When it comes to my iPhone 5, I signed up for a $99 AppleCare+ plan to have a piece of mind in terms of parts and servicing costs – especially after my previous iPhone 4S had slipped spectacularly out of my hands, leaving me with a screen smashed beyond repair.

The $99 AppleCare+ plan extends your warranty to two additional years, covering two accidental damage issues with $49 deductibles. We heard that Apple will be refreshing its AppleCare offering this Fall, changing how device repairs are handled.

AppleCare Plus (logo, medium)

Specifically, rather than replace a faulty device with a like-new refurbished one, Apple will allegedly start repairing those units.

The move could be a result of Apple’s greater warranty woes in China which led to a CEO apology and improved repair policies for the iPhone 4/4S handsets sold in the 1.33 billion people country.

Have you added an AppleCare+ protection plan to your iPhone purchase?

  • Mr.Ocean

    I doubt the iFixit Parts are the real deal… only apple has the original parts. Or are they disassembling new Phones and selling the components?! 😀

    • Your probably right there. Compare the prices above to an S4 though and I bet there’s no noticeable difference.

    • Nothing’s probably the real deal but that’s how much the parts costs for the i5

  • chris125

    It’s all because apple wants to get more money from you with apple care and getting it replaced through them rather than cheaper 3rd party repairs. Smart move for apple.

  • Jerry

    Apple can do whatever they wan’t but it will not slow down other people repairing the phone for a lower price. Sooner or later the prices will go down.

  • Dao Sasone

    Dam apple. Always greedy n ripn consumer off.

  • Im past my 30 day time limit i can buy it. Is there any way i can purchase applecare+??? I bought my iphone 5 about 2-3 months ago. Anything i can do now?

  • @dongiuj

    Just 8 months old! Shouldn’t need any servicing of any sort. I don’t care what you say, don’t go making any excuses now fangirls.
    If you drop it then you SHOULD pay lots of money just for being a klutz.

  • Lol, or just buy a damn sleek case (like the Griffin Elan Form Graphite) and save the change for more important stuff besides repairs…

  • Guest

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  • What circumstance